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Angelo is recommended by Ringmuscle (5/18/2024)

Finally got my hands on this Champion again and it was possibly the best match we've ever had. This guy has tree trunks legs and biceps for days and even though he made me submit eventually I wore him down with massive chest splashes from my 50" pecs that left him crushed and defeated. I look forward to our next meeting, Former Underground Wrestling Champ ANGELO


MBF75 is recommended by EclairParisien (5/18/2024)

Super Rencontre, mec fiable et aussi sympa sur le tapis qu’en dehors! On a bien lutté et c'était cool.
Quand tu veux pour ta revanche mec 💪


Ailleurs92 is recommended by Lutteurnubf (5/18/2024)

Un gars qui adore la lutte... Qui est prêt à apprendre plus. Un bon échange au corps à corps... J ai eu plaisir à lui faire des prises... Sympa. Nous nous reverrons. Je le recommande vous ne serez pas déçu.


Jwwl is recommended by linvale (5/18/2024)

Jwwl is a great and very polite guy to meet for a match. It was such a great conversation before the match, during breaks, and we had a nice dinner together afterwards.
During the matches he is very enduring, skillful, and fierce. At all times a strong and passionate fighter who likes to use his legs a lot (definitely watch out, or you will tap out).
It was such a great encounter and I wish him all the best for his future endeavours! Hope to meet again for another match in future :))


Alyxx is recommended by Yngblkboxer (5/18/2024)

So glad me and this guy were able to get a match in on short notice like this! He is as friendly as he is strong. He made me tap quite a few times before I could finally get one up on him. Then we ended with gut punching, which was so fun! He can take and pack a powerful punch. It made me wish he had brought his gear so we could go a few rounds lol! But overall, an amazing guy and hopefully he passes through again for a rematch one day.


blondwres is recommended by wrestlingspeedos (5/18/2024)

Divertido y guapísimo que aunque al principio no lo aparentaba, sabe muchísimo de lucha y además lo que no no sabe , evidentemente lo aprende super rápido. Tanto que he sido vencido y follado por él.
Máxima recomendación ! ! !


Lutteurnubf is recommended by cactus (5/18/2024)

Merci à Lutteurnubf pour ce moment sportif, on a lutté pendant une heure et demie et ce fut très instructif. Toujours dans la sécurité de l’autre et dans l’échange. Il est coriace et connaît les prises, j'ai bien été challengé. Personne fort sympathique aussi en dehors du tapis, je vous le recommande.


sfscissors is recommended by eman170 (5/18/2024)

Sfscissors was nice enough to host our match!

A really nice and friendly guy off the mat with powerful legs!

Thanks for a great beatdown!


Mike77ny is recommended by Ricksf (5/18/2024)

Mike was incredibly professional and accommodating. He came prepared with all the necessary equipment and was flexible in scheduling our match on short notice during my trip.
He demonstrated a high level of creativity in the flow of the match and showed impressive skill in maneuvering the holds. He even offered valuable suggestions that contributed to a successful outcome.
Our conversation extended beyond the match, revealing him to be an intelligent and personable individual. Overall, I had a very positive experience. If you're in New York and seeking an good wrestling experience, consider contacting Mike for a memorable match.


luttenu is recommended by Lutte Cannes (5/18/2024)

Rencontre sympa et virile
Bonne empoignade
Heel vs Jobber chacun son tour
Même si j’ai assumé le rôle du Jobber le plus souvent...

Nouvelle rencontre encore plus virile
J’ai dû me soumettre à nouveau, cette fois tout le temps et subir comme un bon jobber…
97699 recommendations