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Hello Fighters,

We pushed updates to our legal documentation and messaging system.

Legal and Policy Enhancements:

We've refreshed our legal pages and Terms of Service, and introduced a new Legal and Policy landing page to make these documents more accessible and easier to navigate. By continuing to use our services, you agree to the new regulations. Rest assured, while no substantive changes have been made, we have updated our policies to reflect the latest regulations and compliance decisions. We have distilled the essence of our guidelines into the Community Guidance and House Rules, leaving the detailed legal jargon to the newly structured Terms of Service page.

Messaging Page Updates:

In response to your valuable feedback, we've also updated our messaging feature. The new messenger now opens with a simple text box for ease of use. For those who need more advanced options, the full editor can be toggled on as needed.
The new messenger is now the default, but you can switch to the old one.
However, our old messaging page will be phased out slowly, as it no longer supports the upcoming features.

We also pushed some smaller bug fixes and improvements to our Future Opponents.

Update: 2024-04-13:
  • Mobile and Desktop layout:
    • Changed how the sender/receiver is presented
    • Increased the contrast on light mode
    • Updated the toggle editor button with a new icon and moved it next to the textbox
    • Added missing translations
    • Added link to settings to the Notification indicator
  • Mobile layout:
    • Textbox stays at the bottom
    • Changed the 'enter' key behavior
    • The 'back' button is larger
  • Desktop layout:
    • Max width added

Best Regards,

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Dear Feline Fighters and Friends,

Now that the company formerly known as MeetFighters Inc. is formally merged with Tazty Treatz, the producer of the well-known and highly acclaimed line of Meow Munchy cat foods, we are instituting a re-branding and re-imagining of the venerable MeetFighters brand. The new site, 🐱, will be the new home for all of our members, and we are excited to bring you along for the ride!

(A small look behind the scenes: we kicked the idea of "" around the office for a while before settling on the new name!)

As the merger was done with a "SPAC" (Special Purrrpose Acquisition Company), we are now publicly traded and listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange with the ticker symbol "CATZ". Our IPO has been most successful and our stock is trending up!

This is obviously an exciting time, and to make thing even more engaging, we are offering members of the new site, 🐱, a chance to get their very own stock options. To earn your stock options, write a short poem about cats in a comment to this blog post!


Disclaimer: Risk is fundamental to the investment process. The value of your investment may go down as well as up. You may not get back the amount you invested. 🐱CatFighters is not responsible for loss of capital, heartworm, rabies or acute hairballs.

In the upcoming days we will be introducing new features to the site, such as the ability to post pictures of your cats, and a new "😻Catnip" feature that will allow you to send virtual 😻catnip to other members. We are also working on a new "🐱CatFighters" app for your phone, which will allow you to keep in touch with your fellow 🐱CatFighters on the go.

Until then, please observe the rules of 🐱catfighting:

  1. 🙀 No declawing
  2. 😺 Biting is encouraged
  3. 😼 Hissing is mandatory
  4. 😽 No catnip before a fight
  5. 😾 No dogs allowed
  6. 😹 No litter box talk

Yours truly,
The CatFighters Team

P.S. Don't forget to submit your cat-themed poems in the comments section to earn your stock options! We can't wait to read your creative and purr-fectly crafted verses.

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Hey Fighters,

In today’s update, we’ve made some tweaks to the combat calendar we introduced not too long ago and increased your picture storage.

Combat calendar update
We’ve added a new 'archive' button that lets you revisit past potential matchups, keeping the lines open for challenges or discussions. This feature comes straight from your feedback, so keep those suggestions coming.
Picture update
On the picture front for MeetFighters, there’s good news. We’re changing how picture limits work. Instead of a flat 100-picture cap for all members, we're now linking your picture limit to your account's contribution status. This means you could upload up to 2500 pictures depending on your status. Plus, we’re doubling the maximum picture resolution — every member can now upload pictures with resolutions up to 1600x1600 pixels.
None (standard member)10010
Bronze (20€/year)50015
Silver (30€/year) 100030
Gold (40€/year)150050
Platinum (65€/year) 2500100
Contributions are one-time payments for a full year (366 days) and are non-recurring. Find out about all our perks on our contribution page.
More information on our info page: Picture limits & FAQ

Stay safe.

Best Regards,

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Hello Fighters,

We're rolling out a couple of updates today that you've been asking for: "Future Opponents" and the "Combat calendar." These features were built to make planning fights smoother and to help keep track of what’s coming up in our community.

Future opponents will join our Past opponents' system and help you plan matches.

What’s new

  • "Future Opponents": This is for setting up your matches easier. How it works:
    • Visit a profile and click "Schedule a meeting" under "Future opponents". Propose a place and up to ten possible dates.
    • Receive a proposed request, accept one of the dates proposed or propose new ones.
    • Keep your match discussions in one spot, whether you’re going public or keeping things between the two of you.
    • If you choose to go public, let friends —or rivals— cheer you on or throw in their two cents.
    • Confirmed matches are sent to your email, and can be imported to any of your existing calendar apps. You can also download the calendar entry directly from the site. There are great calendar apps (gmail, Outlook, iCloud) out there; you can import your upcoming fights directly into them.
  • "Combat Calendar": Check out all public upcoming matches in one place. This makes it easier for the community to watch upcoming fights. And maybe you can even join one of them?

We are listening

Members in our community might recognize some of the features that are mentioned today from they own requests. That's the proof that we are listening to your feedback! If there’s something about "Future Opponents" or the "Combat Calendar" that could be better, or if you’ve got new ideas, shoot them our way! Or post them below.

Keeping it secure

We’ve built these features with your privacy - and anti-stalking - in mind. Here’s how we’re keeping your info safe:

  • Choose if you want to have the future opponent match request public or private.
    • Public events are visible on both profiles, and on the Combat calendar.
    • You can still use all features of arranging and tracking a meeting, even if you choose private.
  • On public events: Use private comments for anything that shouldn’t be public (such as exact locations, phone numbers, etc.). Private comments are directly integrated into the public comment stream. But only visible to your future opponent.
  • Future opponents go public on your profiles only after both confirm.

Getting started

Open the Combat Calendar on the right main menu to see all public upcoming future opponents.
Want to challenge another member? Simply hit the 'schedule a meeting' button located in the new 'future opponent' section of their profile, just below where you'd find past opponents.

These updates are about making it easier for you to focus on what you love: fighting. We hope "Future Opponents" and the "Combat Calendar" make planning and participating in matches a breeze.

Best Regards,

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Hello Fighters and Kinksters,

We're at a crossroads and your input is crucial. We're not only deciding on the name of our new website but also prioritizing features for the next update of the Meetfighters app. Your voice matters! Below, you find three votes:

Meetfighters App

Version 1.5.2 of the Meetfighters app brought some exciting new features, including an idle indicator, Challenges, a full implementation of Recommendations, and more. And there's more on the horizon - version 1.6 will drop soon.
With version 1.6 emphasizing Events and Match Requests, what should we prioritize next? Let us know your top 3:

Next App feature (select your top 3):
This poll is closed.

Localization Consideration

We're aware that discussing app and website localization in an English post might not fully represent our diverse community's needs. However, as we consider offering the Meetfighters app, and the new website, in multiple languages, we're interested in your preferences. How important is a localized experience for you?

This poll is closed.

4th Website Name

We recently introduced our plans for a new site, a space we're excited to develop with your involvement. You can sign up for updates via the newsletter at Our initial idea was to create a distinct identity separate from our existing sites, hence the proposed name. However, we've listened to feedback from various channels and noticed that 'Lustfinity' isn't resonating with everyone. As an alternative, the name 'MeetKink' was suggested.
Now, we're turning to you, our community, to help us decide:

Website Name:
EDIT: For clarification: This name is for our 4th website. MeetFighters will not be renamed.
This poll is closed.

Here's a short teaser to help you get the feel for the site:

Thanks for being an active member of our community.

Stay strong,

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