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Always on the lookout for chunky, masculine, aggressive guys into ruff, playful, aggressive body contact. Game for anything from armwrestling and gutpunching to forced workouts, pec beatings, tt, cbt, aggro and most physical, aggressive forms of bdsm.

I'm based in West London, very close to Heathrow Airport. 5'11, 250lbs, 48 chest, 37 waist, 18 arms, have room to host for punching or a ruff fumble on the bed.

i had a very serious spinal injury in 2013. After neurosurgery on nerves in my back, I've made a great recovery. But since the injury I have only looking for punching or sexy meets. I have to really watch myself in situations where I don't always have full control of my movement... e.g. grappling so if you just want to wrestle sub or pro I'm sorry it's not going to happen.



  1. Reino Unido, Staines-upon-Thames
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Idade: 42 anos Homem

Altura / Peso: 178 cm, 103 kg

Idiomas conhecidos: Inglês

Vestuário: singlet / bare chested / lycra square cuts / fighting gloves

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badladuk recomendado por wrestlerherts

What a beast - third meet with the big lad and my is he looking fine.
An absolute pleasure to get stuck in and can’t wait for the next round.
Woof !!!



wrestlerherts recomendado por badladuk

He's a great guy. It took us a couple of meets to get the dynamic right between us but now we've found the sweet spot, we are already looking forward to our next encounter.

What I'm into is towards the milder end of what he enjoys but now we've established that, his patience with me has paid off.

But he's respectful of my limitations and previous injuries and I felt fully safe taking quite an intense a beating from him. That's a big compliment for probably the most aggressive and definitely the cheekiest man I've ever met 👊🏻



badladuk recomendado por rimoldi

After chatting to badladuk on here for some time I was lucky to finally meet up with him in person. This man is tough and one hell of a gutpuncher, we started off gentle and gradually increase the force of the punches, He’s stronger than I could imagine prior to our meetup. He worked me over hard and aggressively, I in return done the same to him, if you are serious about being punched or punching then this is the guy to meet, he is safe sane and can pack a punch, I am looking forward to meeting up with him again.



badladuk recomendado por ButchBoots

Had an Amazing time wrestling badlad, great back and forth wrestling, extremely respectful opponent, his superior strength triumphed in the end but it was well worth the blood and sweat, can't wait til our next meet



ButchBoots recomendado por badladuk

Wow! What can I say? Butchboots is jobber perfection. He squared up to me with a big size deficit... Outwrestled me to be fair; but fortunately for both of us, power triumphed in the end... and fuck can he take a beating! I mean a REAL heavy 2 on 1 beating. I didn't know people could be that tough. He seriously opened my eyes and has me looking forward to next time already....



badladuk recomendado por CoachSal

Meetfighters can be a crap shoot for sure. But I hit the jackpot with BadLadUK. He traveled 3,500 miles to meet me. He told me he's been watching me since my videos 20 years ago. I've seen him as the 19 yo twink in wrestling who grew up.....more like exploded.....into the huge hunk he is today.

He is insatiable..,

Consummate target......I got to be his first for face shots and pro style razor cuts to his head, brass knuck gut work....the list goes on and on.

Consummate heel, fighting ButchBoots on my mats, fighting him hard and beating the fuck out of him .....with a little assist from the crooked ref.

We tried everything and we both still want a lot more. And there is going to be more.

Recommendation: BadLadUK is the real deal 10000%.



CoachSal recomendado por badladuk

Wow. I seriously can't do justice to Sal no matter how many adjectives I use.

He pushed limits, earned my trust, gave me extensive heavy punchings to head and body and was a complete gentleman when he wasn't giving me pain!

Despite the mileage between us I can promise there will definitely be a next time... and a time after that... And after that one too. He's way too good a sadist and already way too good a friend for it to end here!



badladuk recomendado por gutpuncherVA

Simon is incredibly tough and strong. Intensely worked his abs with solid punches and he took everything I had. Each punch he absorbed seemed to make him even more resolute to take even more and harder. It was a great session. Am very eager for round 2 and this time will try to find his breaking point.

So Simon and I had a “rematch”. My first session with him was excellent so I had high expectations for the second. As excellent as our first session was this one was still better. He took a huge number of body shots and seemed to enjoy every one of them. He’s a great guy and made sure we were both enjoying the experience. I look forward to doing it again.
Had our third session. I don’t know how Simon does it but he managed to make this session even more fun and intense than the previous ones. Great time! Am hoping for another session next time we are on the same side of the Atlantic.



gutpuncherVA recomendado por badladuk

Wow! Al is one of the smaller opponents I've had work me over but FUCK! It's the size of the FIGHT in the man that's important... Not how big he is outside. He delivered me a superb beating which went on and on AND ON!

He's got crazy levels of stamina which is good because I don't think either of us wanted the session to end. I'm gonna grab him the moment he next lands in London and lock him in my room for days :-D



badladuk recomendado por Bruder

Met badlad on Friday after a few weeks of messaging and getting a plan sorted.
What an ace 100% guy he is...
Dead honest and very friendly & was there to meet me at his place ready and waiting for a terrific gut punching session over 3 hours.
Body of steel and a no easy push over either.
I've yet to hear him submit to me but it's gonna happen next time!
Can't recommend him enough and I know he will be a great mate in the future.



Bruder recomendado por badladuk

Wow. Dave drive drove 100 miles to come and visit. What a friendly, charming, horny, kinky bastard he turned out to be 😛 I can't recommend him highly enough... And certainly can't wait to see him again!



badladuk recomendado por hertsdog

17 Jun 2018: Finally met up with Si at my place for a GP session. Wow! This guy has an amazing gym-honed body and is a mean puncher - he really found my level and pushed me hard. Some serious blows against the wall and lying down with a variety of gloves. I felt I could really trust him with my abs, and would recommend to anyone. Great guy!
05 Jul 2018: Met with Si and pshawfocus for a 3-way GP session. Si battered the crap out of both of us! I also got to try to get my own back on Si but he's pretty indestructible!



hertsdog recomendado por badladuk

Was an abs-olute pleasure meeting (and beating) Ade today, for lots of different reasons. Firstly, he was very accommodating and flexible when arranging the meet.

And he has a great body and loved getting it worked over. He's a natural - he looked like he loved taking my punches and testing his toughness.

I gave him quite a seeing-to but we've left plenty in the locker for next time. And the time after. My fists definitely made a new friend 👊



badladuk recomendado por i love muscle

This guy is amazing
He has worked hard on his body and it shows. He is rock hard ...... everywhere.
Amazing body .good looking rugged bloke .not fem at all
Very knowledgeable
The best time in my life ever
Were defiantly meeting again and again and again .
This guy is the best .proper muscle bear
Love it .
Thanks Simon for the nest time ever.



badladuk recomendado por pshawfocus

Met have this big fella on and off for about 15 years (?) and caught up again last night with hertsdog for a 2:1 (Badlad on hertsdog and me). Was a hot, intense (you may have noticed he's a bit of a powerhouse) session, taking it in turns to have badlad work us over. Lots of fun - thanks guys!



badladuk recomendado por shuttlexp1

Met Si again. As usual he crushed me. Always a joy. Can't wait for the next time!



badladuk recomendado por ozboxer

A big lad with a solid punch who is not scared to get hit either!
A real pleasure and a hot hard meet.
Can take ecerything i can give him!



ozboxer recomendado por badladuk

We met yesterday with a fairly open agenda but as soon as we nailed down the dynamic that worked for us, sparks flew! Chris is a skilful puncher with a great physique and a dirty mind. Need I say more?



badladuk recomendado por oneatatime

I’d been hoping to meet badlad for years, and finally got that chance in summer 2017. We had a long, fun gut punching session and he’s careful, communicates often, and very experienced. He’s a bruiser for sure but he’s also very warm and generous and has a great sense of humor, too. Very highly recommended, and I hope I’ll be lucky enough to meet him again.. and again and again and again



badladuk recomendado por BullCop

It is hard for me to imagine a more enjoyable afternoon of fighting with this outstanding man: rolling, gut punching, body punching, and general male animal aggression. badladuk has limbs of concrete that require jack hammering to penetrate; his torso is a steel vault. His high level of skill assures a safe and sane match for opponents on multiple levels. He is prompt, considerate, and open. It was a deep connection both on and off the mat for me. Get on queue for the pleasure of locking up with da Man!



BullCop recomendado por badladuk

We had clicked before we met in person but then the sparks flew as soon as we got eyes on each other. Bullcop is playful, masculine, eloquent, fun and hot. He can happily give and take holds and punches with a bigger, younger guy. We spent a great few hours together and I had a new friend for life by the end of it :-)



badladuk recomendado por UKSubsFighter

Big, strong, and well up for the scrap!
Simon was kind enough to allow me to be his reintroduction fight after some time off through injury which in itself was an honour
We traded punches like there was no tomorrow!
Loved fighting him on the mats and lovely guy off em
Can't wait for next fight!
Totally recommended!!👊🏼
Did I mention those monster arms?💪🏼



UKSubsFighter recomendado por badladuk

John gave me my re-introduction to punchy grappling today and it was great.. I've REALLY missed it.

I had a spinal injury in 2013 and haven't done this for several years - he played me just right and managed to work around my caution with intensity, skill and understanding.

I might have had weight and size on my side but this didn't stop him giving me plenty of hits and holds. The best thing was we didn't do anything that concerned my back in any way but it still felt like a proper aggressive session. He's experienced and it really showed.

A great afternoon and I'll see if I can work on my stamina to give as good as I get for a bit longer next time ;-)



badladuk recomendado por Davey716

I was lucky enough to have a few hours with badladuk. He's an incredible man...totally enthusiastic about his passion for punch play. He was highly focused on the two of us and being in the moment, which allowed me to lose all track of time. I never worried that he was taking things too far, or being the contrary, I knew I was in good hands. I loved our punching session, and can't wait for another! He's an amazing guy, and a good friend. Meet up with him if you have the opportunity!



Davey716 recomendado por badladuk

David was a joy to meet up with. He travelled interstate and went out of his way to fit in with my travel plans. When he arrived (on time) he was as charming in person as he had been in the years we'd chatted online.

We had a gutpunching scene and I really enjoyed working over his beefy torso... A great way to cement a strong friendship :-)



badladuk recomendado por wrestlemat2001

Badlad was my first match in the UK and that meet remains one of my fondest memories. He is strong and experienced, has some natural jobber instincts that sometimes get overtaken by his heel interests as well. He introduced me to a mat room facility that became a frequent venue for my UK meets. On subsequent visits he also hosted a great match at his own home where he had installed some good mats. Will definitely look him up on future visits and you should as well.



wrestlemat2001 recomendado por badladuk

I first met Matt about 15 years ago - he was a big, powerful, dominant heel and I was 160lbs - giving away a lot of weight, size and experience. I remember we clicked as people and that he threw me around and worked me over - and that I loved it :-) We've kept in touch and I wholeheartedly recommend him as a big, bad, nasty man on the mats, and as a friend off them!



badladuk recomendado por ikf

We have been talking online for almost a decade before we finally got to meet now, and it was well worth the wait!:D

This man is a pain-fountain and a pain-sponge in one! :D

This time his tough gut and other muscles on his body defeated me. First we tried 10 oz gloves, even full force - no effect. Then we briefly tried kicks and knees - some effect, but we did not have enough space for that so my aim was off (apologies about that again). So then I switched to bag gloves, all out - still not much effect. Then I switched to bareknux, all out - he still kept up. No matter how hard I hammered his muscles bareknux (and not just the gut - more like putting my meanest stiffest bareknux punches into his arms, shoulders or pecs for 2 mins straight each!), as soon as we stopped he quickly soaked it all up and kept coming back for more! Great workout for me, and great fun to see so much hurt from me being soaked up with a smile hungry for more!

Sadly I was not in the best shape, so I could not go as hard as it would have been needed to break through (nor was I able to take much back from him - other than a few fun minutes of him standing on my gut while I was doing crunches, thanks for that again - so that is yet to come!); so for next time I'll come in much better shape and we are looking to use stiff knees and kicks to really get through to him and finally make his eyes roll.

So, he is highly recommended if you are into this kind of thing! And make sure you're in a good shape and can punch/kick properly, or you don't stand a chance of getting through his body armor. GRRR



ikf recomendado por badladuk

Andras and I finally met today after talking online for years - and he didn't disappoint. He's a very powerful solid, accurate puncher and he gave me a heavy, lengthy workover I really enjoyed. We spent plenty of time talking too and he's a very personable, friendly and articulate man. I look forward to getting to know him better :-)



badladuk recomendado por ukfighter

Had a couple of matches with Simon a while back
When I first met him he was indeed a lightweight. He has bulked up considerably since then!
he is very skilled and capable and we had great fun.
Would highly recommend him
Nice guy too!!
Hoping for a rematch sometime!



ukfighter recomendado por badladuk

I wrestled Jim twice, when I was in my early 20s and weighed about 150lbs. It was intimidating meeting a big, strong, experienced guy but I needn't have worried. Despite the size difference we both had lots of fun and I can certainly recommend him as a worthwhile bigger opponent, especially if you're a smaller guy looking to take on a bigger one :-)



badladuk recomendado por Rock Hard Pete

Met this man on leap year day, and what a leap into the unknown this was. I have never done gut punching before, and this beefy man can take it in spades! This big strong man is safe, sane and reliable. Need to have another round soon!



Rock Hard Pete recomendado por badladuk

Pete travelled across London to meet me, was on time and was very open to tailoring our activities to compensate for my back injury. We had a blast and he discovered a previously-unknown skill for punching somebody in the nuts. Can't believe he hasn't done it before :-)



badladuk recomendado por FtLaudFL4GP

Simon is a man who walks in and you instantly are charged and feel his strength in advance and the depth of his character. Positive energy and relentless fury move his amazing arms and leave a novice breathless yet asking for more. A great soul and energy in this guy strong as any and whether he's wrestling, punching, giving/receiving, he is an example of authenticity and a great connection. A great guy!



FtLaudFL4GP recomendado por badladuk

Eric is a great guy who went to trouble to host a four-way gutpunching meet with three guys from out of town. He's an intense puncher but it punching his gut where I really enjoyed pushing his boundaries. By the end of the evening he was taking forceful punches deep into his relaxed six-pack and we both got a real buzz from that. Can't wait to see him again!



badladuk recomendado por Gutboxer

This man is a huge powerhouse, but fully understands and respects his opponent. Right from the start you can trust him and have a great time with him. He may look like a beast, and punch and take like one, but you can see in his eyes that he there to make the experience enjoyable for both, not cause damage. Met up with him, Hardpunch, and Ftlaudfl4gp for an Awesome night of giving and taking Gutpunching and sure can't wait till we can all meet and do it again.



Gutboxer recomendado por badladuk

Very pleased to meet Larry after a long time chatting and enjoying his videos. His solid round gut is a delight to punch - I was really letting rip and he absorbed the punches with a really satisfying OOOF - but stood firm and wanted more. The rest of him is a lovely, easy-going and engaging guy :-)



badladuk recomendado por hardpunch

Whew!! What a great guy! He is everything as advertised and more. He gives as good as he gets and he gives A LOT. Met up with him in Ft. Lauderdale recently with 2 other guys on this site and we all had a great time with him. Not only is he a great puncher but he's also a great guy. Don't miss the chance to meet up with him; it's well worth it.



hardpunch recomendado por badladuk

Neal is an awesome punching buddy and he's left me wanting more. He has great intensity and technique, and lots of power and accuracy... My gut loved meeting his fist.. He can take plenty too :-) Shame about the distance between us, hope we can play again soon.



Motbridge11 recomendado por badladuk

I just had to cancel meeting Steve at very short notice because of an injury and he was really cool about it. Can't wait to reschedule and meet up when I'm recovered. We haven't met yet but he comes across as a great bloke. Disappointed I've messed him around and want to make it up to him ASAP



badladuk recomendado por dpp4

very strong arm wrestler



dpp4 recomendado por badladuk

Challenged me to an armwrestle, gave me lots of ways to contact him, came to my hotel arriving on time, looking bigger than his photo and he's very strong :-)



badladuk recomendado por Friendly Heel

One of the finest - When we first met a number of times at the turn of the centry! He was a fiesty young very cute lightweight. It was very hard to wrestle him especially as he got excited wrestling a bigger older and more powerful wrestler! I had to be a gentleman and stick to clean wrestling only moves and holds.
Met a number of years later and he was matching me lbs for lbs and I had to no longer resit temptation and be a gentleman to put this badlad under control and a smile on his face.
Looking forward to our next meet when I am going to have to contend with a bigger, heavier than me badlad. Can't recommend this guy highly enough!



ILFIGHTER recomendado por badladuk

Had a great gutpunching meet with Franco, he's an absolute natural. Enjoyed every second of it.. Was great to play with someone who really knew what he was doing.. And was really talented too. Hope we can arrange a rematch before too long :-)



badladuk recomendado por dadwrestle

It is REALLY GREAT NEWS that this amazing guy is well on the road to recovery! We have met in the past to wrestle. Muscled, strong, perfect wrestler's attitude, safe and reliable. We met for a good gut punching session today, and his arms and chest are looking AWESOME and he's only just back at the gym!! Here's to a full recovery! 100% recommendation! This guy is the tops!



dadwrestle recomendado por badladuk

Dadwrestle is fun, intense, playful and aggressive... we have lots of fun, mixing submission wrestling with a lot of gutpunching :) He can take some and dish out plenty - if you want a exciting, safe beating he's the DADDY!



badladuk recomendado por gutcheck

Big Si! Just an amazing enthusiastic robust friendly bucket of fun size pieces. From the get go I could tell we were of like mind when it came to gut punching – and upon meeting we had this unspoken synchronicity where everything flowed perfectly. We ran a full gamut of punches and targets and intensity levels. Big Si presented himself fully to me – eager for each punch – and at some point took four of the hardest punches I ever threw in a row – an unprecedented feat. He has my complete respect. On top of all this, he sports a handsome mug and is a thickly muscled powerhouse with the most beautifully shaped muscle gut. Looking forward to next time.



gutcheck recomendado por badladuk

Jim has gutpunching down to an art. You can feel the electricity as he lands his fist and we started light, but built up to an intense session in a variety of positions and gloves, but mainly barefist.

He quickly built up my trust in him meaning I was happy for him to crank up the power, and he's a skilled puncher as well as big, strong hunk of man.

Our session continued on and off for nearly two hours, he was happy for me to set the agenda and we used MMA gloves, 16oz boxing gloves for some playful head shots, and ranged from gutpunching to pec punching and ball busting.

The whole session was magical from start to finish and I can't recommend Jim highly though. Think we're both really looking forward to the rematch which we'll enjoy as soon as geography allows.



badladuk recomendado por mektonsport

Geat Time with a strong puncher



badladuk recomendado por alpinisto

Simon has an amazing body, and I guess the fewest guys would like to have their guts punched by this mountain of muscle. Yet I had a good feeling about him, and since I have always liked to put challenges on my body I found that he could show me what gutpunching was all about. And indeed he could! As expected he was both sane and safe, although I some time felt I was at the wrong end of a sledgehammer!
Simon is a great guy, and I wouldn't mind challenge him again once my bruises are healed!



alpinisto recomendado por badladuk

Had a gutpunching match with Jan a couple of days ago. Although he hadn't been gutpunched before, he was an eager target for my fists and we both had a great time as I pushed his limits. He's a friendly guy and a good laugh too :-)



badladuk recomendado por ukwrestler

Updated - got to wrestle the beefcake that he now is - awesome! Vey different sorta match to when he was a skinny young jobber. All matches have been fun though :-)



ukwrestler recomendado por badladuk

Just wrestled Tom for the first time in six years and he was just as much fun as I remember :-) Charming and friendly until he starts working you over, he's a sensible, sadistic heel who has no idea what a hunk of beef he is himself... we won't be leaving it so long next time.



badladuk recomendado por Physical

A very tough opponent, reluctant to concede and determined to win... plus a charming bloke when off the mats - a great friendship arose out of our meetings.



Physical recomendado por badladuk

Hunky, charming and incredibly strong - Nick's knowledgable about training and fighting so don't be daunted by him - he's experienced enough to keep things on your level... We are very good friends & tell him I said HI!