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PLEASE READ MY PROFILE! I am a working pro wrestler/ trainer/ promoter also like submission and other wrestling styles. I like fit wrestlers, slim to muscular builds. I love working over a hot in shape jobber. I don't mind training guys in Pro Wrestling and showing them the ropes. I also like submission wrestling as well. I own a Pro Wrestling School and Promotion and have lots of Pro Gear as well as access to a ring/arena and mats.
Here are a few videos of me in action.



  1. USA - Utah, West Jordan
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Altura / Peso

Idade: 61 anos Homem

Altura / Peso: 170 cm, 68 kg

Idiomas conhecidos: English

Vestuário: Trunks, Boots, Shoes

Olímpica / Greco-Romana Olímpica / Greco-Romana
Submission Submission
Vale-Tudo Vale-Tudo
Luta-Livre Profissional Luta-Livre Profissional

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Likestowrestle recomendado por slick

Awesome wrestler this guy really loves and is very proficient in freestyle wrestling. We were doing submission wrestling, I got one sub on him right out of the gate when he when he shot in and I got him in a front guilitine choke. I gave him a few pointers on the differences between submission and freestyle and in hindsight I should have kept my mouth shut because that was my first and last submission on him. After the sub wrestling in the mat room at my house we went to my pro wrestling gym and I taught him a little pro wrestling he is a quick study and picked things up fast. Later in the evening we hit the mat room again because I guess he felt that the mat needed to be mopped up with my body some more. He is a good guy off the mat and all business on the mat. His quiet demeanor gives way to a very aggressive fun wrestler if you get the chance to wrestle this young man take it.



waveline não recomendado por slick

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slick recomendado por supermansbane

Friendly, very knowledgeable about pro wrestling and the industry.



supermansbane recomendado por slick

Have had a few pro matches with this hot stud he is a lot of fun in the ring.



slick recomendado por Kayden

Can't overstate what a great experience it was to meet Slick all those years ago. One of the earliest matches in my wrestling career, a thoroughly brutal (but safe) lesson in how to put a rookie through his paces. I still use some of the tricks I picked up from him, and our match still stands out as one of my most memorable. Just be warned, Slick, one day I'm coming back for you, and you won't be facing a rookie next time.

Update: After the long awaited rematch I can concur with Slick that I showed how much I've grown since our first meeting and gave more than I got. Still, that's not taking anything away from one of the very first opponents and teachers in what I hope to be my long wrestling career. You're right Slick, I don't think I'd be the wrestler I am now without meeting you.



Kayden recomendado por slick

I've wrestled Kayden several times over the years each time he brings more to the table. I would like to think I had a small part in his progression to a wrestling video star as his first ring match was in my ring and I would have to say I made him my jobber.

With each proceeding meet up his skill level and his muscle and size increased and our last meeting I'd have to say I was the one who took most of the punishment. There is a video of one of our matches from that meet on my page.

If you get the chance to wrestle Kaden you will have a great time.



headlock20 recomendado por slick

If you get a chance to wrestle this stud be prepared for a rough and tough match! Great guy lots of fun.

9/7/17 Update, This stunning muscle stud stepped in to my ring once again for a rough pro wrestling match. He always looks the perfect muscle jobber, this time in his silver trunks and white boots. Having faced him before I knew that I was not about to beat him or have much of a chance if I stuck to the rules or gave him a fair fight (so I didn't). I tossed the rule book out the window and made him suffer in and out of the ring using anything in my 200 seat arena that I could get my hands on to inflict pain on this stud. I have to say I have never had an opponent take that much pain and punishment. In the end when he was restrained, handcuffed to the rope being beaten ruthlessly with a Kendo Stick with no chance of escape he did finally submit. To my dismay he told me the next day that he would have loved to continued for round two. Next time it will have to be even more intense and longer. I'm sure that after the dirty tricks I pulled this time he will want some payback which he is surely capable of delivering.

6/12/17 Update, stepped in to the ring again tonight with this hunk for our 3rd match up over the years. He looked like a million bucks decked out in full pro gear with his muscles bulging. He can take a lot of punishment in the ring (and dish it out as well), had a great time in some hot hard hitting pro action. He gets the highest recommendation I can give.



slick recomendado por wrestlesweat

Not many people to wrestle in Utah but if you like pro and find yourself there, Slick is a must meet. He's got a great setup, all the gear and of course all the moves. Jobbers or heels, look him up



wrestlesweat recomendado por slick

Have had several matches with wrestlesweat over the years. It has always been a great time and a lot of fun. He is a tough competitor in submission wrestling and a hell of a lot of fun in an oil match.



slick recomendado por prostylejobber

Slick was my first real meetup that I had. He is so knowledgeable about the sport of wrestling and he has a vast amount of experience which really showed as he worked me over. Had a ring match with him and it was tons of fun. He is very controlled and safe; he knows how to take you to your predetermined limits and then keep you there. Can't wait to get to SLC again for another match!



prostylejobber recomendado por slick

Fun guy to wrestle. Hope to meet again some time.



slick recomendado por Mark uk

Had the opportunity to meet slick at his place in Salt Lake City. Put me through paces as a pro trainee in the ring. Had to say it was a total blast and an experience I will remember for a long time. A cool guy to hang with and an awesome teacher. 10/10



Groundcombat recomendado por slick

Great guy lots of fun to wrestle pro or submission.



noshirt4me recomendado por slick

Awesome muscled jobber, takes a lickin and keeps on kickin.



slick recomendado por Virgowrestler

Slick is a great guy, loud mouth jobber who loves to get beat down. He does "try" and put up a good fight, but against me, he is kid trying to play in a mans game!



Virgowrestler recomendado por slick

I guess that those UK guys are pussies! I've taken Virgo on several times and am ready to go again any time he is.


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slick 01/7/2018

Timmy1 steps into enemy territory

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slick 20/12/2016

Kayden Keller and Slick meet again for a long awaited rematch.

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slick 31/8/2016

Young Timmy thought he would be able to take down the old Pro.

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