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I am really into bellypunching, big time.Looking to have my fat pot belly beaten up real good and hard. My dream is to be held tight by 3 or 4 guys and have another punch the living daylights out of my belly. I would love to feel your fist go into my belly up to at least your wrist! And being held tight I can't double over or hold my belly, I just have to take all you got!And you and all your friends can laugh at me in pain cause I am just a big fat belly wimp who can't even take a punch in the belly. I will even fist fight or box, but I will leave my belly wide open for the perfect punch right in the solar plexus full force so I double right over and start to suck for air and heaving! I can do all this in public or private, but I would like to have all your friends there to watch you give it to me in the belly. Women as well to cheer you on! So come on guys, I bet most of you can't even punch their way out of a paper bag!



  1. USA - New Jersey, North Beach Haven
    Long Beach Island, N.J.
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