RhodyRaybo recomendado por jiminmaine (23/7/2017)

Lot's of fun wrestling Raybo. He's a strong wrestler and has great stamina; he can go for hours. I look forward to more matches with him.


Fighter UK recomendado por crimsonstorm (23/7/2017)

A cool guy when hes not fighting but once we started he was tough and look forward to going at it again but next time a lot rougher. If its a tough fight your after this is your guy

23rd July
He won the fight fairly but it was his better skill in grappling that got him the victory even though he will argue he is better stand up than grappler that msybe but will admit he is a way better grappler than me. At the very least I have come away from this fight knowing I need to work on my grappling game and not just rely on strikes as facing someone who can do both doesn't end well as I found out


ringer28 recomendado por g6fighter (23/7/2017)

Das war eine sehr spontane Überraschung, nur ein paar Chatzeilen und 45 Minuten später standen wir uns auf der Matte mehr als kampfbereit gegenüber. Du bist ja echt ein starker Kampfbär, leidenschaftlich, voller Power und zäher Ausdauer. Nach 10 Minuten pausenlos kraftvollen Kräftemessen waren wir schon schweißgetränkt, aber damit war der Kampf noch lange nicht beendet. Deine Art zu kämpfen, Deine kampflustigen Blicke haben mich immer wieder herausgefordert und ich hatte megageilen Spaß bei diesen ausgeglichenen Kampf.

Du bist sehr zuverlässig und auch außerhalb der Matte ein sympathisch unkomplizierter Kerl - und jung, immerhin trennen uns 35 Jahre :-). Hoffe aber, dass wir noch öfters auf der Matte landen werden.


The Kestrel recomendado por Beefy 1976 (23/7/2017)

I've met Kes a couple of times now.

He is very skilled and strong and is very safe with it.

His skills far outweighed mine but he has been kind enough to teach me some techniques.

A genuinely nice guy, makes me feel at ease and easy to talk to and have a laugh with.

If you get the chance, definitely meet him for a wrestle. You won't regret it (well, maybe the day after when you're aching you will!).

Looking forward to meeting him again.


Wresjohn recomendado por ready2fight (23/7/2017)

I cannot say enough good things about John... goodlooking, strong, highly intelligent (great conversation) and a beyond gracious host with a great setting to wrestle. We had a very sweaty grappling battle that I would like to repeat in the near future. Definitely recommend if you are passing through his direction.


crimsonstorm recomendado por Fighter UK (23/7/2017)

A really nice guy who is a lot tougher than he looks. We had a great fight, next time though, we will step it up to get rougher and hopefully find a winner

23rd July 2017
Our second fight took place

Both with mutual aggression

He is very aggressive and resilient, will take a lot of punishment but this time he took a proper beating


Subfighter recomendado por Funfighter1985 (23/7/2017)

Know Subfighter now for several years and have met him many times.
He kinda got me into fighting years ago. Love to go against him and I would say during the years we kinda developed a fight friendship.
Always great to go against him. We usually fight for several hours. Highest recommendation!


SePH14 recomendado por Funfighter1985 (23/7/2017)

Already met him several times and always fun to fight with him. Love to dominate this guy! Can only recommend!


nobsebln recomendado por Funfighter1985 (23/7/2017)

Wrestled this muscle guy during my visit to Berlin in April. Turned him into my jobber for a hot fight. He has a high endurance and looks great while struggling to get out of holds 😉


Bav recomendado por Funfighter1985 (23/7/2017)

Great guy and hot jobber. Already met him several times and can't get enough of this guy.

UPDATE: He recently startet to work out and you can already see lots of improvements to his body. He is getting hotter and hotter..... love to meet up with that dude!


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