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Location, location location (and searching)

We all love to meet fighters! So how do you make it happen? What is the most important attribute of a potential opponent?

It's the location.

When making contacts on MeetFighters, try to make sure they are within your reach. Send your first messages to those within walking, cycling or driving distance of your area. When you receive messages, prioritize those closest to you.

Sure, that guy on the next continent looks friendly and enticing, but will you be able to meet next weekend? Probably not. Live in the here and now! The MeetFighters map will help you find opponents closest to you.

Make sure you keep the location part on your profile up to date. If you're going on a trip, mark your destinations and times so locals can see you coming. You can also set up automatic location updates. Doing so will update your profile location based on your phone's or computer's lcoation. We protect your privacy: the exact location will not be shown to others, all markers are offset randomly.


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