fighter cr recomendado por maeCR1 (27/2/2017)

Friends for a long time... I started to explore wrestling with him many years ago. Great guy and wrestler.


JONSTEAD recomendado por brawl mart (27/2/2017)

Jonstead is definitely more skilled than a newbie, AND he's a load of fun both on and off the mats. Enjoy a match with him ASAP.


lovethesqueeze recomendado por ca510140 (27/2/2017)

It's been a few years back thatwe met. Totally missed writing a recommendation for this guy. He's GREAT, very easy to set up thematch with, showed up on time, and was exactly as his profile stated. We had a really good time trying out each other's scissors and wrestling around a bit on the small hotel bed. Would me him again no hesitation . If you are near by make sure you hit him up for a fun safe match.


Akrob recomendado por matslam (27/2/2017)

I had a fantastic time with this man during the NY wrestlefest.
I was amazed by both his physical strength and his imaginable arsenal of holds.
He kept me struggling for escape but once he grips you in his thighs you better tap
I need another round,hope you'll let me win this time LOL
Akrob gets my total recommendation!


Roodle0p recomendado por matslam (27/2/2017)

I feel so lucky I met this guy in a rather impromptu way.As I told him I believe he's the new,upcoming star of the site.Deceptively strong,has a passion for wrestling,give him some time and practice and he'll outshine all his opponents.Off the mats an absolute charmer.If you cross paths with him and fail to meet him, you'll regret it. A+ from me!


KidLeopard recomendado por Kayden Keller (27/2/2017)

Should go without saying you can learn a lot from this guy on and off the mats, know I wouldn't be where I am without his help. Plan to show him everything I've learned next time we lock up.


JMM recomendado por matslam (27/2/2017)

What a heel!
I absolutely loved our match,his imposing presence filled the room as soon as I entered.
This man is big,strong,imaginative,he's every jobber's dream come true!
Very accommodative off the mats,talkative and kind.Thank you for the great experience..


BearRoma recomendado por gures (27/2/2017)

The massive beefy BearRoma is a force to reckon with. His big beefy powerful Roman frame is designed for one thing, torturing his victims in slow, vicious, and painful wrestling holds. He dominates his opponents big and small like little insignificant toys wrapping your body into a pretzel. If you want to experience a camel clutch or a boston crab - look no further. This big beefy technician will keep you screaming in his holds for what seems like hours on end. If you like to be dominated by a big burly beefy powerful lottatore you've come to the right place. I enjoyed my brief but very intense struggle against BearRoma. We got to struggle in each others grips and moves and get all sweaty. Next time we will hopefully be able to spend more time trying to make each other submit and I would like to feel the full force of his Roman power dominating me.

A very kind and gentle man off the mats, make sure you make the time to experience BearRoma's power when you go to Rome. I look forward to meeting and wrestling BearRoma again in the future.

Abbraccia il mio amico.


Ilovesinglets recomendado por PhoenixBigBear (27/2/2017)

I was fortunate to encounter Ilovesinglets on a recent visit to California. He is a warm, friendly gentleman who facilitated a wrestling match for me and a friend, opening his home to us and serving as our match photographer, which we asked him to do and which he cheerfully accommodated us.
Sidelined from wrestling Ilovesinglets is a very reliable, decent, warm guy who loves to watch and support guys as they wrestle. He's responsible, and down to earth. Invite him to watch a match, and get to know him. You won't be disappointed.


SactoWrestler recomendado por PhoenixBigBear (27/2/2017)

Gymbo is a definitely one of the best wrestlers I've ever had the honor to wrestle. He's a strong, powerful, tenacious, and skillful wrestler who knows and loves the art and practice of wrestling. He's a wrestler's wrestler to the very core.
On or off the mats, Gymbo is a genuine, real man and all around great guy. He's fun to hang out with and presents the world with a friendly face always.
I had a terrific time wrestling Gymbo on a visit to Sacramento. He taught me a lot about wrestling, especially his powerful bearhugs and headlocks. I hope that Gymbo and I will meet on the mats again in the future.
Take Gymbo on if you want a tough match–but never underestimate his skill as a wrestler!


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