Member since 4.5 years
Age 75
Height 5'4" (163 cm)
Weight 190 lbs (86 kg)
Gender Male
Gear Nude, singlets, speedos, shorts, jeans and barefoot.
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  1. USA - Florida, Merritt Island
    Linville Falls Campground NC.

I am willing to travel 150 kilometers
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)

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Older man here into safe pro-style wrestling and work outs, more of a jobber for those who enjoy being a heal. All safe and sane. Into bear hug challenges and open to all sizes, ages and race. Can travel to Jacksonville, West Palm and Tampa areas. Can host. Dont let my age fool you. :)


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KS58210 is recommended by FLbearhugger

Wrestled this man in 2020, He arrived promptly and we had a good give and take match. He is a good wrestle, respectful of you limits and give you a good work out, and you know, using my age, I cheated a bit ..LOL all good fun, safe and a good man to chat with and relax in the pool afterwards. Always welcome in my home.



Punchbudd is recommended by FLbearhugger

I met with Punchbudd a while back, perfect gentle man. As you can see from his stats he is a big man by my standards. We had a great time for a couple of hours wrestling and punching in the pool. He took a lot of punches that would have doubled me over in pain, He is strong and gentle as well and toned his moves down to my skill and power. A very congenial man with a sincere smile Again we had a great time and hope we can do this again someday.



cripplerUSA is recommended by FLbearhugger

Crippler is a man of many talents, strong, skilled and gentleman. Crippler attended most of the Merritt Island Rumbles, which were from 2004 through 2010. Always willing to wrestle anyone, any size and of any strength and toned his skill down to match his victim. :) Took time to teach as well and always a good sport. It is a pleasure to meet and wrestle with Crippler on the mat or gator wrestling, always the good sportsman and spirit, fun to be around off the mats as well. Always welcome on my mats, in my pool, and home. Great Friend.



FLbearhugger is recommended by Nicofloridian123

A great host and perfect gentleman. Very strong with great upper body strength. Gave me an excellent bout and wrestling experience outdoors in his backyard. We later took a dip in his pool and Jacuzzi to relax after the wrestling. I would highly recommend him for anyone looking for a good wrestling experience. Looking forward to future bouts and developing a friendship.

Second wrestling match was very challenging and a test of strength trading holds and working each other to an enjoyable experience. Hope to make wrestling a regular experience.

Had our third wrestling match in Orlando, just as much fun and challenging as the first two matches. Surprisingly strong and with a lot of endurance and skills in wrestling. Hope to have another rematch soon. A gentleman and good friend off the mats. 01/16/2022



Nicofloridian123 is recommended by FLbearhugger

I have wrestled Nico 123 twice and he is a great big strong man with huge shoulders for his height and big chest. Impressive arms and stamina for this older wrestler to handle. He gave me a good work out and had no trouble with my killer bear hugs as we wrestled in the back yard. He gets a little more skill and he will be a really good wrestler. Nice, respectful man and honors all guide lines set up before the match. Clean breaks and a clean man himself. Love to meet up when we can. Give him a good work out..and check out his big smooth chest and guns WOOF. :) thanks for the opportunities Nick.



FLbearhugger is recommended by grove123

Met Larry on Presidents Day and what a great wrestler he is. We went at it for several hours in a slow, sweaty man to man struggle in his backyard with lots of body contact, bearhugs and trash talking. And as said elsewhere stronger than he looks. Am looking forward to a rematch where I hope to do better. Finally one also has to say that outside of the wrestling Larry is a gentleman and a great host and after the wrestling we were able to enjoy a swim in his beautiful heated pool.



grove123 is recommended by FLbearhugger

Grove and I met on Presidents day 2020. He had quite a drive to our place here on the east central Florida coast near Cocoa Beach. He was on time and ready for action. We did a quick chat and then anxious to hit the action of wrestling. We both went at it for over an hour and half with short breaks. Very talented man and made me earn my win, however he earned a couple as well. Good give and take matches with many holds, lot of time on the ground. We both decided on jeans and wrestling on the grass. We both worked up a sweat and had fun and trashed each other as we wrestled. We then chilled out in our pool and talked. A fine classy man that at a glance you would not suspect his ability in a match. We will do this again and soon. Thank you for your time, friendship and wrestling lesson, you made me work and I was sore for a couple of days. GRRRRr Bring it again dude, your ass is mine. :)



Brottare is recommended by FLbearhugger

This man came to my house a couple of times when I was hosting the Merritt Island Rumble here in FL. A positive and polite man with heart. Excellent wrestliing skills on the mat and strong as a bull. He fit in well with the swrestlers and was very competitive and handled himself well. It was a pleasure to host him and welcome back in our home anytime he is in the east central FL area. You will not be disappointed .



FLbearhugger is recommended by rasslinglion

Great host. I had a great time wrestling on the mats and in his pool. This man is tough and encouraging at the same time. I recommend wrestling him if you have the chance. You will not regret it. I have not forgotten our wrestling match.



rasslinglion is recommended by FLbearhugger

My time with Rasslinglion was all to brief, very strong man and skilled. He came a long way to wrestle with our group and made an impact. At the time he enjoyed my championship belt. He was a great guest and fit right in with us. I can recommend him to anyone that wants a good match. Either on the mat or in the pool. He is welcome at our home anytime.



FLbearhugger is recommended by Kryptonian

this man is great, very strong wrestle , i did struggle with him in a match, sweet man too,



Kryptonian is recommended by FLbearhugger

We have know Tony a number of years and go way back. He has matured into a spirited wrestler and we share a love for doxies. But on the mat he is strong, and a fun wrestle. We always have a good time and treat each other more like father and son now. He stays in great shape, nicely built and always in control of his skill. Thanks Tony for all the wrestling and fun son.



FLbearhugger is recommended by DCJobber

Larry has wrestling in his blood. One of
the "Old Guard". This handsome guy is loads
of fun to wrestle and on of the nicest, warmest,
most pleasant, happy people I have ever known.
I hope to wrestle him again in 2019. He also hosted some great events over the years poolside also.



DCJobber is recommended by FLbearhugger

DCJobber is one of the finest men I have met in wrestling. Look at his pics and the number of men he has wrestled. Over the last 20 yrs we have wrestled several times. He is big, strong and an honorable man. We have hosted him in hour home as well as he has hosted me with my travels. Big, kind and talented. And his is a truly very nice man as well. Thank you El for all the memories and sweat. Do not miss the opportunity to wrestle this genuine man.



FLbearhugger is recommended by jobber4bears

Larry is one amazing man both as a wrestler and a host!!! I attended several of his rumbles over the years and always felt welcomed from day one!!! As a wrestler he never backs down from a challenge and will bring his "A" game every time!!! I'm very happy to call him a wrestling buddy for life!!! Highly recommended!!!



jobber4bears is recommended by FLbearhugger

I have wrestled Scott many times over the years. He is an honest, easy going man and fun to work out with. skilled and loves to taunt his would be victims. But the TAz and FLbearhugger have had good works outs with this Jobber. He is not afraid of any sized man and always welcome back for more matches. Kind and considerate of his hosts. Watch out for him.



FLbearhugger is recommended by Belly50

I had an enjoyable experience wrestling with my new friend Flbearhugger. He is a spunky guy who can hold his own. Don't let his age fool you, he can wrestle and doesn't give up easily. I look forward to seeing him again.



Belly50 is recommended by FLbearhugger

I met BElly 50 in this room. Sent him a note and he responded. We were able to meet and have a great work out. His friendly and warm candor on meeting made me feel at ease instantly. This young man is strong, talented and knowledgeable with great respect to his opponent. Belly 50 was on time, lived up to his profile, and fun to meet. We both traveled a bit of a distance to meet. As I said earlier, very respectful and broke his holds when I tapped, or needed a break. we met for a couple of hours of fun filled clean wrestling, his chest is so big, I could hardly lock my famous bearhug on him. He has a killer Nelson and is tall enough to really break a man. Big thick muscled arms for keeping a man tied up. Beware he is stronger than he looks, but is a man of his word and has class on the mat and outside of wrestling. I look forward to having the opportunity to meet up again. Make sure you contact him and set up a match. He is worth it. Thanks man for a great time. I heartily recommend him and will meet him again. Thanks Belly50.



flonewbie is recommended by FLbearhugger

I am sorry to say I never wrestled Flonewbie, I had to much going on in my pvt life and he was understanding and very patient, now that life is settling down, he moved to the Memphis area and wishing him the very best. Thank you for listening and being patient. If I am ever in Memphis TN, will look you up...and give you a wrestling lesson and you are right Jason FL is one hell of a wrestler. Don't judge that book by its cover. ..Wishing you the best in your new city and state Steve. Big bear hugs from FL.



FLbearhugger is recommended by reslr1

I met Larry when he came to town on a couple of occasions.
Always had a good time.
He's stronger than he looks and has a killer bear hug.
He's a nice guy off the mat and a beast on the mat.
You won't go wrong wrestling with him.



reslr1 is recommended by FLbearhugger

I met this strong powerful man many years ago, while in Tally for work. Great time, great stamina and a gentleman with huge shoulders and killer bear hugs and other moves. He is worth the time and you will sweat with this bear.



MSBlkMuscle is recommended by FLbearhugger

MSBLKMUSCLE has attended the Merritt Island Rumble several times and in those years, for his size, strength and ability, he is a gentle giant and I would really hate to see him riled He is an amazing humble man I call friend. Do not let his size scare you, he tones his holds and strength down to meet the challenger. If you get the opportunity to wrestle with him, It will be a match you will not forget. Love you my friend! See you soon.