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Age 44
Height 5'8" (173 cm)
Weight 170 lbs (77 kg)
Gender Male
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  1. USA - Georgia, Atlanta
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Tuff wrestler here. Into all types of guys and styles, but especially into sweaty submission wrestling and big guys that like to use their size.

Get into long held and punishing holds: scissors, grapevines, sleepers, camels, crabs, ect.


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This wrestler is absolutely amazing. He has very powerful legs that if he gets around your neck your a goner. Arms are very nice and powerful and he is very high energy. He can also take a lot of punishment I had him in multiple scissor holds and he lasted through them all



pittwrestler is recommended by DrWrestle

I had a great time with pittwrestler! It was a pleasure to grapple with him on the mat. He is very personable as well! I highly recommend him!



pittwrestler is recommended by calwrestler

Pitt Rob reached out to me and we had a blast Wrestling today. We had decided on a submission
match followed by a heel jobber session. Lots of holds, limits, sweat, .... exchanged a few holds.. . Rob has a very high tolerance for punishment and I hit his limits repeatedly.
Decided to wrestle again in two days if possible!
Def on my repeat roster !



pittwrestler is recommended by VAChub4Muscle

10/2018 - another fun time destroying this man. Looking forward to meeting up again if I ever grey the chance.

Had a lot of fun wrestling Pittwrestler - he took the punishment I dealt him and seemed to like it. Would definitely recommend setting up a match with him if you have a chance.



pittwrestler is recommended by Crusher13

Pittwrestler is super tough and in great condition. He will work you over hard if you don't counter his aggression. His athletic build, particular his chest development should give you an idea you are in for a tough match. Totally safe and respectful of limits, he comes with highest recommendations.



This guy knows how to put up a fight. Even though he was out way out of his weight class he gave a good effort on the mats. Looking forward to our next match.



pittwrestler is recommended by Mnwrestlermn

This dude was super fun and studly. It was very hot to make him submit over and over. I can’t wait to trap him in between my legs again!



pittwrestler is recommended by dguy

Had a great fun match with Pittwrestler! Definitely want a rematch.



pittwrestler is recommended by royboy

Pittwrestler is a tough, strong...good looking wrestler. Since he wrestled in school he knows his way around the matt. He doesn't give up and dishes out punishment if that is what you want. Recommend him if you are in the area.