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How can I help MeetFighters?

There are a few simple ways you can contribute to our site.

  • Spread the word! Invite people you've met, good guys who have an interest in wrestling or fighting! There is a reason that MeetFighters is not advertised much: we believe in organic growth and word-of-mouth. We think that it helps a community grow better this way than letting in unfiltered masses from the wild net. :)
  • Flag fakes. Set abuse flags on profiles that you know for a fact to be fallacious.
  • Share your ideas or comment on ones posted before. Our suggestion box is always open!
  • Contribute if you think our site is worth it and you have some money to spare for our cause. We are not affiliated with any advertising networks or video production companies, as we are afraid that such tie-ins could jeopardize our mission of creating the best wrestling personals site out there!
  • Write a testimonial!
  • Become a FightoPedia editor!

Any help is appreciated!

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