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Looking through this site, really like old-school wrestlers and the more power-based wrestling, like bearhugs, full-nelsons and bodyslams. Especially like display of power moves. I am sure I am not alone when I say early Ivan Putski is a favorite of mine. I also have a weak spot for a man in a singlet.

I’d like to learn the ropes a bit, but I am a complete novice.



  1. USA - Illinois, Chicago
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Idade: 44 anos Homem

Altura / Peso: 188 cm, 116 kg

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Chiitaljock Davey716



npcb7 recomendado por Chiitaljock

This guy may be a newbie, but watch out. Those big killer legs are real and lethal. Npcb7 is a super nice guy and a hot man with the moves to go with it. He is a great guy to hang out with and is easy going....until the match begins! i highly recommend taking him on. Word of caution....stay away from his bear hug and scissors!



Chiitaljock recomendado por npcb7

Chiitaljock was a great opponent. I was a bit nervous because I lacked experience, but it didn't hinder things one bit. We got to trade moves with a good bit of give and take. At the end, we both had a great time. I'd recommend Chiitaljock for your next match and I plan to see if we can do a rematch sometime! It was a hot match with a hot guy, that's for sure!



npcb7 recomendado por Davey716

I met this big man a ways ago. Our time together was all too brief! But I can verify that he's a great guy... very much fun. I can also say that his pics don't lie...his quads really are that big! You should meet him if you have the opportunity! I can't wait to lock up again!



Davey716 recomendado por npcb7

We chatted a good bit before we met. He's a really nice guy and had me at ease pretty much immediately. I didn't have much experience but Dave let me practice a bit with some give and take. I hope to have another chance to meet him, maybe with more experience under my belt to give him an actual match on the second round!