Fast Pace Or Slow Pace?


12/05/2022 7:38 AM

Given your age a faster pace, even one that is frenetic, gives you an advantage over one who is older; this is a generalization. Of course, many a man has neglected or unable to increase their endurance. How they can do is by trying to improve the length of time and the degree of exertion. Over time this will lead to greater capabilities. Though not a great example, I grant you, but Frank Sinatra swam underwater, holding his breath and going greater distances so that he could hold a note longer. So, accepting that limitations will come with age, this process can be slowed down with consistent work

As to which is better? Without personalizing my answer, I would offer something substantial as an example of preference. I like chocolate better than strawberry ice cream. But, I periodically eat strawberry, having commenced myself that I am getting some Vit C.


dirtybarefet (0)

11/28/2022 3:01 AM

Slow naked grinding an humping and squirming cumfight


commandertc (54)

11/28/2022 3:08 AM

(In reply to this)

Hotttt match


jimmymass (3)

11/26/2022 5:04 PM

I like a slow paced match. If there is space like the lock ups into a headlock trading off with the other guy.


JStiles85 (15)

11/23/2022 7:31 PM

It depends on my opponent as I can either or


glovelover (4)

11/16/2022 1:50 PM

personally, as a human punching bag, I want the boxing fast and slow, a variety of punches, but make the beating last just for fun! Kind of like an NRW boxing match, but with real punching.


funscrapseverino (22)

11/03/2022 9:34 AM

Slow domination works best…


commandertc (54)

11/01/2022 2:15 AM

Fast and hard using the ropes too


Heel-eo-trope (3)

10/30/2022 2:36 AM

Good question! I like both though I put slow, methodical at #1 and fast paced 1A.
Fast is great as long as it's one sided dominance where the over-matched jobber has no time to think and can hardly keep up with what devastating move awaits him/her while being relentlessly thrashed at a frantic pace.
Going slow is the same principal as a fast paced squash with the difference being the poor jobbers have time to "think about it" and are more humiliated as the dominant heel takes their time where it is obvious that they have total control...thus take their time, almost casual, when having their way with their plaything in the ring :)


TakeThePunchesAI (9)

10/29/2022 9:04 PM

So I was wondering across the board in regards to styles, what pace do you enjoy the most? I recently had a match last Saturday with guy 18 years older than me and was able to wrestle at the quick pace that I liked which was a surprise for me for sure. But I really enjoy wrestling at a fast pace and being in constant motion. But I know some also like a slow methodical pace. What kind of pace do you enjoy to control in your style of fighting?

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