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Gutpunching Meeting - 2nd scenario I have written.

Ya know, I have been into gutpunching since I was a teen. Finding other guys that enjoy the erotic aspects of abdominal use and abuse has been a challenge. Over the years I have chatted with hundreds of guys on various social media platforms, but rarely can I find a guy who actually wants to actually meet, isn’t in another country, and shares the same erotic enjoyment of gutpunching and trampling that I do.

Then I found Rick. He was on three social media platforms that I used. He had photos similar to what I had posted in my profiles, and he had the type of body that really excites me. Hard to explain, but his navel was centered between his sternum and his dick, and he had nice rounded abdomen that was equally divided by his beltline. And he was a young. We ‘friended’ each other, and chatted through the years.
Through a change in jobs, Rick moved one state away, and only a couple hundred miles apart. At age 30, his body hadn’t changed much, and he still wanted to meet. So, we set a date and made it happen.


We both shared the same fantasies, and had exchanged ‘notes’ on what we wanted to do, to avoid the awkwardness of first-time meetings. I had a good-sized walk-in shower, large enough for two guys to play. After the pleasantries of greeting, we headed to my bedroom where we both stripped naked, then went to my walk-in shower.
As the warm water soaked out bodies, I grabbed the bar of soap and came behind Rick wrapping my arms around him as I soaped up his belly. As I rubbed the soap over his abdomen, I pushed the bar into his unflexed belly giving his guts a nice massage. I put the soap down and massaged his guts with my fingers. Pushing my fingers deep into his belly and feeling around in his guts. I gave him a reverse bear hug squeezing my fists into his stomach and sliding them around on his soapy skin.
I adjusted the water so it was just a light trickle (so the soap wouldn’t wash away) and re-soaped Ricks belly area. I grabbed a three inch round stainless-steel orb from the shelf and from behind I pressed it into Ricks soft unflexed abdominal area. The shiny orb slid freely on Rick’s soaped belly. I pushed it in deep and slid it down from his sternum to his crotch; left to right; in circles; diagonally, finally stopping with the orb on his navel where I again gave him a strong bear hug pushing the orb deep into his stomach. It was clear Rick was stimulated by this massage as his dick was at attention. I put the orb away and gave his cock a warm reception in my mouth just to keep him aroused.
Now it was time for a bigger orb, a 6-inch sphere of erotic enjoyment. I repeated the massage after applying more soap to Rick’s inviting belly. Being larger, this 6-inch ball made his guts slush around a little more, it went in deeper the more I pressed. The harder I pressed the more Rick expressed his enjoyment with hums of excitement. I turned Rick around and placed him against the shower wall, this allowed me to push the ball deeper into his guts, finding every area of his abdomen the ball went in deep churning his guts as he shuttered with pleasure.

Now, let the punching begin. Still against the wall I took my right fist and pushed it into Rick’s small intestines below his navel as deep as I could and held is there for a few seconds. As I slowly removed my right fist, I equally pushed my left fist slowly into his stomach above his navel. I repeated this several times as the slow motion agitated his guts up and down within his abdomen. Doing this same up/down motion, I slowly sped up the action. Right fist lower; Left fist upper; right; left; right; left, making the motions reminded me of a steam locomotive starting to move; choo; choo; push; push. Guts churning up, guts churning down. Not punching yet because my fists never left his skin. Finally, I was pushing up and down so fast his body was vibrating and he was making an exhaling humming sound that reminded me of the locomotive going down the tracks, hum hum hum hum hum hum hum hum. My arms were tired and I had to stop. Rick slid own the shower wall and was sitting in the floor of the stall catching his breath. I rubbed his thighs and put my mouth around his cock and gave him a little bit of sucking action as I fondled his balls. As he closed his eye I gave him a pleasurable punch into his reclined stomach. It caught him by surprise, but he enjoyed it. Do it some more he asked, and I complied. I gave him several good punches right into the navel expelling some good “oofs” from his mouth.

This was the request portion where we could request how we wanted to be punched. Rick stood up and leaned against the wall asking me to ram my fist into his softened guts below his navel. There was a purpose to all the massage as it loosens up the intestines for a more erotic punching session. I gave his lower guts a nice workover then did a quick punch just below the sternum. “Ohh,” Rick said as he bent over from the unexpected punch. But he stood up for more. “Slowly, and not so hard,” he asked. I complied and gave him lighter punches. He moved away from the shower wall and stood slightly bent over. “Go ahead, and give my stomach some uppercuts,” he asked. Stepping back, I made a fist and pummeled his stomach from below, slugging upwards sinking my fist into his stomach just above the navel. He stood up and told me to punch him all over his abdomen and I did, making sure to cover all areas. Alternating from single punches to double or triple slugs. As I punched him, he moved backwards until he was again against the stall wall. I continued to pummel his guts like a boxer working on a heavy bag. He began to bend over allowing my fists to sink in deeper until he said, “Enough,” standing up straight and rubbing his belly. “Finale”, he said and stood up straight like a statue and asked for one more hard slug, one above and below his navel. He closed his eyes, and I rammed my fist below the navel into his soft lower guts. “Uww,” he uttered not showing much pain, because there aren’t a lot of nerves in the small intestine area. Next punch connected an inch above his belly button sending him to the floor for a second as he caught his breath. “Perfect” he said. “Normally I don’t like pain, but that punch made my dick hard.” I looked down to see him working his dick as he blew a load on the floor of the shower. I turned the water back on high to wash down the drain and so we could warm up while I rubbed his sore belly.

“Your turn,” he commanded.

“Repeat what I did to you,” I asked.
Rick repeated everything with me, massage, orbs, locomotive gut pushing, until his arms were tired. But in my turn, I didn’t fall to the floor. I had planned for this because I find being punched in the guts highly erotic. It makes my cock super hard. This might be too much info for some, but the day before I used a laxative. Clearing out your intestines results in less resistance, and allows fists and objects to sink deeper into your guts. The deeper, the more arousing it is for me.
So, I remained standing after having my guts massaged and pushed around, and kneaded like bread dough. I told Rick, “Now just the way you were pushing my guts around, upper vs lower, you are going to punch me.” “I’m going to tell you where and how many times to punch me; You can use one fist or both, as long as you follow my directions”. Start out with the same power you used pushing my guts, and I’ll tell you to punch harder or softer.” “If I say above that means one punch above my navel, if I say two below that means two below my navel, got it”?

Rick, “Yep.

I directed:
“Below twice”
“Below once, above twice”
“Right on my navel twice”
“Harder on my navel”
“Now a flurry: above, below, three times (6 punches)
“Below and push you fist in deep after the punch”
“Punch my navel and push your fist in deep, then pull it out and ram my navel”
“Do whatever you want for 20 punches”
“Fast succession: Below, above, three below, three above, and one really hard to my navel”.

Uff, that was all I could take for this round. I moved to the other side of the stall and sat on the bench. My guts were churning and I needed a rest. But I still wanted to blow my load.
Since Rick was standing in front of me, he asked for a few more punches, I complied while sucking him off and fondling his balls.
I reached outside the shower and grabbed a unique object. I had made a pole with a cast human fist attached to it. I told Rick he was going to push in into my guts as hard as he could. I leaned against the shower wall and aligned the fist where I wanted it and told Rick to push. He pushed. “Harder” I said. “Keep pushing,” as I stroked my hard cock. “That’s it push it in deep, back your feet up and lean into it.” I demanded. I’m about to cum, push it in as hard as you can. When I cum use it as a battering ram and slug in into my guts.” “NOW! Ram my guts! As my cock shot thick ribbons of cum all over his knees. “OK, OK stop”. I fell to my knees as my body shuttered from the erotic explosion of feelings of joy and pain. Apparently Rick was so into it he had a massive erection and I sucked him off until he squirted on my face.
As I stood up Rick embraced me in warm hug. I took the 6-inch steel orb and placed it between our bodies at navel height. I put my arms around his waist and he did the same to me. We squeezed the orb deep into our bellies as we exchanged a warm kiss.
It was off to relax before we played again. We had the whole weekend to live our fantasies.

Looking for "Rick" type guys to have fun with. BE IN THE USA, AND NEAR/OR TRAVELLING TO MINNESOTA.

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