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Rem001 is recommended by Cet03 (7/04/2022)

I very much enjoyed my time with Rem001, he is very fit, similar size and likes the competition. I am sure once he gets some more skills he'll be a true challenge for many... Off the mats he's really a nice and sexy guy. Recommended!


NL070worstelen is recommended by Jobber4Heel (7/04/2022)

NL070worstelen is a reliable, kind, and respectful man..... Off the mats, that is. On the mats, however, he's a total beast. He's very strong and can put you in some punishing holds, especially his bearhug; he could squeeze the life out of you! I dare you to take him on.
He also has a nice mat room specifically for wrestling, which is a comfortable room where you have enough space to roll.
Besides this, he's a wonderful host. If you're his guest, he makes sure that you feel satisfied and have a pleasant experience.
So whether you'd like a challenge or enjoy getting crushed by a strong man, this is an opponent you should take on.


Wrestlertoo is recommended by funscrapseverino (7/04/2022)

had a great match with wrestlertoo. since he is still healing from an earlier injury, i had to be careful. We therefore had a super soft heel/jobber match, which was a lot of fun…including winner poses. I also really enjoyed the conversations before and after the match, as well as the yummy dinner. a super guy! Highly recommended for everyone when it doesn't have to be too sporty.


baywrestler is recommended by thirtyrookie (7/04/2022)

Had a great time meeting up with baywrestler when he was in Tel Aviv this summer.
This is an amazing hot wrestler with lots of experience who is also super hospitable and dominating at the same time.
I strongly recommend that anyone who can - wrestle him!


Jobber4Heel is recommended by NL070worstelen (7/04/2022)

What an amazing and incredible guy I met today!
Not only does J4H have a great physique and a charming smile but he also knows to take some severe punishment in the same way... ;-)
I feel priviliged to have met him as he is also modest but with whom you can still have an interesting conversation at the same time (but please do respect his privacy)
Highly recommended!!! (J4H left me some time ago but I am still impressed and kinda speechless; what a truely great guy)


andreawrestling is recommended by Vice (7/04/2022)

There's a very good reason why Andrea is so highly praised and a must meet guy by so many wrestlers. He's simply a pleasure to roll around. With smarts, skill, power, great build (was born to wear a singlet), sense of humor, safety in mind and so easy to set a match, Andrea is simply too much fun to avoid. We rolled around in his hotel room and despite a relatively small bed we managed to wrestle for quite a while - this guy is very strong, well-trained and had a lot of stamina.
Afterwards we went out for a drink
and it was a great pleasure to learn that he's as much fun off the mat as he's on it.
Grazie Andrea!


FLWrestle is recommended by travilicious (7/04/2022)

Just wait until you see this guy's body in person. Thick muscle everywhere. I couldn't keep my hands off his chest. He loves pro fantasy and knows how to sell it. If you like to heel in a fantasy scene, he'll be your dream come true.


Silveristari is recommended by ruinurabs (7/04/2022)

Silveristari is a hot-bodied guy who did well for his trying out gut punching for the first time. Though the session was cut short due to unforeseen circumstances, his durable abs were amazing and fun to pound on ... as were his pecs. A nice guy with both brains and defined brawn, I'd happily meet him again should the right circumstances present themselves.

Also, if you're looking to wrestle him, you'll have a great time.


fitjocknycla is recommended by fig4man (7/04/2022)

Met fitjocknycla a week or so ago after trying to connect for awhile. It was well worth the wait. We met at my ring and had a sweaty givntake pro bout! Alotttttt of fun...we both got in some great work!!...He is very sexy and .... has a great set of legs to suffer in over Im sure we will have some more epic pro battles...Look forward to our rematch very much!!!


wrestlergr is recommended by Wrestler90 (7/04/2022)

Wrestlergr was a lot of fun! Made me feel very welcome which helped with my newbie anxiety. We went round after round of submission till we were both sweaty and exhausted. He’s strong and skilled! I learned from him and look forward to more in the future.

83663 recommendations