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Age 62
Height 5'7" (170 cm)
Weight 163 lbs (74 kg)
Gender Male
Gear fighting shorts, singlet, speedo
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  1. USA - West Virginia, Parkersburg
  2. USA - Ohio, Marietta
  3. USA - Florida, Orlando
    (I'm here between 1/26/2023 and 1/29/2023)
  4. USA - North Carolina, Pinehurst
    (I'm here between 2/25/2023 and 2/27/2023)
    Golf trip

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Fit married Dad looking for some wrestling fun. I hit the gym 3-4 times a week so in pretty decent shape. Looking for light submission, promission or give and take matches, as long as it’s safe and sane.


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DaveWV is recommended by JerseyBoy

I had the pleasure of crossing the state line from PA and meeting DaveWV in his home state of West Virginia. He's roughly my size and weight. How outclassed could I possible be??? Yikes!!! Four words: DaveWV is strong, skilled, quick, and instinctive!!! He was in complete control the entire time. Yet he's so darn humble about his abilities and has a great attitude .... the idea being to just enjoy the match. I learned a LOT during our time together.... both by watching his moves and (ultimately) realizing the mistakes I was making. I am very grateful that DWV took time out of his schedule to meet with me. Communication prior to the match was outstanding. And DWV is extremely personable and interesting. I enjoyed hearing about his travels and background. I HIGHLY recommend DaveWV for anyone who wants a challenge. Thank you, Dave, for a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon in beautiful West Virginia.



JerseyBoy is recommended by DaveWV

What a find!! JerseyBoy is just getting started into wrestling, but can hold his own in a match already. Such a well rounded person too. Not only in great physical shape, he is also smart, witty, and interested and involved in the arts. The complete package!!
He made the arrangements to meet halfway at a motel and upon arrival we went right at it. He has great endurance and we went for a good two hours. Though I got most of the taps, he came right back for more and was eager to learn how to improve his technique. He has since enrolled in BJJ classes, so he will soon be a tough one to handle.
I just can’t express what a fun match it was and look forward to round two…..soon!!!



DaveWV is recommended by hotprofanmuscle

Great solid guy, worked out body and nice arms
skilled, strong bankable



hotprofanmuscle is recommended by DaveWV

Great match and great guy! Unfortunately he couldn’t go full speed because of an injury, but still gave me a tough battle. Looking forward to meeting him again once he’s all healed up. And to use his term…… Bankable!!!!



DaveWV is recommended by wrestl2win

We've talked for a long time and I'm glad we finally made a match happen. Don't be fooled by his humbleness and nice guy nature. Once you square off, he's ready to wrestle. He's got strength and skill. I enjoyed contending against his muscle. I had to bring my A game to counteract him move for move. If you find yourself in his area, make the effort to take him on.



wrestl2win is recommended by DaveWV

You know that feeling early in a match when you realize……I am out of my league? I experienced that with this strong and skilled grappler. I then spent the next 90 minutes putting up my best defense.
Honestly though, wrestl2win is a great guy and gave me the exact match we had discussed prior. We had been trying to find a time to meet over a number of years and I so appreciated him making the trip to my area to make it happen.
I hope to make it to his his place sometime soon for a rematch on his mats. I highly recommend this tough guy if you want a good match.



DaveWV is recommended by sportsman17

This man is a gem!!! I can't say enough about how much fun this day was. One would think meeting for the 1st time at a golf course to play 18 holes b4 going back to my hotel to wrestle would be awkward but it was like I knew him for years. I have to say his pics do not do him justice, great SMILE,great shape!!! Golf was great but the wrestling was beyond words, damn he is tough, what a great 2 hrs, we were soaked, then dinner after was also nice. This day was sure worth my drive to WV!! I now have a friend in WV, who would have guessed!! Lol. Thanks bud



sportsman17 is recommended by DaveWV

A renewal of the Backyard Brawl…. WVU vs. Pitt!!! Can’t say enough about this great guy!! After playing 18 holes of golf together, we hit the mats for a good two hour match. By getting to spend the day together, it was amazing how much we had in common. I have made a great new friend and look forward to meeting again soon. Highly recommend this guy!!!



DaveWV is recommended by Delrayguy

Met DaveWV at my place in Delray Beach. He's a good wrestler and we went back and forth clamping some good holds on each other. He's good on defense and offense. I'd say he came to wrestle! He's a great guy as well to talk with, and I would recommend him to anyone to wrestle! Looking forward to another rematch!!



Delrayguy is recommended by DaveWV

I met this strong guy while vacationing in West Palm Beach. He was very flexible in working out a time to meet. We had a great back and forth match and applied some good holds on each other. Great guy and great personality!!



DaveWV is recommended by rjvlatino

davewv was a great 👍 opponent. We had a back n forth match several times. we had a good fun time. He was strong 💪 on the mats and friendly off the mats.



rjvlatino is recommended by DaveWV

I was lucky enough to get a match with rjv while on vacation in West Palm Beach. He was so accommodating with rearranging his work schedule, providing a space to meet, and even gear to wear. We had a great back and forth match and would definitely do it again. Good guy and a good match!!!



NCgrappler is recommended by DaveWV

It’s been 36 hours since our match and I’m still feeling the sore muscles….. a sign of a good match. It was great catching up with NCGrappler after several years and very appreciative of him making the trip to meet me. I need to get to DC soon so I can work him over again.



DaveWV is recommended by Wrastle4fun

Been chatting and bantering with DaveWV for a while and finally got a chance to rumble with him today in Columbus! We had a fun match that went on for almost 3 hours. Dave is a handsome, strong and well built dude who knows how to control a match. Although I did my best against him he made we submit multiple times in his grueling scissors, camel clutches, bearhugs, not to entire his cocky schoolboy pin. I was able to dish out some punishment as well and slow him down in my grinding headlock... Although my hope was for this buckeye boy to steal the West Virginia championship belt from him, I did not succeed this time... I am hopeing for a rematch sometime soon! Highly recommend Dave if your in the area.



Wrastle4fun is recommended by DaveWV

I put in my order for a fit, mature, Greek wrestler and Meetfighters came through. I was able to have a match with this fighter while I was in Columbus today. He took care of finding a place to meet so when I showed up, we were able to go right at it. It was a super fun contest and a classic WV vs. OH match up. Looking forward to Round 2!!



DaveWV is recommended by Rusnak

We meet up after a long hiatus.Still tough as nails. We had a good time and a great match. Definitely ready for another rematch but I hope it’s not as long a wait this time. Highly recommend it. You can’t go wrong with this guy



DaveWV is recommended by jimmyterrific

Dave is a terrific guy, really enjoyed talking with him, he is a very good wrestler, he does have some tricks up his sleeve if you are wrestling him on bed, sure hope I get to do it with him again, I think it might be different wrestling him again, I also love wrestling with punches, hope he hits me much harder next time, I do want to wrestle him next time starting with each guy facing each other on bed, I am sure I might give him a harder match next time, he beat me for sure, just want another match with him, hope he will give me one, thanks, Jimmy



jimmyterrific is recommended by DaveWV

First to thank Jimmy for making the drive to meet me in my town. Super nice guy and full of stories! He may have some bad hips and knees, but he has great upper body strength. Had a good time with him!



DaveWV is recommended by doyouevenwrestle

Wrestling 107 11/09/18
wrestled DaveWV and man did we have a blast. we traded some good old school holds and wrestled for some pins and subs.
Dave is pretty strong and in excellent condition but I was able to match him and score some holds, pins and I think even a sub of my own, which lead to almost 3hrs of hot sweaty wrestling with some great chat in between breaks.
Off the mats he is a sweet cool guy!
Definitely recommend him to anyone that wants a good ol' scrap. I know I will pay for this meet in the morning



DaveWV is recommended by SilverFoxFight

I've met Dave on two occasions. He is a strong, fun guy and extremely masculine! We had a GREAT time wrestling...he's a tough competitor and extremely hard to beat...don't miss an opportunity to meet up with him!



DaveWV is recommended by carolina wrestler

DaveWV is a great wrestler and individual. I have enjoyed our intense matches. Alot of sweat , holds, and mutual respect in our wrestling matches. I recommend Dave if you ever get an opportunity. You will not be disappointed!



DaveWV is recommended by pecs44

We have worn each other out on several occasions, and I look forward to the next. DaveWV is a skilled and aggressive wrestler and a super nice guy to boot. Enjoy our conversations as well as our wrestling.