London Wrestler


Member since 14.1 years
Age 50
Height 5'11" (181 cm)
Weight 220 lbs (100 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Bisexual
Gear Speedos jocks naked
Languages spoken English, Greek
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  1. United Kingdom, London
  2. Greece, Athens
    (I'm here between 12/19/2022 and 1/31/2023)

I am willing to travel 300 kilometers

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Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

Match structure: Play wrestling, Workout partner, Outdoors fights, Online chatting, Like cyber wrestling

Specific wrestling styles: Promission, Pool wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling

Miscellaneous interests: Friendship

Fetishes: Jackoff, Naked wrestling, Cock fighting, Rip and strip

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Looking for wrestling in speedos, jocks, naked, can host/accommodate or travel. Email [email protected]; ask for Skype and yahoo.


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London Wrestler is recommended by Olympian

London wrestler is a friendly guy and clearly enjoys his wrestling. We had a tough workout that left us both in a sweat. Whilst I expected his legs to be a strength, I misjudged his upper body strength which proved my undoing. He is a strong lad and a real challenge. He is also a welcoming host and can hold a good conversation post-match.



Olympian is recommended by London Wrestler

Met Olympian after a short chat and COVID permitted, it was very easy to arrange to meet and very reliable.

Strong wrestler, well build body, he takes wrestling seriously and he wrestles to win. He applies different holds and tries to pin his opponent - takes the pain and does not submit easily. In his first steps in wrestling, I can see him eager to learn and developing in a strong opponent soon. Although we have a weight difference, I definately enjoyed our bout and we worked out hard on the mat.

Olympian is a very nice person off the mat, a friendly guy to have a chat with and a good company!

Looking forward to our next bout.

Strongly recommended!



London Wrestler is recommended by KibaInu

I met London Wrestler for my first match and he was an amazing host. He stuck to the rules we agreed on beforehand and made sure I was comfortable at all times. He was also really nice to talk to during the breaks we took. He's great as a wrestler too. Obviously I was outmatched when wrestling someone bigger, stronger and more experienced but that was part of the fun! Definitely an enjoyable meet.



KibaInu is recommended by London Wrestler

We had a discussion and we arranged to meet soon. Kibalnu is a very strong wrestler seriously trying to make his opponent submit. He sticks to the rules agreed. He does not give up easily, he stands well in the holds avoiding to submit as long as he can. It was his first bout and we have a significant weight difference, but it was a real competitive match. I am sure as he gets more experience, he will become an opponent you will find difficult to make submit. Excellent personality and a nice company off the mats too. Looking forward to our next bout soon! Highly recommended!



London Wrestler is recommended by Desterfight

I met London Wrestler for a match at the very last minute as I finished work early in London. There was very little planning but he was able to meet me at the station and host. We had a GREAT match sticking to agreed rules that lasted several hours. We were VERY hot and pouring with sweat at the end.. A great meet and a GREAT guy.. Many thanks !!



Desterfight is recommended by London Wrestler

After a short chat, given that he was in London with work, we arranged to meet. We had an excellent long hard bout, none of us giving up! Desterfight is strong, knowledgeable and experienced, a real wrestler for a real match. He is definitely one of the few people you can have a safe, sane and actually competitive match here. Desterfight is an extremely nice person to socialise with and spend time off the mats. Looking forward to many more bouts in the near future! Highly recommended!



London Wrestler is recommended by Old one

London wrestler is very strong. his bear hugs and scissors are very tight and caused me to tap. once I got him to tap. he is a genial and hospitable host and look forward to future matches.



Old one is recommended by London Wrestler

Strong and experienced wrestler, fights hard and does not submit easily, has stamina for long lasting bouts, very safe to wrestle with as he knows his moves. A wonderful person off the mats. Strongly recommended and looking forward to many more matches in the future!



London Wrestler is recommended by musclemarkuk

London Wrestler is great guy , wonderful host and strong sturdy wrestler . Does not give easy and makes you work hard for your subs. We met a while back and really looking forward to letting you have another go at me.



London Wrestler is recommended by wrestlerherts

A big sweaty strong beast yet polite friendly host. Pleasure to show him who the top dog is and fun meet .



wrestlerherts is recommended by London Wrestler

Sorted out a meet very quickly! Strong and experienced wrestler, knows the moves and holds, difficult to submit, fights hard but with limits respected. A real bull in power! Strongly recommended and looking for round 2 soon!



London Wrestler is recommended by Squashlad

26/08/2019: An easy-to-arrange match with a kind and genial host made for a great relaxing finish to a hot and sweaty bank holiday weekend. Although it did also get me even hotter and sweatier! London Wrestler is enthusiastic and experienced, and strong and determined, so itʼs great fun taking him on. He is super friendly, chatty and outgoing, intelligent and interesting, and clearly likes to make sure that his guests are well looked after, which was lovely. The sweat meant that I was largely able to slip out of his clutches and stay out of trouble—but do not underestimate his strength! Heʼs a delightful guy, safe and sane on the mats and a charmer off them, so he comes highly recommended by me and a rematch will hopefully not be far away.



Squashlad is recommended by London Wrestler

Met Squashlad for a bout after a quick arrangement. A really nice person, very experienced and strong, had a great match on the mat, he knows his moves and holds and always manages to put you in a difficult position with total respect to rules and limits, just the type of bout both opponents like. Long stamina to wrestle on, an incentive to try hard to win! A great personality with interests in many areas, definitely a nice company off the mat! Thank you for the experience! Looking forward to the next meeting, hopefully very soon!



London Wrestler is recommended by GrappleViking

July 2019
London wrestler is a very instinctive good wrestler. He knows what he’s doing, and has got the most amazing strong legs! Be careful!!
He’s a superb man on and off the mats, and I really enjoyed spending time with him, both on and off the mats. Intelligent, insightful, and a superb personality.
Has my highest recommendation.



GrappleViking is recommended by London Wrestler

With great pleasure I met GrappleViking in his recent trip to London. Very good wrestler with an amazing and strong body. We wrestled for long, he has huge experience in moves and techniques, good stamina and he is perfectly safe, he respects the rules! Wish we could go for ever on the mat!
Great personality off the mats too, a person who really gets in an intellectual discussion and challenges!
Highly recommended, get to wrestle him if you can! Hope to meet again soon!



London Wrestler is recommended by WeeJimmie

London Wrestler is a sturdy wrestler and an exceedingly kind host. I had a pleasant Saturday with him – coffee, wrestling, talking, wrestling, lunch, wrestling, talking, more food. The best way to relax and definitely an experience to be repeated. Safe, sensible and fun. Strongly recommended.



WeeJimmie is recommended by London Wrestler

Very strong and experienced wrestler, difficult to make him submit. Willing to adjust to the opponent's level and also teach a few moves/holds, always safe and sane. A very nice person to spend the day with, between many wrestling rounds. Definitely highly recommended in all fronts. Thank you for the great time and looking forward to future meets soon!



London Wrestler is recommended by Sam London

He was a great guy, plenty to say for himself and a good host. At 90kgs, he was way bigger, but proved to be a gentle giant. Safe and sane, and a good time had by all.

Cheers !



Sam London is recommended by London Wrestler

Great guy, genuine and a good wrestler! Definitely we had a big weight difference, but he did not submit easily and he fought back. I am sure he is a good opponent on his category. Strongly recommended for a wrestling bout and as a nice person to have a chat with off the mats.



London Wrestler is recommended by hugefan

Having done my usual trawl and stalk of potential victims before one of my visits to London, without success, I decided to post a match request. Two minutes later London wrestler offered his services and offered to host. Result! It turned out to be a very fortunate offer.
London stuck to his word, was very communicative and a great host.
He is a strong guy with a good solid build, broad shoulders and impressive arms. I may have had slightly more success getting on top , so to speak but once there it was a real battle to prize an arm or neck from his defensive position.
Gallons of sweat and a few breaks lying around filled a good few hours. Very enjoyable it was too. Lovely guy to spend time with both wrestling and chatting. If you want a good sweaty battle with a nice guy this is the man for you.



hugefan is recommended by London Wrestler

Met hugefan after a short chat here, it was very easy to arrange to meet and very reliable.
What a great wrestler! He is well built and strong, he is very experienced and knowledgeable; he applies moves to put you on holds it is difficult to escape from. His power and strong upper and lower body make it impossible to get a submission out of him! Excellent physical condition and lots of stamina to keep wrestling for hours! Wrestling with him is an opportunity to learn and train. Definitely one of the best wrestlers I have met in this site!
Nice person off the mat, a very friendly guy to have a chat with and a good company!
Strongly recommended!



London Wrestler is recommended by HalfGuard

Had a fantastic match and day with London Wrestler who kindly hosted today.

Not embarrassed to say I totally lost this one! He's got great strength but also a great mind to back it up, certainly saw what I was doing even before I even knew and really good at punishing mistakes.

Off the mats you couldn't meet a nicer person. Very much recommended!



HalfGuard is recommended by London Wrestler

Met sub aqua after a short discussion where we arranged the place/time.
Sub aqua is an excellent wrestler, very strong, knows his holds/moves and he really fights hard (respecting the limits of course, very safe), he does not submit easily, his pain threshold is very high and he knows how to serve pain too. I really enjoyed a long bout where none of us wanted to give in, until we both got really tired. It does not matter who won, it has to be a real exercise for both of us, and it was!
An excellent personality off the mats, we had long and interesting discussions.
Looking forward to more wrestling bouts soon!
Strong recommendation!



London Wrestler is recommended by Zürich

London Wrestler is a very friendly and chatty person. Always attentive to make his guest feel hospitable. On the mats very safe. Very big legs.
Spent a nice evening with this big man



Zürich is recommended by London Wrestler

Excellent wrestler, extremely strong and knowledgeable! Difficult to get a get a submission out of him! Very nice person off the mats too! Happy I have met him! Highly recommended both as a wrestler and a person!



London Wrestler is recommended by The Kestrel

It was a pleasure to get the train into London and meet this man. He was very friendly and hospitable during my visit.

He is quite a strong guy and does not like to give in easy, and kept getting up for more until complete exhaustion, it was a good fun match.

Interesting to talk to, very chatty and open.

I fully recommend him



The Kestrel is recommended by London Wrestler

Really enjoyed wrestling with this man! Extremely experienced and strong, knows many moves/holds and also how to apply holds and keep them to submission. Has stamina for long bouts and never gives up! Definitely a good teacher to learn you the ropes. Looking forward to another bout soon.
Nice person off the mats too, happy to have a discussion and very polite.
Highly recommended to anybody who is looking for a good wrestling match.



London Wrestler is recommended by wrestlingstar

I met this great lovely guy for a lunch time wrestle today.he is very strong and suits his wrestling gear.well worth a meet



wrestlingstar is recommended by London Wrestler

We had a very good bout with wrestlingstar - he is a very strong wrestler and a nice guy too; hope we meet again soon. Highly recommended.



London Wrestler is recommended by wrestle fun

Really enjoyed meeting London Wrestle, he is a really friendly and accommodating gentleman, and made me feel very welcome when I visited him for a wrestle in London.

He is a strong wrestler and doesn't give in easily, he has great ground skills and I had to work hard to find a way in to get my win, to pin or get a submission. One of his weakness's is to wrestle him in the morning as he's not as awake or alert then and its easer to gain a submission.

I would strongly recommend meeting this easy going and reliable chap for a match. I look forward to having many future matchs.

Until then stay strong my new found friend



wrestle fun is recommended by London Wrestler

Wrestle Fun is a very good, strong and skilful wrestler - I really enjoyed our long bouts as we were very well matched. Difficult to get a submission from him, he does not give up easily, can be long in holds and will attack back when he gets the chance. He will fight hard to win, but always safe and sane!

In addition to being a great wrestler, he is also a very nice, friendly and sociable person to be with.

I am really grateful to have met and wrestled him and I am definitely looking forward to many future bouts!

I strongly recommend meeting him for a wrestling match.