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Age 25
Height 5'3" (160 cm)
Weight 125 lbs (57 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Gay
Looking for Male
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  1. USA - California, West Covina
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Favorite is pro wrestling but open to all styles and try new things.

Ring trained, although it's been awhile.

Split my time between LA and SD.

Hit me up, I don't bite, unless you want me to.


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letswrestle619 is recommended by Pinnacle

Strong little guy had the guts to take me on being a foot taller and 80 pound heavier. He is tough and scrappy for his size, I highly recommend him. It was easy to set up a match, showed up on time and all around a super nice guy.



Pinnacle is recommended by letswrestle619

He's huge, very fit and muscular. Pretty much just like his pictures. Had a lot of fun with him, easy to talk to and meet up.



Hands down the best pro jobber I've gotten to heel for. Sells well, knows much more than the average pro jobber, looks good in the gear I put him in, and we get a long perfectly in that we both love piledrivers!! We've already met multiple times and never disappointed with our wrestle. Fun in and out of the ring.



letswrestle619 is recommended by braffertyg

I had a great time with letswrestle619! He's a good looking guy with a good body and some ring wrestling skills, which was a fun change from all the guys who do collegiate wrestling or jiu-jitsu. Nice guy to speak to off the mats as well; very bright and (as mentioned in some other reviews) a big animal-lover. I look forward to a rematch sometime, preferably in a ring where I can learn some more from him.



braffertyg is recommended by letswrestle619

Had a really fun time! He knows a lot about collegiate wrestling and taught me a few moves and how to get out of them.
Very easy to talk to and had some great conversations.
His dog is just adorable!



letswrestle619 is recommended by SanDiego619

Had a great time with him. He’s really knowledgeable what he’s doing. Super strong and fast. But he was no match against my technique and bjj skills. It was nice dominating him 😉 Had fun learning some pro moves from him. Highly recommend him! Oh and he’s cute and handsome too. 👌🏽



SanDiego619 is recommended by letswrestle619

Had a really fun match with him, knows what he's doing and really tough
Very easy to talk to and super nice, definitely listens and respects the limitations
he's also super cute so, makes it even better



letswrestle619 is recommended by calwrestler

D and I chatted recently then met up for some pro and submission fun....nothing very serious but we had a great time at it and chatting.
He is VERY fast and agile. Plus an interesting conversationalist.
Repeat in the cards!
Oh plus my Chocolate Lab took to him immediately...a sure sign of authenticity and kindness!



calwrestler is recommended by letswrestle619

super nice, had some really good convo with him
very strong, and knows his way around the mat, his biceps are amazing
love his dog! she is adorable and is just the cutest chocolate lab