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Hi everyone, Shawn here. 6.1" tall, 210 lbs here.

I am looking for two (2) different types of matches. I'm here to wrestle folks. Not here to go to bars. If you want to meet first, we can meet for coffee. I don't go to bars anymore. If that "RUBS YOU THE WRONG WAY, GET OVER YOURSELF!"

I'm not hung up like most on your size or what you look like, as long as you're real and want a competitive match! I do have a few regular buddies I will wrestle with in other ways, but as for 2018 and beyond, this is what I'm looking for:

1) Real competitive submission matches with body shots. Main rules I have are, no face shots, no broken bones or hospital visits. Other than that, you name the rules and gear, open and flexible here .

2) Hard Pro Matches. Heel vs jobber matches are fun, but I do prefer heal vs heal matches. Sadist vs sadist matches are BEST!!! If you can't provide one of these types of matches, Don't waste yours or my time!

Want a stakes match, (Totally up to you), but at least, give me a good match), put your ass on the line against mine. I promised myself over 4 years ago that the only people to fuck me actually have to beat me. Haven't been fucked since. So, do you think you're man enough?

Any institutions or individuals using this site or any of its associated sites for studies or projects - You do NOT have my permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications. It is recommended that other members post a similar notice to this!



  1. USA - California, San Diego
    Place Of Residence
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Altura / Peso

Idade: 51 anos Homem

Altura / Peso: 186 cm, 91 kg

Idiomas conhecidos: English

Vestuário: Singlest, Shorts, speedos, fight trunks, MMA gloves, jocks, posers, nude. Up to you.

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JackedOC recomendado por Virgowrestler

Wrestled JackedOC this morning and had a blast. Great guy, strong and very determined. Definitely want to wrestle him again. With some training, he'll definitely be a force to be reckoned with.

Don't pass up the opportunity to wrestle this studman. He's definitely worth it!



Virgowrestler recomendado por moto60

Virgowrestler is a beast. A very nice and pleasant beast. But a beast none the less. He easily countered everything I threw at him. A gentleman that was invincible for me. All hail virgowrestler. Definitely made me want to up my game.



moto60 recomendado por Virgowrestler

Wrestled moto60 today and had a blast. Great guy, strong and knows his grappling. Fun to make him submit, and he kept coming back for more. Lots of fun to wrestle and highly recommend.



Virgowrestler recomendado por MKell

Had a great round 2 today with this guy. He is an athletic, strong, and highly skilled grappler. It was a fun workout with one heck of a guy. If you get the chance, wrestle him. He has a nice set up, is a gracious host, and is one tough grappler! I highly recommend Virgowrestler!



MKell recomendado por Virgowrestler

Had another great match today with this strong as an ox beast on my mats. Always great to wrestle and definitely looking forward to wrestling him again.

Awesome guy all around, so if you get the chance to wrestle him, don't pass it up guys. You definitely will not be disappointed.



Virgowrestler recomendado por glitch880

He was an absolute beast on the mat and worked me over from start to finish. If you're looking for an experienced pro to deliver an unforgettable ass kicking than this is your man! He earned my submissions, and a whole lot more....



glitch880 recomendado por Virgowrestler

Wrestled this big guy last year and had a blast. Big & strong and fun to throw around. Definitely don't pass up the opportunity to wrestle this stud. I'm looking forward to wrestling with him again and making him my bottom toy again!



Virgowrestler recomendado por Txwresl

Wrestled this tough wrestler years back when I was just staring. Doc is just plain good as a wrestler. Great guy on the mat, very nice off the mat...strong, skilled and can take you down in many ways. Enjoyed our matches. Recommend if you want a tough match.



Txwresl recomendado por Virgowrestler

Wrestled Txwresl many years ago when I was holding my PS Wrestlefest in Palm Springs. Great guy, scrappy and with a heart of gold. Fun to wrestle and willing to wrestle bigger guys. Lots of fun and definitely worth wrestling.

Don't pass up the opportunity if you get the chance folks.



Virgowrestler recomendado por ukscisors

the best ive fought

Rematch and the power, speed and technique of the champ is undiminished - simply the best and a great host Sep 17

Another rematch Feb 19 and whilst I feel my power and stamina diminishing with age, Shawn gets stronger and more dominant - I was well and truly owned. The best and a great host and guy.



ukscisors recomendado por Virgowrestler

2/25/2019: Another fun match today with ukscisors. Always fun to manhandle and make submit. Always welcome on my mats. Don't miss the opportunity to wrestle him if you get the chance.

9/8/2017 : Rematch - another great match with this sexy man. Great guy and fun to wrestle. Again folks, don't miss the opportunity to wrestle this guy. You will not be disappointed.

6/30/2013 : Great guy and fun to wrestle! Don't miss the chance to wrestle him!



Virgowrestler recomendado por Racchi

This guy is a beast. Good strength but also backs it with technique. An absolute terror on the mat but a great guy off of it. If you are in his area, challenge him you won't be disappointed. Definitely will take him on again 😊



Racchi recomendado por Virgowrestler

Had a great match today with Ryan today. Great guy, strong and doesn't give easily. Definitely worth wrestling and I'm looking forward to wrestling this sexy guy again.

Definitely recommend!



Virgowrestler recomendado por michaelwood

This hot man is right GREAT MAN! We have wrestled several times...all of which he kicked my ass....but i had a great time and would love to take him on again....he can def wrestle at any level...and not shy...:) ....which makes for some HOT contact....



Virgowrestler recomendado por baxbyfrnd4lf

I had the pleasure of locking up with Virgowrestler for our long overdue rematch. If you are seeking a match that is hard-fought, yet fun, definitely pay him a visit when you are in San Diego! You will not be disappointed!! Don't let his good looks fool you...You will have to wrestle!!!!



baxbyfrnd4lf recomendado por Virgowrestler

2nd time meeting up with this handsome man last night 10/17/2018. Getting stronger and his skills are improving, but still not enough to handle me. Great guy and a lot of fun to wrestle.

Definitely worth wrestling so don't pass up the opportunity folks!



Virgowrestler recomendado por fitjocknycla

Normally I prefer to heel, but this guy was a beast when we met. As much as I tried to fight back, this guy is super skilled. Definitely recommend if you a get a chance to wrestle with him.



fitjocknycla recomendado por Virgowrestler

Had a great time wrestling around with fitjocknycla today at the ring in Santa Ana. From the hanging upside down in the turn buckle, to putting him in the torture rack, he took the punishment like a man. It was fun turning him into a jobber today!

All around a great guy and definitely worth wrestling again.
Highly recommended.



Virgowrestler recomendado por slandon23

Let me start by saying I feel really honored that Virgowrestler choose to drive up to LA and meet and wrestle me for his birthday, it was a hard fought match with dirty tactics and everything except the kitchen sink lol this man is a wrestling machine, I feel quite honored to have met and wrestled him even though he got the better of me in the match I'm always up for a repeat so my next journey to the left coast we will have a repeat, if you ever get the opportunity to wrestle this former military wrestling machine take it just get prepared to be taught a wrestling lesson!



slandon23 recomendado por Virgowrestler

I had an amazing time on my B-Day wrestling this amazing stud. Body shots, dirty tactics and all in our match. Still dominated this man and he kept coming back for more. I'm looking forward to our next meeting and he is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you want someone who is strong and dosen't give up or give easily!



jdj2 recomendado por Virgowrestler

Had a blast wrestling jdj2 today. Definitely loves it rough and aggressive. Body shots, dirty tactics and all. He can definitely take beating.

Highly recommended and definitely looking forward to the next time.



Virgowrestler recomendado por ca510140

What a pleasure to finally meet Virgo, he’s an amazing wrestler with great skills but totally safe and sane. Was able to spend a few hours with him and time flew by. Can’t wait to meet for round two. Highly recommended



ca510140 recomendado por Virgowrestler

WOW, what can I say. I had a blast today at the ring wrestling Mike!
Hot man, tight body and loves body shots. Definitely looking forward to wrestling Mike again!

Don't miss the opportunity if you get the chance to wrestle Mike folks! You definitely will not regret it!



Virgowrestler recomendado por Leaf15

Shawn is one of the strongest and skilled guys I ever met. We fought each other approximately 20 months ago. We had a great submission match and he pretty much dominated me for the whole match. Shawn has a lot of strong and tight chokeholds. Also, Shawn is a nice guy. Don’t miss a chance to wrestle him if you are visiting San Diego! I 100% recommend him!



Leaf15 recomendado por Virgowrestler

Took on this scrappy dude back in Oct of 2017 and he is a lot of fun to throw around on the mats. He always came back for more. He's a lot of fun to wrestle with, so don't pass up the opportunity if you get it.



Virgowrestler recomendado por Nakofi

Virgowrestler in the wrestling world is sort of a living legend and after meeting him, I see why. My match with him was PERFECT in every way. The only flaw was this damn torn tendon in my finger that served as a major distraction and retraction but we worked around it and still had an awesome time.

Meeting him has been on my bucket list for quite sometime and now having a rematch is in that same bucket. Of course, he does not need yet another glowing review but I enjoyed meeting him so much, I would be remiss if I did not.



Nakofi recomendado por Virgowrestler

Had a great match with Nakofi today! Great guy, tough and strong, Loved making him call me "DADDY' today! He can hold out and take lot and I definitely look forward to our next match!

Definitely worth it folks. Don't be scared, step up, man up and take him on if he is ever in your area or if you ever get to him! AWESOME MATCH!



Virgowrestler recomendado por shuttlexp1

It has taken 10 years to meet Shawn, due to work issues on my part, but well worth the wait.

Everything everyone says about him is true: very skilled, great sense of humour and a real gentleman when not wiping the floor with me. I can't wait for the next matches. In time I may even get to provide him a challenge in beating me. 😊



shuttlexp1 recomendado por Virgowrestler

What can I say about shuttlexp1!

Awesome guy and sexy. Great time wrestling today. What everyone else says about this gentlemen is totally correct. Lots of fun to wrestle and beat on and definitely looking forward to wrestling this stud man again.

Highly recommended folks so don't miss out!



Jock2Boxwithstakes recomendado por Virgowrestler

Had a great time at the ring yesterday with this sexy man. Wrestling and some boxing working uo a good sweat. Definitely up to getting sweaty with this stud again! Don't pass up the opportunity to get sweaty with this stud folks!



Timgrappler recomendado por Virgowrestler

Had a awesome time this morning. Lots of fun in a good pro-mission match with lots of back and forth gut shots. AWESOME TIME, AWESOME PERSON & highly recommended.



Virgowrestler recomendado por LBFighter

Doc and I have know each other for many years now. Only had one fight so far. DAMN he's tough and good. He'll give you exactly what you ask for in a fight. You want it friendly and sweaty and fun, he's there. You want it mean and ugly. he'll bring that too. He will not back down.
Recommended for any one on any level



LBFighter recomendado por Virgowrestler

This is one tough little scrapper here. A great guy and if anyone gets the chance to take him on, go for it!



Virgowrestler recomendado por Wrestleboyjoey

Wrestled him when he won the all-around title in Clash of the Titans back in 2004. He was obviously far more experienced, but still he found the time to wrestle a newbie like me. He was like a Cheshire cat toying with his prey though! :) Overall, a great guy, well-liked by many!

Update: Wrestled him again after 13 years. Again, he totally dominated me, especially with the strongest scissors I have ever encountered. But I coiuldn't help but laugh at his Jekyll-&-Hyde voice! Despite his gravelly trash-talking on the mats, he is a very nice guy off the mats. Highly recommended!



Virgowrestler recomendado por SeattleWrestler3

The perfect combination of outstanding wrestler and great guy!



Virgowrestler recomendado por Bulldozer88

Strong, fast and skilled he is one hell of an opponent. Made him work to put me down, didn't go down without a fight and he certainly put up a hell of a fight. Great guy, hot, and talented.

Highly recommended!!



Bulldozer88 recomendado por Virgowrestler

Definitely a lot of fun wrestling this big guy! Great guy and fun to beat down. I love taking on and taking down bigger guys and he is a lot of fun to take down.

Highly recommended!!!!!



Virgowrestler recomendado por JayXMuscle

Wrestled this bud today... he definitely beat me fast.. He's got some real hard takedowns that work, then a definite moves to render opponent (me) nearly helpless.... Am strong so resisted, but lost 4sure, itll help if you're skilled. He is.
Got out of some of his pins but was he just too quick w the next pin for me to keep up.... course we had other fun interests after the hard stuff.
Hope we do it again!



JayXMuscle recomendado por Virgowrestler

Wrestled this stud today and had a blast.
Strong and never backs down, but no match for my experience.

Definitely up for another match anytime. Don't pass up the opportunity to wrestle him folks, you definitely have fun. I know I did!



Virgowrestler recomendado por LuchadorSFO

I have to agree with all the posts on here. I wrestled Virgo years ago when I was wrestling regularly. Virgo is very skilled, and a lot of fun to wrestle with. He works with his opponents at their skill level, but still comes out on top. Loved wrestling with him. He's a GREAT guy as well!



Virgowrestler recomendado por subprosea

Skilled wrestler, and had a fun roll. Hope we can indeed have a longer bout next time. He's got strong legs, watch out for them!



subprosea recomendado por Virgowrestler

Hay a great match today going back and forth. Actually made me tap a few times. Been awhile since anyone has done that! Awesome fun and definitely looking forward to another match, but longer next time.



mlutteur recomendado por Virgowrestler

Met and wrestled Jim today here at my place.
Great guy and strong. Doesn't give in easily.
Looking forward to wrestling him again.
Don't pass up the opportunity to wrestle Jim if you get the chance.



freedom65jk recomendado por Virgowrestler

Spent a few hours on the mats here at my place today torturing this handsome and sexy fucker today. A lot of fun and easy going to get along with. Highly recommended and definitely looking forward to another match.



Virgowrestler recomendado por manwrestler

Virgowrestler simply put is a great man and great wrestler. Had a great time getting manhandled on his mats. Five star rating for a great vet. Take him on when you get to San Diego



manwrestler recomendado por Virgowrestler

Manwrestler was a lot of fun to toy with on the mats.
Fun and took punishment like a champ. Great guy and highly recommended.



Virgowrestler recomendado por Ricotewrestler

One of the highlights of my wrestling resume! The great Virgowrestler which is simply one of the best grapplers out there and one of the kindest most polite guys there are too. Hot fun was all we had in a match that I didn't want to end! Looking forward to wrestling this iconic wrestler soon again. Can't recommend him enough! He's the best there is out there!



Ricotewrestler recomendado por Virgowrestler

After years of chatting, finally met Ricotewrestler at the NY Wrestlefest a few years back. Great guy and fun to wrestle. I'm looking forward to hitting the mats with this stud for another match.

Don't pass up the opportunity to wrestle this guy! You will not be sorry!



Ptywrs69 recomendado por Virgowrestler

Hot man, fun to wrestle and a great guy. Pretty strong and doesn't give up.
Definitely worth wrestling so don't pass up the opportunity to wrestle this sexy guy.



testofstrength recomendado por Virgowrestler

Had a great time with this little powerhouse. Strong and willing to learn. Took what I was dishing out and kept coming back for me. Looking forward to more wrestling with this sexy stud.

Don't pass up the opportunity folks. Great guy all the way around.



Virgowrestler recomendado por kennyyork

Wrestled him today and had a great workout with the master. I will definately look forward to another match and workout harder to be a better opponent



kennyyork recomendado por Virgowrestler

Wrestled with the sexy man today at my place. Strong and a good wrestler.
It was fun manhandling this sexy man and I look forward to wrestling him again.
Do not pass up the opportunity to take on this sexy man! Highly recommended!



Virgowrestler recomendado por Hairywrestler midwest

It is not easy to find a guy that is both extremely strong and skilled like Virgowrestler. He did adapt to my level and we had a fun match. He is a great teacher. Also a nice guy with a great personality. Strongly recommend.



Hairywrestler midwest recomendado por Virgowrestler

Met last night for a match and he is a lot of fun to wrestle with.
Strong and determined and I'm looking forward to another match.

Don't pass up a chance to wrestle with this sexy man!



Virgowrestler recomendado por Marcwrestler

It was me second match with this hot wrestler! Last time we meet at NYC and we did a submission match. This time, we meet at Santa Ana at the ring! This time we did a pro wrestling match ! I had a BLAST to wrestle Virgowrestler! He is so skilled with lot of holds, strong, fun !!!!!! Really enjoyed my 2 hours in the ring with him! Also i spend lot of time with him Out of the mats! He is very nice guy, fun, friendly, generous with his time. He showing me San Diego. He's really a new good buddy wrestler of mine now! Thanks for ALL you did for me in California!
Highly recommended if your cross LA / SAN DIEGO !



Marcwrestler recomendado por Virgowrestler

I've met Marc 2 times so far. Once at the NY Wrestlefest a few years back and again on Aug 29th at the ring in Santa Ana.

What an outstanding person and wrestler! Very fit, fun and easy to get along with in and out of the ring. Knows his wrestling and strong. Definitely up for another match anytime with Marc.

If you pass up the opportunity to wrestle this sexy man, you're just CRAZY!



Virgowrestler recomendado por DenverWrestler

I met this hot skilled tough stud years ago (before meetfighters existed, and before I was conscientious about recommending great opponents), so I've been remiss in not telling everyone on here what a super nice guy and fantastic wrestler this man is. His Marine Corps wrestling experience was some years ago, but I guess it's like riding a bicycle – you never forget how to do it, and he can toss me around at will and punish me effortlessly. But he destroys you in a such nice way, with a great smile and laugh, that you (almost!) don't really mind. He's a top quality guy, a superb wrestler, and a must for anyone visiting San Diego.



DenverWrestler recomendado por Virgowrestler

This is one great guy and a lot of fun to wrestle. Have wrestled him many times and always have a great time. Highly recommended for anybody who enjoys wrestling!



Virgowrestler recomendado por JJHartFL

great wrestler. quick, strong and skilled. wrestled him at the okie rumble. nice guy on and off the mats



JJHartFL recomendado por Virgowrestler

JJ is a great guy, fun to wrestle and knows his pro.
Always a pleasure wrestling JJ and definitely want to hit the ring with him again!



TallNYCBoy33 recomendado por Virgowrestler

What a BLAST! I had a great time wrestling this big guy today! Lots of fun, strong and aggressive Pro match! Really laid into each other and had a great time from body slams, to pile drivers!

Definitely worth wrestling with, and I'm definitely looking forward to another match!



Virgowrestler recomendado por piledriverva

Woof!!! Shawn was a gracious host and we had a fun and friendly match. "Doc Holliday" is wicked strong but a true gentlemen off the mat. Look forward to a rematch!



piledriverva recomendado por Virgowrestler

BJ is a blast! I had fun rolling with him today!
Definitely worth the wait and meet. Looking forward to the next time!



Virgowrestler recomendado por Jimmy Elijah

Met up with Virgowrestler at the Remley Hughes ring. I had no idea he was so tall which made for a good challenge.

Had a great pro match with lots of great back-and-forth. We had identical fighting styles which made for a great heel vs. heel match.

I wasn't expecting to be scoop slammed and put into the tree of woe. There was never a shortage of dirty tactics.

If you get a chance to rassle this master technician, do it! Looking forward to more wrestling matches!



Jimmy Elijah recomendado por Virgowrestler

Had a great match with Jimmy today at the ring in Santa Ana.
Good hot and sweaty fun in the ring.
Definitely looking forward to another match.



Virgowrestler recomendado por fig4man

always a blast wrestling him...had fun sweaty pro match yesterday..tough pro battle..cant wait for rematch



fig4man recomendado por Virgowrestler

Another great match yesterday at the ring and as always hot and fun to roll with.
Highly recommended, and looking forward to more matches!



Virgowrestler recomendado por Wrestlg

Loved Shawn, since We Finally Met at an Okie Rumble in like 2004. He Used to come up from San Diego & Wrestle me in Los Angeles on my Mats there.

I miss wrestling him, so I'm Looking forward to us Hitting those Mats (& each other again Soon)!



Wrestlg recomendado por Virgowrestler

Another great and fun match with this sexy man today at the ring in Santa Ana.
Hot and sweaty as always and always a lot of fun.

To beat up on... That is...



Virgowrestler recomendado por rassling guy

good guy fun to wrestled have rolled many times with him enjoyed it =very skilled



rassling guy recomendado por Virgowrestler

Great time wrestling this stud! Quick and knows what he is doing.
Don't pass up the opportunity to wrestle him if you get the chance.



Virgowrestler recomendado por romandiewrestler

Amazingly skilled wrestler, strong and hot. I was honored to get the chance to wrestle him. Thanks for your hospitality Shawn!



romandiewrestler recomendado por Virgowrestler

I had a blast wrestling this handsome gentlemen today! Lots of fun to wrestle and more then welcome on my mats anytime. Don't pass up the opportunity to wrestle Vince! You'll have a blast!



Virgowrestler recomendado por MacSlay

The last time I wrestle Shawn, it must've been 10 years ago. He was as fierce today as he was then. A really nice guy that did not use his weight as an advantage. A very skilled wrestler with super strong legs and a strong upper body to. I look forward to the rematch.



MacSlay recomendado por Virgowrestler

Wrestled Mike again today! Been a long time and as always a blast.
Pretty strong and doesn't give in easily! Always fun to make submit.
Mike is always welcome here on my mats any day!
If you get the opportunity to wrestle him, go for it.
You will not be disappointed!



Virgowrestler recomendado por slowsubs

I cant believe Ive never posted a recommendation for this animal! Its been a few years since we met but Ill never forget it. No one as ever completely dominated me like Virgo did. Strong and skilled, it was a total blast to try and get even one sub from him, whick just didnt happen. He completely had control of the match and made it so much fun. Right down to the threats and growling voice in my ear when I had no choice but to listen.



slowsubs recomendado por Virgowrestler

One great guy and loves to put up a fight. Looking forward to beating him down again on the mats. Hopefully soon! ;o)



Virgowrestler recomendado por nightstranger

It was truly an honor to be able to meet up with Virgo. He was so skilled, patient and cooperative working with me. I had a blast being pretzled by this sexy, steel muscled stud. Hoping very much for a rematch someday.

If you get an opportunity to wrestle him do NOT miss it.



nightstranger recomendado por Virgowrestler

I met the man a few years back and we had a great time wrestling.
Always up and ready for a rematch anytime.
Don't miss the opportunity to take this sexy man on guys.
A lot of fun!



Virgowrestler recomendado por MONSTA

Proud to have Doc as one of my closest friends from the wrestling world. He is a great guy to know and to meet and wrestle too. Safe and sane wrestler and if your lucky to met him you will have fun. Safe and sane wrestler who will adapt to the skill set of the guy he is wrestling.



Virgowrestler recomendado por Yngrasslr00

One of the best out there, had a great time rolling with this guy in a fun group match, knows every move, reverse, counter, and finisher in the book, with the strength n control to execute each one.. You want a challenge? Try this guy out, just don't bite off more than u can chew, he is handful and then some. Def hope to rematch again some day and highly recommended!



Virgowrestler recomendado por Roughmatch

Wrestled this hunk as part of a three-way fight in Hollywood, CA, a number of years ago. Was beaten pretty soundly in the fight. Following the fight, he tied me to the ring ropes and had his way with me using a rubber flogger on my bare back. A proper way to use a loser as a pain slave. Highly recommend this fighter for a good strong bout.



Roughmatch recomendado por Virgowrestler

What can I say about this guy! Great guy and fum to beat on in a ring or on mats! Always comes back for more. Looking forward to another round with him!



Virgowrestler recomendado por Mighty Mongo

Shawn is a trip from the first day I saw him at Okie. It wasn't until Clash I got to wrestle him. That was a lot of fun. This smiling demon will always give you a run for your money. Getting to know him was even better (and a lot easier than wrestling him. What a great guy all around!



Mighty Mongo recomendado por Virgowrestler

Mongo is a BLAST! Always fun and a great guy! Want to hit the mats again with this big guy! Highly recommended!!!!



kenwrestle recomendado por Virgowrestler

I wrestled Ken a while back and had a great time. Would wrestle with him again anytime!



Virgowrestler recomendado por Ricksf

Doc, He's a fun and hot wrestler, very strong but a great guy on the mats



Ricksf recomendado por Virgowrestler

I've wrestled Rick a lot of times from when I used to hold the Palm Springs Wrestlemuch events and at other events and privately. Rick is a great guy, fun to wrestle, strong and knows what he is doing! Can't recommend him enough! If you get a chance to wrestle Rick, go for it! You will definitely have a blast!



Virgowrestler recomendado por rassler 315

Shawn is incredible...fed him coffee, chilichees dogs for breakfast...after a smoke...he then proceeded to 'school' me in grappling, submission and general mat skills...he is a phenom on the mats. Try as I might, I never put him in jeopardy once...he's the KING of the mats; and I his humble servant. --- GRIZZ



rassler 315 recomendado por Virgowrestler

One great guy, fun and strong! Had a blast wrestling Grizz! Highly recommended for anyone who wants a good fun match!



Virgowrestler recomendado por DarkGnH

Highly recommend locking up with this guy! Great strength, skill, and speed. A great guy all around, hope to lock up with him again.



DarkGnH recomendado por Virgowrestler

Warren is one great guy and fun to wrestle! Strong as an ox so if you want to wrestle him, you better know your stuff! Great guy and highly recommended!



Virgowrestler recomendado por WarriorMuscle

Skilled and enthusiastic wrestler! Someone to really test your skills on the mats!



WarriorMuscle recomendado por Virgowrestler

Great guy, strong and powerful! Had a great time on the mats and definitely looking forward to another match!



Virgowrestler recomendado por Kruhn

One of the best matches I've ever had. Virgo is strong, skilled, and very sexy on the mats. Fast, furious, and relentless as a grappler who can pull a move out of the blue when you think you already had him. I can attest to that from our match.

Off the mats, one of the friendliest, nicest, guys with a peculiar and refreshing sense of humor. You and I have a rematch pending, bud! I know we're going to have more fun!



Kruhn recomendado por Virgowrestler

This stud is a great guy on and off the mats. I had a great with this guy on the mats! Very strong and very friendly guy! Well worth another match! Anytime!



muscldfighter recomendado por Virgowrestler

Great guy and highly recommended! Knows his stuff on the mats and very strong. Don't pass up the opportunity to take the man on!



Virgowrestler recomendado por slick

I guess that those UK guys are pussies! I've taken Virgo on several times and am ready to go again any time he is.



slick recomendado por Virgowrestler

Slick is a great guy, loud mouth jobber who loves to get beat down. He does "try" and put up a good fight, but against me, he is kid trying to play in a mans game!



Virgowrestler recomendado por MuscChamp

As everyone has noted, Shawn is one of the nicest guys, yet most skilled wrestlers on the circuit right now–very likely my all-time favorite opponent! We have wrestled four times, were tag-team partners at Okie Rumble 2004, and fought many tough matches. Although age has slowed me down "a bit", I look forward to yet another match with Shawn and a reprise of my triumph over him in 2001 !!!



MuscChamp recomendado por Virgowrestler

Mariano is a great guy, skilled and strong. Looking forward to beating him again.



Virgowrestler recomendado por WrslMscl

One of the best, no doubt. On both hemispheres, on all continents. Once he gets his long, strong limbs around you, you're in trouble, man. I have a hard time believing anyone can beat him. Looking forward to another chance of doing that myself.



WrslMscl recomendado por Virgowrestler

Great guy, great grappler, very strong and knows his stuff. Highly recommended. Looking forward to another bout with you sometime soon!



Virgowrestler recomendado por Barriobruiser

A skilled wrestler who can adjust to any opponents level, fun to wrestle and very nice guy!



Barriobruiser recomendado por Virgowrestler

Highly recommended and a lot of fun to wrestle with! He and his partner are great guys and a lot of fun to wrestle on mats or in a ring.



Virgowrestler recomendado por redlandguy

Shawn is a great guy and a tough match. He is strong, very skilled, and he doesn't tire out. I've had one match with Shawn, but hopefully it was the first of many. Highly recommended.



redlandguy recomendado por Virgowrestler

What can I say about this man. He is one down to earth guy who knows his game. Very strong and tough competitor. Hope to catch you on the mats again sometime soon! Highly recommended!



Virgowrestler recomendado por Hunnog

Great guy, very strong, determined and skilled competitive wrestler. If you rely on strength alone against him without having good grappling technique, you'll be scuppered, I promise you. I had two excellent matches with this guy. He's one of the strongest around here. In addition he is a nice guy off the mats and a real pleasure to spend time with. Looking forward to the rematch.



Hunnog recomendado por Virgowrestler

What can I say about this person. He is one OUTSTANDING grappler and really kicked my butt all over the mats. Great guy and well worth wrestling.



Virgowrestler recomendado por gazst

Shawn is a great wrestler, fit, strong and very sexy. I had a lot of fun wrestling him, great guy all round.



Virgowrestler recomendado por romanhero

I can only reiterate what just about everyone above has said - Shawn is a really great guy, very friendly, extremely skilled as a wrestler (he completely outclassed me, as I had expected he would !)and everything which it says on the box.

He is also very understanding about the differing levels of wrestling ability which we all have,and went out of his way to make sure that we had a great time, which I certainly did ! Many many thanks Shawn.

Thoroughly recommended and genuine.



Virgowrestler recomendado por MCRLON30UK

One of, if not the, most experienced wrestlers/fighters I've met. Great guy, but approach with caution on the mat, he'll beat you up! Heh.



MCRLON30UK recomendado por Virgowrestler

Great guy who definitely likes it rough. He will just get better with time! If you get the chance to roll with him, go for it.



RuffFightChallenge recomendado por Virgowrestler

This is one tough and great man to wrestle and/or fight with. Always a pleasure when we connect and go at it. If anyone gets the chance to take this man on, go for it.


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