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5.6' 165# muscled wrestler (31w, 41c, 14.5bi) looking for a workout partner for freestyle/greco/horseplay matches for fun exercise and muscle on muscle contact. Also into strength contests like armwrestling, bearhug and fingerlock contests. Hit me up by email at or on trillian at bcgrapple if you want to chat.



  1. USA - Pennsylvania, Doylestown
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  2. USA - Pennsylvania, Allentown
  3. USA - Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
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  4. USA - Pennsylvania, Wilkes-Barre
    (Estarei aqui entre 12/6/2019 e 12/6/2019)
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Idade: 49 anos Homem

Altura / Peso: 168 cm, 76 kg

Idiomas conhecidos: English

Vestuário: singlets, shorts, jocks, nude

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bcgrapple recomendado por renegade wrstler

bcgrapple is one of my favorite grappling bud & a very good friend. An incredibly strong & tough, competitive opponent, and an amazing grappler, with a stellar body & personality. We had a non-stop epic battle, & sweaty grappling time together, just wish we live in the same city. Looking forward to bout #2! Highly recommend if you ever get the chance to wrestle him.



renegade wrstler recomendado por bcgrapple

Wow what to say about renegade! First off he is rock solid muscle and way strong. His pics do not come close to giving him justice for how solid and handsome he is. He has more energy than the Eveready Bunny and definately goes the distance and beyond on the mats. He is a challange in every aspect..desire to dominate and win, strength, speed, agility as well as skill in both pin and sub wrestling. He is a tough nut to crack and then comes back at you for more. Off the mats renegade is the most thoughtful, kind and sexy guy you would ever want to meet. He is smart, funny and easy to get along with all rolled up into a chisled muscled stud package. I cant get enough of him and you wont either. I love him to pieces. Dont pass up the opportunity to take this guy on and to get to know him. You wont be sorry.



bcgrapple recomendado por upper12

Met bcgrapple after many weeks of trash talk back and forth. We had a great time and his strength matched mine to a tee . He is a great guy on and off the mats. plans are in the works to meet again.



upper12 recomendado por bcgrapple

Met Craig the other night for an evening of wrestling, strength challanges and muscle worship. He is way more muscled and stronger than his pics suggest. He has power and skill and most importantly a hunger for all things wrestling and muscle. He is a wonderful host and has an impressive, very private, impeccably clean wrestling area with 12 x 12 mats which i appreciate. He lives in a very beautiful rural farm area but dont let that keep you from meeting and taking on this guy. He is a trash talker that lives up to every expectation on the mats but is the nicest guy you would ever want to know off the mats. He is my brother and friend. Dont miss the opportunity to roll with him. Im ready for round 2 pussy.



bcgrapple recomendado por tomphila39

I wrestled bcgrapple. He's a great wrestler. He knows his holds - strong guy! He showed me some other wrestling techniques and strategies. It was a great wrestle, and I hope we have many more matches. We wrestled for over 2 hours - submissions and pins! If you have the opportunity to visit the Philadelphia area, contact this awesome wrestler! You won't be disappointed.



tomphila39 recomendado por bcgrapple

Had the pleasure of wrestling Brian today. Easy to set up match. Great wrestling space. A tough fun ground fighter. Went at it for 2 hrs and had a great time wrestling for multiple pins/submissions. He is strong and has good basic skills and great endurance. Watch out for his legs which are like vice grips. Very hard to spread his legs in a vine. Was a great give and take workout. Im ready for a rematch all ready buddy! Totally recommended to wrestle and really great guy and host as well.