Sobre o é uma rede social e sipe pessoal para pessoas quem compartilham interesse em alguma coisa relacionada à wrestling, luta ou pessoas que façam isso Our intention is to let people meet and get to know each other.

Who are we? has no corporate owner or commercial interest behind it. We are a site run by enthusiast and supported by donations from our members. The volunteers who run the site simply love to meet fellow wrestlers and fighters and want to create a forum for likeminded people.


What do we offer?

We give you a place to meet others who share our interest. We offer all core features for free. All we ask in return is you be cool, respect others and obey our very simple and straightforward Terms of Service.


How to contact us?

We await your inquiries on the Help and Support page.

Ajuda e Suporte

For legal correspondence, please ask for our P.O. Box address on the support page.