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Age 59
Height 5'10" (178 cm)
Weight 200 lbs (91 kg)
Gender Male
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  1. USA - Florida, Fort Lauderdale

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Match structure: Give and take, Play wrestling

Specific wrestling styles: Brazilian ju-jitsu

Stand-up fighting: Not interested in stand-up fighting

Miscellaneous interests: I have access to mats

Fetishes: Don't want sex

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Just moved to Oakland Park FL---Just an fun, easy going guy. Enjoy sane fun power submission wrestling. Have a blast with body scissors and bearhugs. I have mats and a place to wrestle. No ego here other than a fun one on the mats. Please do not send me a challenge, send me a message about you or something with a bit of info about you.---Thanks


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ribcrusher is recommended by rjvlatino

I Had hot enjoyable chat with him here and in short time ended up at his home with mats in garage. Had a hot great time with this wrestler, his unique sense of humor. Yeah he Would slow squeeze a sub around my core muscles out of me repeatedly and i would still keep coming back for more despite feeling the torturing pain.Has good mat skills for good rough house sub matches. sane and hospitable wrestler, for sure roll with him if he is in your area especially if u want submission lessons.



rjvlatino is recommended by ribcrusher

Had a great time with this wrestler.Wish it would have been cooler so I could get a better grip around his core. Would slow squeeze a sub out of him and he would keep coming back for more. Just say he changes color nice the longer you keep him in a hold. Has good mat skills for both a good rough house sub matches but for sure can tell he enjoys pro wrestling more. Very sane and safe wrestler for sure roll with him if he is in your area!



ribcrusher is recommended by Londonwinner

An incredibly friendly, easy going and cool guy to chat to and never has there been a truer name! I foolishly said I wanted to experience his bear hug and was squeezed by that unbelievable power. He is safe, sane and a top guy.



Londonwinner is recommended by ribcrusher

Just say he is an awesome guy to talk with–very smart and easy going. Did give him a good squeeze that I think surprised him a bit. But for sure safe and sane wrestler---Thumbs up I say!



ribcrusher is recommended by BDsubmit

Met Ribcrusher about 3 weeks ago at his place. He has a fantastic setup in his garage. This is where he lures unsuspecting opponents and crushes them with his massive legs Once he clasps you in his scissor hold, whether it be your head or body you have no alternative but to tap if you don't want your head to explode for you pass out.
But seriously, Ribcrusher is a great guy and host. I had an enjoyable match and looking for a rematch. Maybe I'll get him to tap once or twice next time.



BDsubmit is recommended by ribcrusher

Just say to not pass up a match with this guy!! Super nice guy on and off the mats. He is strong and a good wrestler. We had a blast wrestling and talking for a few hours. He knows his holds and is willing to put them to good use on the mats. He can also take holds well with a smile. He had no problem picking on a weak helpless guy like me. Very safe and sane wrestler, for sure would wrestle him again!



ribcrusher is recommended by Delrayguy

Ribcrusher is a lot of fun to wrestle. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to clamping on a variety of holds. I got a few good holds on him now and then but he is so strong and technically good that is was really tough to submit him! I got a few taps from him, but had to tap out many times to him! He is also very personable to talk to and was nice enough to teach me a number of holds that are quite effective to tap someone out. If you have a chance to wrestle with him then do it!



Delrayguy is recommended by ribcrusher

Just say he is a blast to wrestle, may not be the biggest guy out there but he puts of one heck of a match. For sure not scared to take on bigger guy. And not that he will admit, after wrestling him for sure he has had some past teaching! Have nothing but good things to say about him. I will say and not 100% sure about this, but if you squeeze him just right he makes some fun sounds---all with a grin!



ribcrusher is recommended by DenverWrestler

During my current trip to Orlando, I was able to set up a match with this tough beast, who doesn't live that far from the Orlando area and has top-quality mats. Others have spoken of the power of his legs, and what they say is 100% true –if he gets you in a head or body scissors, you will submit. But he can even scissor a leg or arm and put incredible pressure on you. I can't think of another of my hundreds of past opponents that has this much leg power. But this is not to say that is upper body is equally powerful. Usually it took two of my arms, to move one of his. Clearly one of the stronger guys on this site! Off the mats, a friendly interesting articulate guy – I'm very glad I contacted him for a match, and I recommend him highly to anyone who wants a safe sane tough match.



ribcrusher is recommended by sdj58

Ribcrusher is a POWERHOUSE! I have very rarely felt as completely ineffective as when I’ve been on the mat with this man. The guy can manifest a submission with just his finger. He’s strong, fun, and an absolute delight to talk with. I hope that I get to meet him again.



ribcrusher is recommended by Green

Wondering how many different ways you can be squeezed? This is the wrestler for you. Lightening fast scissors. leg locks and bear hugs all done with alacrity and a big grin. To call ribcrusher strong is a bit of an understatement, this guy is made of rock and steel and cannot be moved on the mats. He is really knowledgeable about body mechanics and uses it to full advantage so be ready to observe and learn, you will come away a better wrestler ( with sore ribs lol) Ribcrusher is a great wrestler and a great guy.



Green is recommended by ribcrusher

Just got done having such a great time with Green!---Such the super nice guy on and off the mats for sure. He keeps you looking at his awesome legs and you forget what your doing and he has you locked up before you know it! He can go for a long time on the mats and both dish out and take a lot of squeezing. Your head maybe ringing after he locks them python legs around it---but you will have a grin on your face! For sure if you can do not pass up wrestling this guy---very safe–sane and fun!



ribcrusher is recommended by SammyUSA

Glad to finally meet ribcrusher at his place with a very nice set up. This guy is a beast and his scissors are truly deadly. He claimed he didn’t have formal training yet he got skills and a lot of strength. He can be as rough as you want him to be; however, he’s pretty nice and friendly off the mat. Highly recommended!



Ricksf is recommended by ribcrusher

Just have to say if you have not taken on this power house of a man you should!!----He is just so nice on the mats and off. He plays the weak and helpless idea till he has you on the mats!---Then slow and sure he takes you apart body part by body part all with a grin!---So he does it in such a nice way you do not mind! Just super safe and sane! Would put him up with a 118lb guy to a 375lb guy and he would be awesome with both! I will say he makes some funny sounds if you squeeze him just a little bit! Just cannot say so much good about a joy to wrestle!----As I tell others "Just do it!" You will have a blast!



ribcrusher is recommended by Chris in seattle

Ribcrusher lives up to the name. We have talked for years and finally got to meet. He is a big trash talker but is never mean spirited. He wants you to suffer in his legs and suffer you will. I was hoping he'd make me beg for release, but.... I kind of enjoy the squeezing too much, better luck next time. Seriously though, he is a wrestler you shouldn't pass up, and he'll make most people beg with a big smile on his face too.



ribcrusher is recommended by athletic bud

Ribcrusher is a beast on the mat! Man, I didn't underestimate him, but he still brought some crushing bear hugs and scissors...and a lot of trash talk! I thought that was my move! What more could you want in a good match? I definitely picked up some moves, and had a great time. I may have gotten a lick ot two in, but I'll be sore after this one. Great guy, great host, and a great match. Looking forward to a rematch!



ribcrusher is recommended by Swenrique

Ribcrusher was SO much fun!!!
Talk about power & stamina...whoa!!!! Been taunting one another back and forth for years! It was truly great to finally connect! Great guy, intelligent, easy & fun to talk to and now I'm glad to say...a good friend!
Hope to roll with Ribcrusher again real soon!!!



Swenrique is recommended by ribcrusher

I am so bad in talking about this wall of muscle!!----Swenrique is such a great combo of brains and brawn. First time I saw him standing in the door way I gulped in thinking what have I gotten my self into, he is going to snap me in two like a twig!! The very cool thing about him is he hears your and is so eager to please. Was an awesome match he loved I could pick him up and do squats with him, I got to feel 28" solid muscled pythons around my core! Was so much fun. Will say I do feel sorry for some of the next guys he wrestles given as long and muscled python legs he has worked on showed him a fig 4 body scissors, All I can say be happy he is such a nice and cool guy less just a small flex from them could easy stop you from any breathing all with a great grin of him hot face! I will just say he is so careful I would trust him wrestling a 118lb guy and have a blast---Do not pass this mountain of muscle and brains up!



ribcrusher is recommended by travilicious

Gentlemen - I give you the GODFATHER of MEETFIGHTERS. Mark is what this site is all about. INCREDIBLY strong and skilled, and loves everything about wrestling. It seems like he has wrestled everyone - he has quite the network of past and potential opponents.

We did three sessions over the course of two days in his mat room at his place. I had no chance at any point. Not only was I out skilled, I was just plain out muscled. His scissors is everything you think it will be and more - it was among the strongest I have ever felt. He also broke my streak of not submitting in bearhugs - I yelped and begged in his crushing grip multiple times.

On top of all of this, Mark is probably the kindest and most genuine guy on these sites. Great conversationalist, very smart, and as giving as you can imagine. It should be mandatory to wrestle him before you are a full-fledged member of this site. Yup, he's that good.



travilicious is recommended by ribcrusher

Recommend this guy He** yea! Cannot find a nicer guy! Do not let his charm fool you, he will push you on the mats. My self I think just one of many things that stand out with him is his communication, anytime you first meet a guy it takes a bit to find out what both enjoy and many times people are shy and will not tell you. But with Travilicious was so open and talking about what he is looking for in a match, man it just made the joy of given him a nice long squeeze such a joy. Just do not let all the sounds he makes as he is getting crushed fool you, he can take it and more!. Have found so very few that can take a good squeeze and love it and also return it. If you miss a chance to get on the mats with this awesome guy, you are the fool. Very safe –sane–and a ton of fun!. Just say guy has some wicked muscled arms and chest that are great to hold on to as he makes you suffer! Anytime he wants another match my doors are open for sure!



ribcrusher is recommended by SeattleWrestler3

Ribcrusher is an awesome opponent. Despite our size difference, he made it fun for both of us. Highly recommended on the mats and off.



ribcrusher is recommended by mattz4fun

I've had the pleasure of taking this guy on more than once. He's got the trash talk down and can back it up on the mat! He's worked hard on his body and it shows. He's stronger than most I have taken on, and can keep going a long time.
The best part is he knows exactly how to apply his crushing power. Fortunately I got the skills to survive, though he makes me sweat everytime. I do my best to avoid having those muscled quads from wrapping around me. Hope my luck continues.
Tough on the mats, super nice guy off of them. Just be ready for a good workout!



ribcrusher is recommended by bayareawrestler

Great guy, has mats and is a very accomodating host.

Very skilled and in excellent shape.



bayareawrestler is recommended by ribcrusher

Great guy to wrestle---very well built and strong. Has that build we all would like to have. Fast–sane–safe on the mats. No ego other than a fun one.