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Age 41
Height 6'2" (188 cm)
Weight 180 lbs (82 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Gay
Gear shorts, speedos, nude
Languages spoken English, German
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  1. USA - Maryland, Milford Mill
    Place of residence
  2. USA - Washington D.C.
  3. Germany, Berlin
    (I'm here between 10/26/2022 and 11/02/2022)
    For Work

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Match structure: Even match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Workout partner, Not interested in cyber

Miscellaneous interests: Friendship, Relationship, I'm a jobber

Fetishes: Want sex, Wrestle for top, Jackoff, Spandex, Naked wrestling, Nipple play, Rip and strip

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Looking to mix it up with sub-erotic style matches, with a heavy frottage component. Let’s wrestle to see who the stronger and better is. Also open to sexual penetration for the win. I travel often for work, so if I’ve visited your profile recently, I will probably be in your town or country very soon.

WARNING: Any institutions or individuals using this site or any of its associated sites for studies or projects - You do NOT have my permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications. It is recommended that other members post a similar notice to this!


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esp111 is recommended by JerseyBoy

First match of 2023!!! I had an opportunity to meet with esp111 during a recent trip to the Baltimore area. Many thanks to esp for excellent communication, pre-match talk AND for making the arrangements. And the match itself was tough, sweaty, and a lot of fun. Warning: He's quite strong and got the first submission on me, despite my sneaky "first attack." Later, I managed to get a few submissions on him. Esp111 is fun, smart, interesting, and personable. I had a great time with this wrestler and would meet up again anytime anywhere. Esp111 was a GREAT way to wrestle in the new year!!!



JerseyBoy is recommended by esp111

JerseyBoy was a wonderful opponent (sneak attack withstanding). He’s a former life guard and it shows, major traps on this guy! The setup and prep prior to the match was effortless, and accommodating. And as for the match it self, watch out for this guy he has a primal instinct, which makes for a fun bout, but don’t let your guard down for a minute because he will pounce!



esp111 is recommended by Jaywr

Finally met up with esp111 for some wrestling after chatting for a while. He is one tall, fit and strong wrestler, and I worried that I won’t be a challenge for him. But he was really great at bringing it down to my level and getting into an extended sweaty give-and-take match. The wrestling was a lot of fun, and he turned out to be a great guy off the mat too! I look forward to wrestling him again. I recommend him highly if you get a chance to lock up with him.



Jaywr is recommended by esp111

Jaywr was pretty awesome on the mats, and an overall great guy! His lean body is ideal for grappling, and don’t let him fool you, this guy has an edge that will surprise and delight. I very much look forward to another encounter.



esp111 is recommended by RingerBRB

After a long two years and a lot of planning, it worked out. I was nervous as always before a meeting with a new opponent. If I had known how he was really built, I would have been even more anxious. What a bull! But regardless, a gentle, nice, very educated person with a hammer power. unfortunately, we were both not quite fit, he lit still under the jet lag and I had just come from my 5th night duty. But it was the last possible appointment and so I accepted that.
No matter how exhausted we were, the meeting was worth it and be it only that we both now know that we want to meet again at the next Berlin visit of him. And then hopefully both recovered and awake to us so properly ausupowern. In any case, a smooth 1 from me



RingerBRB is recommended by esp111

Conversed with Ringer over the course of many months with the hope of actually meeting him for a match. When we finally did meet I would describe him as a gentle giant but that all goes away when the grappling starts. Definitely give this guy a go, if you’re looking for a bonafide challenge!



esp111 is recommended by wrestlme37

I had the honor of meeting this hot man last night. Due to my health issues he allowed me to just have fun putting him in holds. I can't say enough good about him. Great talk before and after the fun. Don't miss the opportunity to meet this man.



wrestlme37 is recommended by esp111

Finally got to meet this handsome stud on the proverbial mat, and even though it was more one sided than I’m accustomed to it was a good time. I look forward to the next time.



esp111 is recommended by sportsman17

What a nice guy, esp drove an hr to meet me and I can't thank him enough, nice guy,hot body, I git to throw him around for a while and we had a great time, definitely get in touch with him



sportsman17 is recommended by esp111

“Sportsman17” was a great opponent! Admittedly , I was a little hesitant to go full throttle with him after learning of his near recent surgery but he quickly demonstrated that it was not going to be an issue for him. And that he had no problem taking advantage of my hesitancy. This made for a good grappling session between us. Very much looking forward to another match up where I won’t be so kind the next go round.



esp111 is recommended by NYleanmuscle

One thing I love about meeting new the element of surprise for the good that is! This wrestler hit the bullseye. Handsome, in shape, smart and a whole lot of fun to wrestle! Besides the wrestling aspect, he was easy and thoughtful when setting up the match. A winner!



NYleanmuscle is recommended by esp111

From the moment you see him you can tell by his physique that he is fit and takes care of himself. Make no mistake this guy is the real deal with primal wrestling skills and good techniques. Besides that he’s a overall great guy with a winning personality. He is definitely worth the challenge.



esp111 is recommended by tlvalor

This handsome beast was kind enough to wait up for my arrival in the DC area late at night. Don't let those innocent eyes fool you. This man is an animal, but at the same time the most fun and enjoyable guy to hang out with. Can't wait for round 2.



tlvalor is recommended by esp111

After months of conversing across continents, the stars finally aligned for us to be in the same place at the same time, and get satisfaction from all the machismo we’ve been spinning with one another. Make no mistake though this guy is the real deal; tough, competitive, and extremely strong. He’s also quite the looker. But all that pales in comparison to his great personality though. Deal, on another match up my brother!



esp111 is recommended by Newchallenge

Complete pleasure to roll around with esp111. He made logistics simple and is a super chill guy, and easy on the eyes. I thought I had the upper hand with him, but he may disagree. 10/10 would dominate again



Newchallenge is recommended by esp111

It was so great meeting Newchallenge.
We had been chatting it up and looking forward to it for months amidst COVID and was finally able to make it happen.
The wrestler and the person I fought lived up to my best expectations. Virl, fun and athletic is this guy with an easy and friendly personality to complete the package. Although we do have different takes on who did what to whom 😅
I hope we'll be able to do it again sometime soon!



esp111 is recommended by calwrestler

Terrific meeting w esp this morning.....we had the same karma (both attorneys !?). And got along on the mat and chatting SO well. The dude is formidably strong and resistant....and hot as hell...I did succeed with a headlock and an RNC b4 the action shifted. He's quiet at first but still waters run deep. The stoic facade is a

Our next tangle destination is San Diego or possibly Palm Springs. After you read this challenge him!



calwrestler is recommended by esp111

A great host and tactioner (my word) of wrestling techniques. After conversing over months we were finally able to make this happen and it was well worth the wait. Some things get better with time and this stud has definitely honed up his wrestling skills as he is the master of the stubborn and elusive unbreakable hold. Or so he thought😉. Very much looking for another match up.



esp111 is recommended by Bucks grappler

Had a fun time with this gentle giant today. Be forewarned hes very strong and tall not exactly the jobber he claims to be. Im sure if he wanted he would kick anyones ass. Super good guy and very sexy also. If youre looking for a fun wrestle hes your guy!!!!



Bucks grappler is recommended by esp111

Had a great session with Bucks...he has a gracious personality with a bit of a raw edge on the mats. Very much interested in a rematch with this one.



esp111 is recommended by wrestlinstudd

Had a wonderful time with this gentle giant whose real strength is a subtle surprise. Good man who is fun to wrestle and easy to hang with. Highly recommended and looking forward to the next time.



wrestlinstudd is recommended by esp111

Great guy! Was willing to travel most of the way for the bout and this beefy hairy stud is definitely worth the trip! If you’re in his area you should wrestle him.



esp111 is recommended by Hairywrestler midwest

We had a great match and a great time. Highly recommended.



Hairywrestler midwest is recommended by esp111

Great guy and a perfect host. He arranged everything the whole process effortlessly.



esp111 is recommended by AtlProFantasy

Had a blast wrestling with this man. It says he is a jobber in his profile, but please do not let that fool you because he is plenty capable of dishing out punishment just as well as he takes it. Highly recommend. Great guy off the mats also.



AtlProFantasy is recommended by esp111

This guy was a joy to wrestle. He has quite a list of heel-moves in his arsenal and it was really easy to set up an impromptu match with him. He arrived promptly at the time set and respected all limits. If you’re ever in the Atlanta area definitely look him up.



esp111 is recommended by xratedwrslr

This is one fine gentleman to wrangle with. Has a large space to wrestle and is a gracious host. He's a tall and muscular guy, but a gentle giant too. He toned down his intensity for my novice status and graciously allowed me to have the upper hand most of the time. Don't pass up the opporutnity to connect for a rumble with esp111!



xratedwrslr is recommended by esp111

This is an over all solid wrestler with a great personality. He has good instincts on the mat and didn't have a problem improvising in order to get the upper hand. Check this guy out for a fun-light-hearted match to include some erotic trash talk, to make things interesting.



esp111 is recommended by Bearmaker

Had a great time rolling with this tough guy. He's lean and agile. Super nice guy and easy to to get along with and had no issues planning the match.

Highly recommend him if you're in the DC area. looking forward to more matches with him



Bearmaker is recommended by esp111

Bearmaker is the total package, a lot of fun to wrestle, and a pretty great guy overall. His initial worries about our height differences proved unnecessary as he more than held his own. If you’re ever in the MIA area do yourself a favor and link up with this one. I’m totally in line for our next one.



esp111 is recommended by wrestlerdude31

Amazing guy to wrestle and hang out with! Fun attractive and easy to talk to. Looking forward to next match together!!



wrestlerdude31 is recommended by esp111

Awesome time with this guy! He’s a pretty good grappler and a whole lot of fun to roll around with and very easy to talk to before, after, and during (#trashtalk). We worked each other to a sweaty exhaustion on the mat and very much looking forward to next time.



esp111 is recommended by CNYWrestler

Great host. Super strong, and very tall. Did I mention how strong and tall? Tough competitor felt like I knew him for decades instead of minutes. Would love to roll again with him. Five ⭐️‘S.



CNYWrestler is recommended by esp111 a great guy to wrestle with. It was totally fun rolling around with him. Be fore warned though he’s tough and has great stamina. But it’s totally worth the effort because you will definitely appreciate the workout and the conversation afterwards.



esp111 is recommended by Txwresl

Ernst is a very nice guy who is impressively built, very friendly, great smile and fun to roll with. We did an easy back and forth match that we both enjoyed a lot. The size difference was considerable so he was gracious enough to make it work and it did very well!

Had good conversation and spent quality time.
Recommend him!



Txwresl is recommended by esp111

Tried to lock up several times before with this guy in two different cities but it never seemed to work out until this week; and I’m glad it did. He’s mucho fun to wrestle and super friendly. I’m very much looking forward to the next time!



esp111 is recommended by Muleman

Made the trip to visit with Ernest, he is a gracious host. It was a nice ride to meet him He is strong and aggressive with a great personality. If you are in the area check him out. I request a rematch!



Muleman is recommended by esp111

Great guy with an awesome disposition. It’s rare that I get to wrestle someone comparable to my height and weight so this was a particular pleasurable experience for me. He’s super efficient with his wrestling techniques and respectful of limits. Definitely worth the challenge, this one.



esp111 is recommended by RNC23

It's crazy how we've lived this close and this was our first time meeting up!! But felt right away like we've been buds for awhile now. Esp111 is a great host, and a strong opponent too!! Had a blast and looking forward to meeting up many more future battles!



RNC23 is recommended by esp111

Me and this guy had been in each other's orbit for a while now having several opponents in common, but was never able to make a connection work before. So on a whelm we both just said "fuck-it let's do this." Within minutes of meeting this stud, we were talking and laughing as if we were life-long comrades. Moments later we were rolling around like we've each stole money from the other. Here's the deal, don't let the babyface and mellow demeanor fool you with this guy, he's a serious grappler and what he says in his profile is true, if he gets you in between his legs, forget it. He is definetly one to challenge.



esp111 is recommended by mattz4fun

While easy to set up a match with this nice looking lean muscled dude, it was surprisingly absent of my normal trash talk. Though, once we locked up we both knew it would be a good battle. Our styles fit well together and felt great to work each other back and forth fighting for position and trying for multiple submissions. Looking forward to our next round. I'll need to come up with new moves next time coz I know he'll have some for me.



mattz4fun is recommended by esp111

A solid wrestler and an overall great guy! He was easy to connect with even though he was in mid-travel status from the left coast. He's very technically proficient in his wrestling style, it was obvious to me that he'd spent time in the MMA arena but at the same time wasn't afraid to mix it up with other styles and boundaries. He was able to take a give equal portions of punishment, this one and seemed to like it more. Definitely on my short list for a rematch!



esp111 is recommended by ukwrestler

Fun guy with a great set up at his place. Was pleased we managed to arrange a last minute match and hopefully meet again when I am back in Baltimore.



ukwrestler is recommended by esp111

Great guy and a solid wrestler! Very easy to talk to. I'm very much looking forward to our next bout.



kennyyork is recommended by esp111

Great guy to wrestle with, friendly and easy to converse with.



esp111 is recommended by ready2fight

I had a really good experience with this guy. A gracious host with a solid grappling prowess, we had a thoroughly enjoyable match. Also, very intelligent and easy to converse with afterwards. I highly recommend to all.



ready2fight is recommended by esp111

I've mixed it up with this guy at least twice now and in each session he's impressed me with both his prowess on the mat, and his overall calming demeaner (which may lull you into a sense of over confidence). You wrestle this stud and you not only get a great work out, but you are very likely to make a friend with an awesome personality!



esp111 is recommended by MuscChamp

This stud put up a tough fight! But as always, the Champ devoured his prey – dominating, draining and marking this boy for his stable! Can't wait for the rematch!



MuscChamp is recommended by esp111

Consistently a domineering force! This guy is a jobber's dream match!