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Hey, Based in south east London, Man of few words shy and quiet guy, looking for some wrestling meets someone to teach me also, friendly genuine guy happy to chat look forward to hearing from you.

Also would love to find someone to give me massages, nothing special just a nice relaxing one. Or any big muscle guys want one from me happy to do that too

Have face pic just discreet happy to send if likely to meet.

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Greenwich is recommended by wrestle fun

I had a second rematch with this feller this month Nov 22 and realised how much I enjoyed wresting with him, really nice guy both on and off the mats, he seems to of filled out a bit more this time and was stronger than I remember. He's definaely gained some experience since we last met and has learn't how to use those strong legs of his which got submissions from me easily, not that i'm complaining. It was a good friendly match, also practicing some holds, I'm glad that I had the chance to wrestle with him again and look forward to future matches.

I met Ian yesterday at Barnet and he was a super guy, friendly from the start and taller than I imagined. Whilst he had the height advantage I had the strength and wrestling experience advantage, we had a good fun match, exchanging and practicing holds, in the later half of the match he grew in confidence and started to use his weight and new skills more. I think he enjoyed pinning me once I was on my back and laughingly said he felt safer when I was in that possition because he knew I couldn't get him pinned or in another submission although I made he work slightly to keep me there. Ian is an amazing guy, safe and sane, fun to wrestle with and a quick learner. I would recommend meeting up with him if you get the chance and look forward to our next meet up.



wrestle fun is recommended by Greenwich

One of the Strongest guys i have had the pleasure of meeting. He is in amazing shape and impossible to out strength but had a good time trying, not sure he has a weakness just to make it even tougher to sub him. kind enough to adjust down to my level and let me get some revenge haha. Could of used one hand to pin me and he had some fun carrying me and lifting me with ease too, Great teacher showing me some new move tips nd tricks then letting me try on him, was a very chilled meet think he could of wrestled all night. A true gent off the mats too very kool and down to earth guy, safe aswell 100% recommend. look forward to the next one



Greenwich is recommended by QuinnUK

Met this great young guy for a competitive but not too competitive match this weekend. Had great fun on the mats. We were not massively competitive as we have quite a size difference so after a bit we moved on to applying holds on each other and a bit of give and take. Ian is quite shy but he could easily build his upper body strength and be formidable. As others have said he has good strength in his legs.

He was carrying a light injury on his back so there will be a round two.

An easy recommendation from me. Meet him if you get the chance.



QuinnUK is recommended by Greenwich

Kind of Quinn to invite me to his place for a wrestle on his mats, had a great time even tho it was pretty one sided built beefy and muscled. Still he made it fun and gave me some tips. not sure this guy has a weakness but its a very good challenge trying to find one, highly recommend 100% safe and genuine. Look forward to round 2



Greenwich is recommended by Tanker

My losing streak continues at the thighs of this tall,fit strong, muscular young wrestler, speciality a lethal body scissors (one of the tightest I have ever been crushed in)!
Good all round grappling skills. and despite being extremely nice, friendly,
and with a modest demeanour has a steely determination to win( but safe & sane). Highly recommended!



Tanker is recommended by Greenwich

Met up with Tanker for a lunch time wrestle, unlucky for him I hadn't wrestled in a while so was eager and determined, was really enjoyable and evenly matched in many ways tall strong built guy we had a good tussle flowed naturally and was very easy to chat/hang out with after the wrestling, Genuine and highly recommend



Greenwich is recommended by biguy

"Greenwich" travelled across London and we met in my hotel . He showed me a few moves and we had a great practice session, his legs got the better of me every time... so strong.
Also a great guy to chill with, decent, sane and safe. Highly recommended and a great pleasure to meet this guy



biguy is recommended by Greenwich

Met Biguy for a great evening, really nice and friendly put me at ease straight away, showed him a couple moves he makes you work for the sub stubborn to tap, great guy in general highly recommend very genuine and all round good guy



Greenwich is recommended by MEGRAPPLE

Had the great pleasure of wrestling 'Greenwich' earlier this afternoon and I was not disappointed in anyway. He's keen, determined and a natural.
Although he was recovering from the night before he certainly stood his ground and wrestled well. I recommend you meet him if he should challenge you, grab the opportunity with both hands!!!

ROUND TWO.. (29/08/21)
Met 'Greenwich' earlier this evening, and wasn't disappointed at all. The lad must of been wrestling plenty since we last locked horns. Round two was much more methodical, stronger and skilled then the last we met. We both gave 110%, and both ending up shattered after another great work out Round 3? Definitely.. But, won't be for a while. As l need time to recover!!



MEGRAPPLE is recommended by Greenwich

Had an amazing Wrestle with MEGRAPPLE, really nice friendly guy to chat and get along with, very strong and skillful in the ring, had a good armory of pins. Time flew by from having so much fun, really nice chap 100% recommend very genuine good guy



Greenwich is recommended by EnglishOak

After chatting for a short time, Greenwich for a scissor session. He’d said that his headscissors were powerful and he wasn’t joking! Had a really enjoyable hour with him, would happily meet him again and heartily recommend him.



Greenwich is recommended by Scunfight

Met Greenwich on a recent trip to London, as a person he is a very friendly easy guy to get on with, someone you could have a beer with afterwards. Wrestling wise we were very evenly matched which made for a competitive yet safe and enjoyable bout. And yes he does have very strong legs. Will definitely meet again, highly recommended.



Scunfight is recommended by Greenwich

Had a great time with Scunfight, straight to the point when arranging to meet, Thought the wrestling would be easier then it was as he hadn't had a wrestle in a while but i was very wrong, extremely strong and had the stamina to boot, out of wresting he was a nice friendly chatty guy. Look forward to round 2. highly recommended! 100% safe and sane



Greenwich is recommended by dadwrestle

Well, what a great guy this is! Having chatted a short time, we fixed a weekday morning meet at the Barnet room. Arrangements easy to make; he was punctual and ready to roll. Then the fun started! Don't underestimate this tall wrestler! He claims rookie status but he's strong, feisty and determined on the mats and has killer legs! BEWARE the scissors! He the best sort of wrestler; he keeps on coming back for more! I REALLY look forward to Round 2. He learns quickly and is only too ready to try out what hes just learned. Off the mats he's quiet and yes, shy, but good fun to be with. 100% GOLD STAR Recommendation.



dadwrestle is recommended by Greenwich

Met up with dadwrestle at the Barnet matroom to use for the first time, very easy to arrange picked a date and no hassle at all. Dadwrestle is a very nice and friendly guy off the mats on them on the other hand he is a force to be reckoned with had an awesome time wrestling was good sweaty fun put me through my paces with some good and tricky subs also took some time out to show me a couple tips and tricks, look forward to round two 100% safe and sane guy don't miss a match with this guy well worth it!



Greenwich is recommended by rezla123

I had a great time rolling with this gentle giant who's been on my wish list for a long time :) He's a lovely guy, extremely reliable, considerate and so easy to get along with;- I would recommend him to anyone. He is also a powerhouse, especially round the legs and I can attest to his crushing scissors. It was very difficult to control those legs and it took a big build up to twist him into a boston or roll him up for a pin.

I had great fun experimenting with the leverage and geometric wrestling challenges he presented and am already looking forward to a rematch.



rezla123 is recommended by Greenwich

What a tough wrestle! Rezla123 is super skilled and super fit guy. no matter what i did couldn't get him off me or off balance had me in some holds i have never been put in before. Was great to finally meet and he didn't disappoint was very nice and friendly. Had a great time trying to wrestle this guy 100% recommend if he asks accept you wont regret it. Even took some time out to show me a couple things. Had alot of fun, look forward to the rematch and being a bigger challenge.



Greenwich is recommended by Manccubuk

Greenwich is real nice guy and very genuine, easy to arrange to meet. He is extremely strong especially his legs!!!
He traveled someway to meet which I appreciate, after two hours of sweaty grappling which he won was good fun!
Highly recommend and looking forward to meeting up again soon next time I’m back in London.



Manccubuk is recommended by Greenwich

Met up with Manccubuk for a wrestle very nice guy and easy to chat with had a good 2 hours of rolling around sweating everywhere pretty sure he could of gone on longer his stamina is insane i was exhausted, highly recommend him look forward to the rematch



Greenwich is recommended by hugefan

In my hunt for wrestles for my weekend visit to london Greenwich turned out to be the easiest catch. Agreed a date early and stuck to it. No dithering about whether he might be away or he might get a better offer. The only slight complication was a months worth of messages from him telling me he was nervous about meeting me. Really I need to reread and rewrite my profile. I am not a scary giant! And 26 year olds who are taller than me should be making me nervous.
When we did meet Greenwich turned out to be a nice friendly giant himself. His initial reaction to seeing me dressed for battle was that I looked like a boxer (and no I wasn't wearing silk shorts) I took it as a compliment because my nose isn't that bashed and I didn't punch him just to fit the image.
Having tried to convince me he was a virtual novice and then confessing he had been on the site before it became obvious that he was being modest. Strong guy, even longer limbs than me, viciously strong legs, loads of stamina I had one of the hardest fought couple of hours wrestling I have had for a long long time. Knackered but in a lovely satisfied way after. He is also extremely stubborn so any subs cost me more effort than a near fifty year old can afford to use up. But I'm not complaining, Great battle with some laughs and a bucket of sweat. Perfect.
Greenwich has promised me a four line recommendation and I promised him a book ha ha
One final chapter- while we were having a breather Greenwich mentioned he hadn't expected me to be so 'thick . I initially thought this was a strange comment as although I hadn't been discussing Einstein I had strung several sentences together with words of more than one syllable. However he explained 'thick is young people talk for well built. Suitably flattered it was only when I went home and googled this word I discovered it is more usually used to describe a curvy woman who isn't fat but has meat on her bones. Think Beyonce perhaps. So Greenwich either has a wicked sense of humour or wanted to ensure he has a good reason to apologise next time we meet.
I do hope there is a next time. Fabulous wrestle. good company and ok he is young and good looking, not that I notice such things.



hugefan is recommended by Greenwich

Hugefan's a great wrestler to meet, easy to arrange set a date and just had the anticipation of waiting for the big day, makes you feel relaxed and at ease straight away nice friendly guy off the mats, he deffo loves putting on some good submission holds and ramping up the pressure but never out of control and always felt safe getting bent around haha, did call him thicc but in a built like a rugby player or a weightlifter sorta way. really nice genuine guy 100% recommend and well worth meeting happily do it again.



Greenwich is recommended by Lomandlad42

29.07.18 - Today I got the anticipated rematch with Greenwich and we decided to up the anti from our pervious meet and what another cracking three hour session it was, so much faster and intense I can honestly say I would never tire of scrapping with this fella and could have gone on longer. Made the rookie mistake of forgetting how strong this guys legs are and he managed to sub me, but returned the favour by working him over with a barrage of subs bending and stretching him.

Again I call only echo what I previously said ....a sound guy and great company .

See you for round three soon mr!!

After a few exchanges of messages I met with Greenwich today at Grove Park for a cracking session. This big strong lad was a great opponent With matching stats it was one hot sweaty match with subs both ways. Great give and take for over two hours, he can certainly take whatever is thrown at him and can hold out in most submission holds. He has the most lethal scissors hold I've ever encountered as my ribs will confirm lol.

A very unassuming young man with a great sense of humour, down to earth and a pleasure to spend time with over a beer after.

One of Meetfighters dark horses, Very impressed with his ability and I no doubt expect he will improve in leaps and bounds the more matches he has.

Highly recommended , and I look forward to taking this fella on again soon!!!



Lomandlad42 is recommended by Greenwich

29/07/18: Another amazing wrestle with Lomandlad was great to see him again, another intense and tiring battle, I'm sure he got alot stronger this time managed to get a few subs but after a while it was all him, had me in all sorts or shapes and sizes haha, look forward to round 3 it wont be as easy promise you that ;)

Not sure what else i can say about this guy that hasn't been said already. What an awesome guy to meet and wrestle. Super strong athletic and fit went easy on me to start with although still lifted me around like i was nothing. Got me in a different submission almost every time. Fun and friendly guy but has that competitiveness to win every round! Was hard work to keep up with him but enjoyed every minute of it.

Very nice and friendly guy off the mats too had a good laugh with him during and after the wrestling, meeting Lomandlad42 reminds me and refreshes me why i joined the site and why i like to wrestle

Will 100% meet again and can't recommend him enough, look forward to the rematch



Greenwich is recommended by Speedowrestleruk

Met with Greenwich and had a really enjoyable wrestle, was the first time I'd wrestled in years so was a bit anxious, but didn't need to be, he's a lovely guy, really friendly, easy to get on with and looks great! As someone else mentioned though you need to watch out for those long and very strong legs, once he gets those wrapped around you that's it! Hope to meet up with him again for a rematch as he totally came out the victor this time.



Speedowrestleruk is recommended by Greenwich

Met up with SpeedoWrestler at the very start of the new year and what a way to start it off, with great friendly and fun wrestle. Very Fit guy too felt like he could of gone on all night was a very welcome host too, genuine friendly guy highly recommend and if you get the chance to meet up and wrestle him don't hesitate. Look forward to the rematch



Greenwich is recommended by ukwrestler

Had been chatting for quite a while so it was good to meet up at last!

Taller than you expect, his wiry frame makes it difficult to control his arms and legs.....but I persevered, and managed to get a few subs out of him :-)

Really cool and relaxed guy to chat with off the mats.



ukwrestler is recommended by Greenwich

Had a great wrestle with ukwrestle incredibly strong and an all round tough opponent, was a pleasure to wrestle him and he is a really nice guy to chat with off the mats too, if hes travelling near you deffo hit him up for a wrestle, you wont regret it



Greenwich is recommended by thetallwrestler

A very nice, friendly lad, and a great guy, who (hopefully) really enjoyed learning a little bit of actual pro wrestling in the ring :)



thetallwrestler is recommended by Greenwich

Had a great time at the Grove park ring with TheTallWrestler, awesome teacher showed me the ropes of pro wrestling and made it fun and enjoyable, really nice guy out the ring too, if your thinking of trying some pro this is your guy



Greenwich is recommended by Squashlad

03/07/2016: I was really pleased that Greenwich accepted my invitation to a grapple at the Grove Park ring (nice and close for both of us South-East London lads), but wasn't expecting it to be too tough given that he's only just starting out. Then he shows up and I remember rapidly that his profile says that he's 6' 2". And that's evidently an understatement. Let's just say that he wouldn't struggle for a job as an extra in The Bill.... But no, we get to the ring and get cracking and he's very much not going for the kill---in fact he's almost deferential to the old man! I was right, this'll be an easy afternoon, I get to enjoy the very pleasant company of this nice personable lad, have a little grapple, all will be very relaxing. And indeed the first half dozen subs are all mine, and I'm almost feeling like a bit of a bully, choking him repeatedly. Ah, ever-naïve me! He gets those very long (and very solid) thighs around me, and squeezes, and that's a tap to SE10, lest my lunch decorate the canvas. With a bit of a victory under his belt he gets some confidence and things even up a bit. Subs go both ways.... Then he casually mentions that he's an ex semi-pro footballer. (Which would explain the impressive physique.) A few more subs both ways, but now mainly to Greenwich. Oh, and he was in the army for a bit too.... And a few more subs for him. And I'm on my knees sweating buckets and he's standing there quietly having a sip of water.... OK, let's just say that he ended up the victor, superior youthful stamina and cardio coupled with some serious strength helping him to prevail despite his gentle nature meaning that he seldom went in for the kill. So a lesson learnt for me in not underestimating people just because they're too nice to rip my head off from first lock up! And Greenwich really is a lovely bloke, it was great spending the afternoon with this humble, friendly nice guy, and I hope that I get to wrestle him again. (If you do though, be warned, don't let him get those legs around you!) Very highly recommended.



Squashlad is recommended by Greenwich

Met Spuashlad for a grapple at the grove park ring, was bit nervous and shy but hes a cool down to earth guy and was easy to chat with, down to the wrestling very good and strong guy, in better shape then he thinks, was a pretty even match overall think he edged it then decided to do a best of 3 and somehow i snagged it 2-1 very enjoyable meet (writing this the next day as body aching lol sign of a good work out) Safe and Sane guy highly Recommend