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Joined here a few years ago now, but didn't really use the site, so came back on recently and already connecting with some great guys.

Into no holds barred scenes. Prefer scenes in gear: leather, boots (rangers, cats, timbs, dms, mx boots, work boots, etc.). MMA gloves - big tick if you like to get stuck in with them too.

Generally like to meet fit dom guys who like to get stuck in and deliver a one sided beating but recently discovered I'm good to go glove to glove and fight back and enjoyed it ;-) Albeit delighted I lost, but does make things more interesting. Let's glove up ;-)

Travel loads, so distance not an issue to make a real connection, but also happy to chat if unlikely we can get together.

Tend to prefer slim or defined guys.



  1. United Kingdom, London
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Idade: 41 anos Homem

Altura / Peso: 180 cm, 80 kg

Idiomas conhecidos: English

Vestuário: Leather, Boots, Skingear

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bootedrangerguy recomendado por Boxmyfacein

I first started chatting with bootedrangerguy back in October 2018 & he immedately fired me up. It got so intense with the daily trash talk that I knew I had to fly to England & fight him for real. The guy is phenomenal for me; a gracious host that took absolute brutal beatings on numberous occasions (punches, kicks, chokes, gloves, boots, bare knuckle, you name it). I've never met someone where *I* was the one concerned about *their* well-being because of how severe they took it. Huge respect for him! It constantly makes me want to lay into him because he seems to crave it all the time! Sort of like a beat up car that just keeps running nomatter how much abuse you give it! I obviously recommend him - just remember that you better be prepared to fight me after because, damn, I'll be jealous!



Boxmyfacein recomendado por bootedrangerguy

Boxmyfacein is amazing - I don't think I've ever met such a sexy, fit, brutal guy that literally delivered everything promised - and with pleasure! He is 100% the real deal, and let's put it this way, after some very full on talks, the heal in him was fired up and he flew all the way from Canada to fight me!!! I took such an intense beating from him. He quickly overpowered me (and he's much lighter than me) and just kept going - exactly how we both wanted it. Each time we went again, he quickly took the upper hand and beat the crap out of me! I'm battered, I don't know if I could have taken much more, and it was so amazing when we were done I wanted to go again! Don't let his size fool you - he's so strong, and talented, and wow he can take a punch too... but take note, he wants you to punch him, and when you do, you'll fire him up and he'll come back much harder and stronger - so you better like taking a punch or kick! He has his head screwed on though, and that's really important and such a nice genuine guy too - how can someone that kicks my ass that brutally be so nice!!! I cannot recommend him more highly and if I could fight him daily I would!!!! For me it's been an honour to meet BoxMyFaceIn, and if you get the chance, don't waste it - because he'll make you want to come back for more!