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Age 47
Height 6'0" (183 cm)
Weight 170 lbs (77 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Straight
Gear shorts, trunks, Trackies, square cuts, singlet
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  1. United Kingdom, London
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  2. United Kingdom, Brighton
    (I'm here between 6/20/2018 and 6/22/2018)

I am willing to travel 100 miles

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Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Promission, Brit pro wrestling, Folkstyle, Arm wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling

Stand-up fighting: UFC/MMA style matches

Miscellaneous interests: Photo swapping, I'm a heel, I'm a jobber, Stakes

Fetishes: Don't want sex, Boxing gear, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Nipple play, Rip and strip, Muscle worship

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In shape, fit lad originally from Liverpool and now in north London. Like all sorts of fighting and wrestling from WOS through to MMA. Just like shirts off and getting down to it.
Met some great lads off here and had some awesome bouts.
Winning is good but definitely not the only thing. Would much rather lose a close match than win an easy one. It’s the competition. And the attitude and the long held hold and building up a sweat.
Preference is submission wrestling. But open to others and like some punching if you’re up for that. Up for most stuff.
Easy on gear and rules. Happy to chat too. If I can’t do it or watch it I like to talk about it.
Would really like to try tag too and Bushido - big fan of Japanese wrestling.

But please note this isn’t my job - so some patience is needed in setting up meets, especially now - so if patience isn’t your thing I’m probably not your next fight.

If not interested please say so - just 'cos it's about fighting and it's all a bit virtual doesn't mean we can't be polite lads!


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UKDias is recommended by Jayboy

Awesome wrestler. Total domination. Very fit, strong, aggressive but safe and sane.
Had a great bout even though it was one sided. If you want a serious wrestle, this is your man.



Jayboy is recommended by Squashlad

28/03/2017: It was excellent to get a match in with Jayboy at the Walthamstow ring thanks to the kind match-sponsoring efforts of DaveLon, whose generous offer of a winner's purse does get some quality opponents stepping into the ring with me! It does, however, also mean that I get some opponents who're very keen to make me quit, and Jayboy duly smashed his way to a well earnt victory. (You can see some of the aftermath in my photos if that's your sort of thing!) He's a tough guy in superb shape. He is, however, also completely safe and sane and respected my limits. And I was very pleased to make him work hard for his victory; an armlock and a choke even having me ahead for a period. Jayboy's very highly recommended if you like rough matches, and I can't wait for another go at the big bruiser. Thanks Jayboy—and thanks DaveLon!
24/05/2019: Again thanks to DaveLon I got another crack at Jayboy at the Walthamstow ring and again, after his usual slow start, he got into his stride, got into the mount, and smashed his way to a convincing victory. But heʼs not a one-trick pony, heʼs acquired a nasty strangle and a few other new joint-mangling moves, and is generally just a total handful in the best possible way. A huge amount of sweaty fun to fight. If a painful way to spend an evening! Hope to meet him again soon.
10/06/2022: Been a long time since I last met the amazing Jayboy, but a trip back to much-missed London and some shameless gatecrashing of his bout with WrestleCM19 meant that I got another bout in with him—and duly got worked over again. Always such a pleasure.



Squashlad is recommended by Jayboy

Had another bout with a ring last week as part of a three way. When it was him and me it was very close and I had to go in hard - and a bit dirty! - to get anything off him.
Great wrestler, great lad.
We will wrestle again.

Had another great meet with Craig last night. His profile name does him no favours this is a hard skilled wrestler. Got a few taps but then I got into my stride and properly hurt him. Don’t know anyone that can take punishment like this lad. Awesome long sweaty fight. Loved it. Highly recommended

Great meet with Craig. Don't let the profile name fool you He's a tough competitive wrestler. He's strong and has one of the highest pain thresholds I've met. It took a lot to put him away - but glad I turned it round and did. Recommended



WrestleCM19 is recommended by Jayboy

Great meet with this phenomenally strong wrestler - really nice lad to chat to but once he gets going he’s a beast in the ring.
Great hard wrestle and highly recommended.



Jayboy is recommended by finest

Jayboy is a strong and fit guy. Great grapple on the mats. Easy to organise and very respectful.



finest is recommended by Jayboy

Great meet. Very fit aggressive skilled wrestler. Easy to talk to and arrange. Great lad.



Jayboy is recommended by Smother

A couple of weeks of brilliant chat followed by a great match. We were fighting for real immediately. My windpipe got firmly squeezed a few times but he didn’t have it all his own way!
A great looking and easygoing guy, Jayboy was a strong, quick and impressive grappler.
A fantastic first wrestling experience, can’t wait for the rematch. Bring it, Jayboy!



Smother is recommended by Jayboy

Great meet, easy to arrange and really good to chat to and get along with. Hotel meet so not ideal but can tell he’s really strong and fit and great potential as a good hard wrestler and scrapper.
Will meet again for another go.
Highly recommended.



Jayboy is recommended by Mister80

Strong and evil but a good guy. So much better than before and I took what I could. Its been a long time between meets but worth the wait. Will be waiting for round 3 👊.

Great scrap tonight. evenly matched, altho like to think I got a few more subs on him ;). strong and some great holds. havent sweated so much in ages. look forward to the next time.



Mister80 is recommended by Jayboy

Met again after a long gap and it was even better than the first time. He looks better in the flesh - always did - and looks better now than back then. Strong aggressive and a great wrestle. And a fantastic lad to talk to.
Thoroughly enjoyed it and he took my dirty rule breaking very well. Highly recommended again and hopefully won’t be as long for us again.

Fantastic fighter. Very strong, nice and aggressive. Top bloke. Big recommendation. Definitely want to meet again. Loved it.



Jayboy is recommended by PJsubs

First time on mats in a while and a great comeback Really enjoyed the meet Jayboy has a good knowledge of Wrestling and kept coming back for more despite size difference Clearly powerful when hè gets a hold locked on A very easy Guy to get along with and whilst fully committed on mats totally safe and sane Hope to meet again at Some point



PJsubs is recommended by Jayboy

A really great meet. Strong as an ox and in great shape - looks awesome in his gear - and despite, allegedly not being trained, is very skilled, technical and aggressive.
Got a couple of subs but he beat me hands down.
Personable, polite and easy to arrange a meet with, highly recommended if you want a good hard wrestle.



Jayboy is recommended by matchup

Jayboy is communicative so it was easy to arrange the fight. We had been chatting for years but never met. His profile doesn't do him justice because he's an awesome fighter and in great shape. Broad of shoulder and strong of arm, he's unfraid of you and happy to give and receive pain. Jayboy fights for the win, and loves a good hard scrap. We are similar in that respect so it wasn't a surprise we were fighting as soon as the door closed behind us, plans gone out the window. We were very evenly matched - the fight could have gone either way. If we do fight again it will be personal, nasty and brutal. And I can't wait. Nice one Jayboy.



matchup is recommended by Jayboy

Wanted to fight Chris for a long time and finally he agreed and it happened today. Easy to arrange in the end - even though he doesn’t do a lot of chatting.
Well worth the wait - but why did we wait so long! An absolutely awesome scrap with a top lad.
Chris is a proper fighter. Amazing ripped body, technical, skilled and incredibly aggressive. I just about kept up. We even managed to start fighting before we stripped down to gear.
Was intense and incredibly enjoyable.
Meets like this and lads like this, make all the useless time wasting on here worth it.
A privilege to get on the mats and go toe to toe with this great lad. Praying there’s a rematch soon.



Jayboy is recommended by guykent

This guy is really into pro, and is easy to arrange a match with. He looks great in gear and has been really fun to wrestle whether in heel or jobber mode.



guykent is recommended by Jayboy

Met this handsome lad a couple of times now and always good value. Great lad, easy to chat to, easy to arrange, knows his wrestling, nice big strong body. Loved working up a sweat with him. Will meet again and highly recommend.



Jayboy is recommended by gregorw

Very good wrestling techniques for not being trained! Also very safe.



gregorw is recommended by Jayboy

Nice wrestle with this fit lad. Easy to arrange last minute. Good strength and nice and aggressive. Had the edge but he got a few taps mainly using some dubious tactics!
A comfortable win but happy to give him the chance for revenge…



Jayboy is recommended by axxo007

After chatting on and off for a year, it was great to finally meet with jayboy. He’s a really nice guy and the match was easy to organise. He’s got some impressive big legs and while he says our match was one-sided, fighting off his repeated attempts to rip my head off my neck made for a real good workout. Lot of fun all around, thanks for the match!



axxo007 is recommended by Jayboy

Finally met this solid muscled wrestler after quite a while of chatting and it was well worth the wait.
The legs! The arms! The solid core. And he’s got the wrestling skills to back it all up. And he really went for it and does not like to tap - but there was at least one I got in there!
Loved being in his scissors- they are incredible - but his all round game is great too.
Even though it was one sided it was a great sweaty wrestle and he was a pleasure to meet.
And the legs! The legs!
Big recommendation



Jayboy is recommended by Manc Man

Jeez! We had been communicating for a while about meeting up and today it happened. He turned up at my house and said "I believe you're a wrestler", I replied that I'd done a bit and offered him to the mat room. I was expecting to work him over, but when he got into my red singlet and boots I could see he was a unit, more powerful looking than on his pictures. When he gripped me and got me down I thought my head was going to be popped off. On chat he told me he was a slow starter but he got a 3-0 lead established quite quickly. I knew I was in a fight at that stage lads. After that I stopped counting, my head was dazed with his biceps, his thighs, his two fishook subs! Fuck me lads, if Jayboy is in the mood he will work you over. He beat me fair and square today and if he thinks I'm worthy I will rematch with him. He got dressed, winked at me and smiled as he was leaving. Enjoy the victory Jayboy.



Manc Man is recommended by Jayboy

Been chatting a lot and got each other going for a fight and we both made it happen and it didn’t disappoint.
A great lad who looks better in reality than his pics and he delivers a load of attitude and intensity.
Knew I’d have to step it up and fight hard and went for him from the start. He hurt me but am pleased with how I did and he was generous in conceding the fight.
Loved it. He takes a lot of punishment and I was able to go for it and hurt him.
Great fight, great meet, great lad.
He’s still a legendary wrestler



Jayboy is recommended by johnbray

Jayboy is a really lovely guy, who i enjoyed chatting with, over some time, before our meet. Honest, reliable and a great wrestler! Thoroughly enjoyed our match- loads of back and forth in which I lost count of who got in the subs. Watch him.....he can sneak in and really catch you out😁. Jayboy is somewhat humble and doesn't realize how easy on the eye he is! I'm looking forward to loosing the bruises he gifted to me and getting them back in our next match! Recommended 100%!!



johnbray is recommended by Jayboy

An absolute five star meet. Great to chat to leading up to the meet. He travelled a long way and was even better than his profile when he arrived. Strong fit athletic good looking skilled and a pleasure to wrestle.
Awesome couple of hours in his company - I was very fortunate.
Easy five star recc.
We will meet again mate



Jayboy is recommended by rezla123

This was a session years in the set-up; through hundreds of messages it became clear Jayboy is a massive World of Sport wrestling fan so we agreed to try to recreate some of that in-the-ring magic but in a semi-competitive way. He clearly gets pro but could bring his sub skills into the mix too- he has a guillotine special you want to avoid :) Handled himself well- nice, reliable guy, good company, interesting to talk to and I appreciate him arranging the venue.



rezla123 is recommended by Jayboy

Finally met the king of the ring, the ultimate heel, the undefeated one for a great Brit pro session.
Have been talking for ages but was still surprised by how good a pro wrestler this man is.
It was intense and the full Brit pro experience - but those moves done properly can really hurt!
But it was a great experience.



Jayboy is recommended by Solidman

We face each other off in the ring again. This time round I was determined to display what I am capable of. And boy did he take it. He got 1 sub out of me (I sorta gave him that). I won’t say how many subs I got out of him (but let’s just say double figures).

Still, id take this chap on any time. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself with him.

After chatting to this chap we met at Walthamstow. He’s keen, enthusiastic, great body, great banter and very tough. We wrestled for a while and he always gets up ready for more. I got quite a few subs out of him but he certainly surprised me with 2 subs which I was quite impressed with. He’s much better than he lets on so watch out for his moves.

Very much Look forward to match 2. The outcome will be very different.

Met and had a wrestle in my flat. Despite it not being a perfect setting, we still wrestled for an hour or so and got real sweaty. He’s still fit and strong. Watch out for his sneaky guillotine.



Solidman is recommended by Jayboy

Fourth meet with a phenomenal wrestler and an awesome lad. Quick grapple at his place. He’s just as good and even fitter than he was. Special lad.

A week later and another fight with this brilliant fighter. Lost easy but nearly two hours of hard really enjoyable wrestling and fighting.
Got one sub and close to one or two more but he got loads more and was in total control. Incredibly skilled and very strong hard and aggressive. But also an amazing lad and a pleasure to meet and spend time with.
Look forward to many more challenging fights with him to come.

Started chatting and a few weeks later we met and had a first fight.
Brilliant skilled strong aggressive fighter. Hard but respectful of limits and judges his performance nicely. He beat me easy but pleased to have got a couple of subs off him. Worked hard for them.
His kicks and punches are awesome. His body is even better in the flesh. And he’s easy and good to talk to.
A great, great meet. Highly recommended.



fightstar is recommended by Jayboy

Had a quick match with this lad a while back. Photo doesn’t do him justice. Very fit, and big, and a great grapple. Want to have a proper go again soon.



Jayboy is recommended by calad100

Had a good give and take session with this guy . He managed to get me In numerous holds and pins whilst on the mats and I did my best to do the same . He’s strong, has a great pair of legs and looked good in a singlet. Overall lovely guy and fun to meet.



calad100 is recommended by Jayboy

Had a great give and take wrestle with this fit lad.
Great host, great body, nice space to wrestle. Some great scissors too. Great lad and definitely recommended.



Jayboy is recommended by birmingham uk fighter

Jay is a great guy - clean, strong, fit, aggressive, turns up as agreed ready to go... all the good stuff.
Yeh he beat me the second time we met - he really knows how to apply some holds and could not get him to tap!
So we one a piece and looking forward to the next one.
Def recommend - good guy!



birmingham uk fighter is recommended by Jayboy

Wrestled this fighter at his place after a quick scrap in his hotel room years ago. Easy to arrange and a great bloke. He’d beaten me last time so was pleased that I dominated the wrestle this time but he’s a tough fighter. He prefers it scrappy but we need more space next time. Recommended.



Jayboy is recommended by Muscle Monkey

Met this guy in london. Good attitude and really puts all in to his wrestling. Hes a crafty bugger and slipped in a few good moves to get me to tap. Nice guy and a man of his word when it comes to meeting.



Muscle Monkey is recommended by Jayboy

Had a great match with this very fit aggressive fighter. In a different league to me but still enjoyed the battle. Easy to talk to easy to arrange. He looks as good in the flesh as on here. And he was a much better harder fight than his experience suggests. Managed to get a few taps off him but we lost count how many times he made me tap. Great lad, great body, great fight. Looking forward to another go. Highly recommended.



Jayboy is recommended by Wheeled Warrior

Sound guy - and a really enjoyable match. (Just watch out for those dirty tactics of his!). Guy got his ass handed to him and is still wanting to come back for a rougher domination. So you gotta respect that from a guy 😉

Defo recommended would beat most guys I have fought on here. Looking forward to more space and fewer rules in round 2!



Wheeled Warrior is recommended by Jayboy

Awesome strong fit fighter with top attitude. Great to spend time with him. He’s a powerful aggressive fighter and I thoroughly enjoyed making him tap! Although he made me tap a few times too. Can’t wait for round two where we go harder. Highly recommended.



Jayboy is recommended by Htxwrestler

Chill and very nice/respectful guy off the mats - but be warned, he turns up the tempo in a match real quick! He’s a very aggressive fighter - don’t underestimate him!



Htxwrestler is recommended by Jayboy

Nice lad. Easy to arrange and good body on him. Unfortunately he couldn’t compete with me wrestling - owned him! But a fun bout.



Jayboy is recommended by Mcfight

Had a great match with Jayboy despite the short notice, hangovers and limited space. Jayboy is a tough, skilled and great opponent who gave an exciting, aggressive (in a good way) and competitive match. Glad we finally got to take each other on and look forward to a rematch.



Mcfight is recommended by Jayboy

Had a great bout at short notice with this fit strong aggressive fighter. Friendly and easy going it was easy to arrange. He’s a great wrestler with a great physique. He knows loads of holds and keeps going. Can’t wait for the next one with a bit more space and time. Highly recommended.



Jayboy is recommended by CambsWrestler

Jayboy is a good guy who looks great in his gear. He warned me he took a while to get started and this left me with a false sense of security, as the first 10 minutes was reasonably close. And then he really got going. Far too experienced for me, I think we both lost count of the number of submissions he got out of me. Easy to arrange a match with, Jayboy was polite, friendly (out of the ring ;)) and enthusiastic. A good guy.



CambsWrestler is recommended by Jayboy

Great wrestle with this fit lad. Very strong and kept going but was too good for him - had too much experience. But a good solid wrestler and he kept going. Great bloke and easy to arrange



subwrestler2 is recommended by Jayboy

A great bout with an awesome wrestler. Strong, skilled, safe and sane he's a fantastic wrestler and taught me a lesson.
Very hard very aggressive but still a nice(ish!) guy. Have rarely liked getting beat so much. Highly recommended.



leelondon is recommended by Jayboy

Wrestled this lad a while back. Easy to arrange. Good body, nice hard wrestle. Recommended.



Jayboy is recommended by NorthNotts

Met for a match today. A big build up to the match which was incredibly easy to arrange. He is a great guy in every way - looks good in his gear and great person to chat to. We started wrestling and despite the size difference i had him in numerous subs. He took defeat well and i will definitely meet again. Highly recommended.



NorthNotts is recommended by Jayboy

Excellent meet. Great wrestler, strong fit and skilled. Lost big time but definitely up for a rematch. Easy to talk to and arrange, genuine and same. Really enjoyed the build up and the actual bout. He's a short arse but he taught me a lesson. Highly recommended.



Jayboy is recommended by Peteuk

I had a great match with Jay today at Walthamstow ring. He is a strong, fit athletic guy and really knows how to work holds on a man. We had a good hard competitive match with submissions both ways. Already looking forward to the rematch
Strongly recommended



Peteuk is recommended by Jayboy

Met Pete last week in the ring at walthamstow. Had a great wrestle with him. I won but he never gave up and got the first sub (and a few more). Very high pain threshold, good skills, very strong and a great fight. Easy to talk to before during and after. Recommended



Jayboy is recommended by britboxer28

Good lad up for a scrap. Keen new boxer and can pack a punch. Reccomended



britboxer28 is recommended by Jayboy

Great fighter. Very fit very strong very aggressive and a great teacher. Love the attitude and look forward to many more. Proper mans fight. Great lad. Highly recommended.



Jayboy is recommended by hugefan

I have the feeling the enigmatic Jay won't appreciate one of my books so i will keep it brief. Short notice, short wrestle but high quality . Strong, good looking (yes shallow me) and knows his stuff and how to be a meanie when he needs to be. Really want much longer with this guy which i think is a pretty good recommendation.



Jayboy is recommended by subscapuk

great guy, good fighter with loads of staminer, fit and strong, looking forward to fighting him again



subscapuk is recommended by Jayboy

Hard aggressive fit. Good bloke. Good scrapper. Want him again. Meet him if you like hard scraps