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Age 52
Height 5'10" (178 cm)
Weight 154 lbs (70 kg)
Gender Male
Gear shorts, naked
Languages spoken English
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  1. United Kingdom, London
    Tower Hamlets

I am willing to travel 50 kilometers

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Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Not interested in cyber, Looking for coach

Specific wrestling styles: Going to matches

Miscellaneous interests: Massage, Friendship

Fetishes: Jackoff, Naked wrestling, Nipple play, Cock fighting, Face sitting, Rip and strip, Muscle worship

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Novice fighter, but trained semi professional athlete who sets his first steps in the fighters community. Impressed by welcoming spirit of this community!

Looking for a pro fighter/veteran who is keen to learn me the ropes. Ideally, a muscular/well build older coach type of person.

Drop me a message if interested!

Due to the pandemic sadly not meeting guys in person yet. Once it is safe out there happy to meet up. Until then happy to chat!

Many thanks.


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razkal is recommended by GLAD

bon adversaire à refaire



GLAD is recommended by razkal

Tough and very strong guy, much more experienced than myself, but we made it work somehow.

Can't wait for a rematch. Highly recommendable!



razkal is recommended by MKell

Razkal is super athletic and fit. It was great to get some drilling in with him. Once he takes some BJJ classes, he will be a force to reckon with! He is a great guy - easy to have a conversation with - and a bundle of energy! I look forward to crossing paths when back in London.



MKell is recommended by razkal

I met Mkell earlier today and what a blast it was to fight against this personality. As an absolute novice in the BJJ area this very experienced BJJ fighter gave me a very good introduction on some holds. A brilliant and very strong coach showing patiently things like framing and shrimping. Very encouraging to explore my BJJ side. Off the mats a very kind and friendly person to hang out with. Giving him my highest recommendation! Next time I see him I will definitely make him tap multiple times!



razkal is recommended by wresnipgym

Met Razkal today, Great host. Easy to set up meet. Exchanged holds, nipple pay and Massage. Very fit lean muscle. Nice body Had good time. Highly recommended



wresnipgym is recommended by razkal

Wresnipgym is an expert in the field of massage and nip play (hence his name), so if that's your cuppa I can highly recommend him. Easy to set up a meeting, very communicative beforehand, completely reliable and trustworthy person to hang out with. We definitely spent some good time with each other and hopefully our paths will cross in the near future soon!



razkal is recommended by davey123

This very fit guy was in my home town to compete in the 10k race.....and (inbelievably!) came to me immediately after! I was able to do my amateurishly best as masseur for his tired legs but we also had some fun trying out quite a few holds. So I had the pleasure of seeing what his ultra fit body could take!
A very nice guy who is strong, lithe and certainly is willing to try out anything wrestling wise. If this man decides to really go for it on the mats he will definitely be a major challenge to all. Extremely athletic and strong with very feisty spirit. Of course highly recommended!



davey123 is recommended by razkal

When davey123 offers you a leg massage after running a 10k race, you can't say simply no! My legs felt a bit like spaghetti, so if someone rubbing out all lactic acid and knots, your legs feel light and relaxed afterwards!

After the much needed TLC of my legs, we exchanged holds for fun! Don't let his appearance fool you - sophisticated and eloquently on first sight- but there is a beast of dominant muscle bull hiding in this extraordinary character. As a novice wrestler like myself I had no chance to wrestle this monster. But in some way I really enjoyed being completely overpowered by his amazing technique (watch out for his killer legs) and very muscular physique..

Davey123 was happy to adapt his skills to my amateur level, but thanks to him he managed to push my limits I wasn't aware of at all.

If you have the opportunity to meet this man, don't miss out on him. Davey123 is a legend in his own right. Round 2 soon sir, I'm ready when you are!



razkal is recommended by hardfitsub

Lean muscled athlete, easy to arrange to meet, reliable and good company. Relatively new to wrestling but enthusiastic and strong. Happy to recommend!



hardfitsub is recommended by razkal

I had the opportunity to meet hardfitsub at his place that allowed us to roll in his own big mat room. Very accommodating host who is very experienced so we exchanged some holds and had some good time. Good company off the mats too. Definitely recommendable!!



razkal is recommended by Perseus

Although a realtive novice in wrestling experience terms this guy is very fit and strong for his size being a great athlete. Although a mismatch in size between us , It was easy to arrange a match with him and he travelled far for the wrestle. He is easy gong and fun to wrestle and easy to talk with. As he gains experience he will become a force to wrestle so better roll with him now.



Perseus is recommended by razkal

I had the pleasure to meet Perseus at his place. His own matt room is big and it has plenty of space to fight and practice. He definitely outranked me in terms of experience and weight, but he was very patient to explain me some holds which was very helpful to me. He made me tap more than I wanted, but I really enjoyed it. A great guy, fun, knowledgeable and social, on and off the matts. I hope to see him for round 2 in the future, hopefully with much more experience under my belt. Go see him if you can, you won't regret it!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by razkal

Finally had the opportunity to meet UKSubfighter. Very keen to teach me some basic holds. My first fight in a year I think, but definitely hungry to learn more. His seize and weight were in his advantage, but he didn't overpower me at all. Enjoyed it thoroughly, and definitely looking forward to meet him for a rematch. Very social off the mats. Top host, highly recommendable!



razkal is recommended by ukfighter

I met Luke yesterday for his first wrestling match.
A very athletic, nice guy whom I hope I "broke in" reasonably gently.
He was very hospitable and a nice guy both on and off the mats.
He is really keen to learn and gain more experience, and I would highly recommend him.
I look forward to a rematch when he has a few more matches under his belt.



ukfighter is recommended by razkal

I had the pleasure to meet ukfigther today: a big, strong gentle giant who was more than happy to show me the ropes in my very first fight. He took the time to explain me the basics of wrestling and we managed to put everything in practice. Friendly, articulate, relaxed, patient, on and off the mats. He made me sweat a lot and left me quite exhausted. I couldn't wish much more than someone like ukfigther who was willing to help me out putting my first steps on the mat. His help and advice are much being appreciated! More than happy to recommend ukfighter. I will hopefully see him for a rematch in the near future!



razkal is recommended by SPWrestler

We met up for a fun wrestle. Razkal is a great guy, v friendly and was a great host. There is a big size difference between us so we traded holds and rassled around. Fun, enjoyable time with a fit guy. Definitely recommend him.



SPWrestler is recommended by razkal

I had the pleasure to meet SPWrestler over the weekend. Although he has much more experience on the mat than I have, he was more than happy to learn me the ropes. I had a very good time with this big guy, and I am looking forward to seeing him again. Definitely a recommendation!



razkal is recommended by Mark uk

July 2015. Had an opportunity to spend a little time with Luke on a Saturday evening for some training and advise. A fabulous host and all round nice guy. Although I had a big weight advantage this guy packs some serious strength. A ripped runner that with some help and practise will be a challenge for anyone around his size. Had a great time and def recommend him.



Mark uk is recommended by razkal

I had the absolute pleasure to meet Mark over the weekend for a little bout. Although the significant difference in weight, Mark was more than happy to introduce me to some holds. He took his time to explain me the idea behind every movement. Lots of info to absorb, but absolutely helpful for a novice like me. Definitely the type of person who is willing to show rookies the ropes. Off the mat, Mark is a very relaxing, chatty character, a real people's person I hope to see in the future again. A+ recommendation!