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Masculine, muscular guy here looking for aggressive but sane matches with genuine, nice guys; sweaty and friendly is best.

Send me message if you're interested, all 'challenges' will be ignored, if you want to fight, be in London or plan to be soon.

Get in touch with clear, recent, face and body pics and please, be in good shape.

I can accommodate in Vauxhall.



  1. United Kingdom, London
    Place of residence
  2. Italy, Milan
    (Estarei aqui até 19/3/2019)
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Altura / Peso

Idade: 49 anos Homem

Altura / Peso: 184 cm, 82 kg

Idiomas conhecidos: English, French

Vestuário: speedo or singlet

Olímpica / Greco-Romana Olímpica / Greco-Romana
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vfitniceguy recomendado por scissorboy

Great company, seriously strong and easy on the eye to boot. Had good fun wrestling this guy, knows what he's doing and was a hard workout. Scissors are knockout tight too!



scissorboy recomendado por vfitniceguy

Great wrestler, very powerful legs (one of the few who beats my scissors!) as a result of all his constant cycling and very fit body.
Full recommendation!



vfitniceguy recomendado por Fitwres

After a false start six months ago (both injuring each other in the first five minutes) we got together again. There is no easy going in wrestling but this time we stayed the course in a few long fought rounds. Yes - watch out for his legs... Great physique in his speedos and great guy off the mats too



Fitwres recomendado por vfitniceguy

Manly, handsome and strong!!
He's got a solid, powerful upper body with big arms and shoulders -so lots to contend with.
But don't be discouraged, he's relatively new to this so good technique can compensate for not being as built as he is.
Friendly and easy going, killer smile, blue eyes..
What's not to like?!



vfitniceguy recomendado por matchup

One of my favourite meets, vfitniceguy is named very aptly in my opinion. He's also strong as an ox with killer scissors so beware!



matchup recomendado por vfitniceguy

great guy, reliable, quiet & gentle but tough on the mats!
again soon : )



vfitniceguy recomendado por Flexforme

I had wanted to meet with this guy for ages. I didn't challenge him for a while coz I was a bit intimidated by his pics and didn't want to waste his time. I was fortunate that when we started chatting he was just coming back to wrestling after a break. He cuts an imposing figure and is strong and skilled. We had a great wrestle and I would love another go at him some time. Ding ding, round two.



Flexforme recomendado por vfitniceguy

Leo is a nice and reliable guy with a lean and hard chest and great abs. I was a little rusty and we didn't have proper mats so it's only a matter of time until I get my revenge and beat him up properly!
Soft and considerate man but aggressive and tenacious when it counts.




vfitniceguy recomendado por subfight

Yan is exactly what his nickname here says-very fit and very nice guy. Since first match with him few years ago He is my favorite wrestler. Smart, cute and with great strong body. Easygoing to chat and big fun. I enjoyed every match and hopefuly there will be more in future.



subfight recomendado por vfitniceguy

Georgy is one of my favourite.
Lean and on the thin side but be warned, the man is a Georgian Rottweiler: strong, relentless and aggressive, all in a good way of course! Great to learn with or practise and get better with, he's also completely reliable and happens to be funny too.




vfitniceguy recomendado por zed

Only have good things to say about this one. Strong and tough, he is lots of fun to roll around with for an hour or two. A great guy that I'll be meeting up with again and again.



vfitniceguy recomendado por grappleruk

He's a strong grappler with plenty of natural skill, making it darn hard work! Nice guy too :-) Had a good competitive wrestle and would recommend to anyone.



SPWrestler recomendado por vfitniceguy

great guy, reliable, measured but with plenty of strength!
manly and super nice as well, hope to fight him again soon!