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StockyGrappler is recommended by Ringmuscle (7/17/2024)

This guy is a tank and if you're into rasslin' big boys he's your man. A total gentleman and an awesome pro wrestler.I had a great time hammering his big hard gut and pecs. Highly recommend both in and out of the ring. He gets the RINGMUSCLE stamp of approval.


DavidVdw is recommended by fighter1977 (7/17/2024)

The meeting with David was great.

When I saw that he was coming to Vienna, we quickly found a day on which we would meet. Of course, it was a very, very hot day. The sweat was dripping and everything was wet. The fight with David was really great. He knows how to fight and how to defend. It was really fun.

I can only recommend him. I hope that I will meet him again.


fighter1977 is recommended by DavidVdw (7/17/2024)

Haaaa! That was such a sweaty and slippery fight. But what would you expect on a day like today… (30 degrees, two athletes and a competitive fight…)
I loved it! What a great way to start my first morning in vienna!

Fighter1977 was as friendly to arrange a place where we could have a descent fight.
This man has a great physique and technique and dominated most of the time on the mats.
But always in a safe and sane way.

Take your time to measure up with him when you are in vienna!


quadi1 is recommended by busterboy (7/17/2024)

No wonder his name is Quadi! Those quads are one of the biggest pairs I’ve seen! Once they’re around you there’s no other way out than to tap! I’m glad to have met this guy! We’ve been chatting for ages and he’s been sharing his gym progress with me from time to time and what an absolute beast he’s become!

Although time was limited - our match was a memorable one, maybe too much fun actually but I’m not complaining.

I look forward to rolling with you again my good friend! Highest of recommendations! See you soon!


busterboy is recommended by quadi1 (7/17/2024)

Busterboy and I were chatting for several years already. Ever since he was very supporting, appreciating and respectful. Once I've told him I'll be in London soon, he immediately arranged a meeting with me. He took very good care of me and I am very grateful for that.
This lad has an amazing body and yeah, those muscles are the real deal 💪🏻
Our match was just very hot and so much fun, couldnt have asked for more. Since our time was limited though, it would make me very happy to meet and wrestle him again soon for a longer battle. Highest recommendation :)


DamianGP is recommended by Tembakau3 (7/17/2024)

Nice 4 way match with this guy, he fought good, he sells well as a jobber too, totally recommended 👍🏼


Rob3811 is recommended by Sburblatin (7/17/2024)

Rob3811 is one hot beefy man. He likes to keep you in a tight hold and watch you squirm. Look out for his quick grasps as once he gets a hold of you, you will be there for a while. I look forward to meeting him again on his next trip.


Gymbro97 is recommended by SileX (7/17/2024)

I had the luck of being GymBro's first opponent on MeetFighters. He is strong and eager to learn and we had a fun and sweaty match. Be sure to meet him before he picks up too many wrestling skills, because this guy is built for fighting, and once he gets the experience, he will be invincible! :)

We had our second match, in the basement this time. Things are only getting more intense! :)

Justadude is recommended by TightSqueeze (7/17/2024)

Had a really good time with this guy. He’s lean but has some hard and strong muscles (and body scissor). All around great guy and glad I had the chance to wrestle him. Looking forward to what I hope is many more matches haha.


TightSqueeze is recommended by Justadude (7/17/2024)

A+ all around
Great host and cute puppy. Easy to communicate and on the eyes.
We had three long rounds with a lot of body contact, flexing, bearhugs and scissors. Loved every sec of our match. Definitely looking for a rematch the next time we are in the same area

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