Leggy recomendado por Bearmaker (18/11/2019)

Had the chance to meet up with this young, hot scrappy grappler while I was in Prague. While I outweigh him by a fair amount, he was tough to handle. He is very strong and agile. He is very tough to submit and was much tougher than i expected.

We had several good rounds of grappling and had a great conversation afterwards. Leggy even showed me around Prague until late in the night.

Would love to wrestle him again. Preferably on mats instead of carpet as it will take a few days for my rug burns to heal. LOL

Anyway, I highly recommend him to anyway passing through Prague or the Czech Republic.


MysticWolf recomendado por BrutalFighter77 (18/11/2019)

MysticWolf is an awesome alpha boxer! Even with a novice boxer like myself he knows just how to gauge himself, give you what you need and push your limits more than what you think you can take. He is very observant and controlled and knows just how to give the right beating!


lutteurcatcheur recomendado por wrestler122001 (18/11/2019)

tres bonne technique et très combatif , lutteur catcheur est un excellent lutteur a l écoute de son partenaire
A renouveler avec plaisir ,recommandation ++++

Nouvelle rencontre
lutteur toujours très combatif et technique
très bon moment de lutte avec Lutteur catcheur


Grandgeorges recomendado por Middligue (18/11/2019)

Après autant d'échanges on à enfin fini par se rencontrer. J'AI passé un excellent moment de lutte avec Grandgeorges. Un peu plus d'une heure à suer en enchaînant manche après manche sans jamais qu'aucun des deux ne laissent l'affaire.
Un pur esprit dominant qui en redemande toujours plus.
A bientôt pour ta revanche !
Et bien sur je le recommande à tous !


boston kid recomendado por calebluegrappler (18/11/2019)

I had the absolute pleasure of finally meeting BK at the Barnet matroom and spent a great couple of hours with this, strong, fit, friendly wrestler. True to his name, the Boston Crab is his favourite hold and it was a delight to learn from a master how to apply one properly! He also taught me some other very mean, long- held holds and I then had fun putting him into them, whilst throwing in a few extra challenges for BK, just for good ( or rather bad!) measure. The Indian death lock proved a little too complicated for my tiny brain, but thanks to BK, I am now pretty good at back hammers, figure of four leg scissors and of course, full Boston’s! A lovely guy off the mats, too - we had a great chat over a post-grapple cuppa. I can’t wait to wrestle him again and if you get the chance to meet this charming man, grab it (and him) with both hands!


Justiciero recomendado por Latamhunk (18/11/2019)

1st match
Si quieres un oponente con el que puedas realizar una lucha estilo pro de veras, y no namás jugar a que eres luchador, Justiciero es el adecuado. Aprende rápido, no le saca, es fuerte y además re buen compa. Recomendado +

2nd match
Well boy, he learns quick. And now he’s such a cheating heel! But can work a hold also, anyways... still recommending him.


HeelAJobber recomendado por LAtrainee (18/11/2019)

Had a few sessions of wrestling with him. At first I was intimidated. Being a small guy all my life, I always have self-confident issue.. so when HeelAJobber came over, I really didn't know what to expect. At first he overhead pressed me like I was a barbell. I was worried he might drop me and hit his face etc.. but he is a very strong man. After a few sessions, I felt more and more comfortable and trusted that he won't hurt me. And once i realized that this is just a "game", a "pretend", I decided to play along. He is obviously bigger than me and it was not about competitive wrestling. It was all about Jobber/Heeler. I submitted to him, playing the weak and him the mighty strong man.. which he is and a great body to add. He lifted me, turned me upside down, slammed me onto the bed. It was rougher than I'd like it. He respected my limits when I said I felt a little quizzy and we stopped. That's when I know I can trust this dude.. and that he is respectful


Rookiejobber recomendado por Grandgeorges (18/11/2019)

I've met omar in Paris and i though first he's an easy jobber but i discovered that he's not and i admit by chance he made me tapped once but he tapped many times. He's always smiling even if he's in pain and he's resistant to my holds. Outside the mat he's a nice cool guy. I highly recommend him. Hope to c u soon boy


Middligue recomendado por Grandgeorges (18/11/2019)

Finalement j'ai rencontré le monstre après un an d'échange. C'est un vrai monstre j'admets ça.. On a bien luttè agressivement mec contre mec et j'attendais pas à qu'il soit aussi fort ces bras de fer m'ont surpris ils les utilisent tous le temps pour faire des prises et malgrés mes ciseaux mortelz c'est quelqu'un de résistant. C'est un bon adversaire. Hors tapis il est gentil social et safe. Je le recommande fortement et à la prochaine.


COACH recomendado por Bigvalleyman (18/11/2019)

Coach came to the Capital last week on an official visit. He was able to give a few master classes in controlled punishment, one of which I was fortunate to attend.
Once again he squeezed, twisted, choked and stretched me like no one else I know.
A great afternoon spent with a wonderful guy.