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Picking opponents

Let's say you are new on our site and want to pick your first match! There are a bunch of guys around your area. Whom do you choose?

  • Keep your eye on how long a member has been on the site.
  • For your first meets, prioritize profiles with lots of past opponents and good recommendations. They are our most reliable and experienced members who can show you the ropes.
  • If you are looking for a competitive match, best pick someone close to your size and fitness level.
  • Never pay for a meet. Never pay any advance for travel, hiring hotel room, etc. Report any user who asks for your money for any reason.
    • Corollary: Never ask for money for a meet.
  • Be careful of profiles that look great, but have no meets to their names.
  • Don't offer to travel hours or reserve hotel rooms unless your match is an established member with good reputation.
  • Always discuss rules and limits upfront.

General internet rules apply: Protect your personal information, meet in a public place first and use good judgement when meeting strangers. Safety first!


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