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Pro wrestling with lot of gut punishment . Squash match.

contact me if you are into this.



  1. Thailand, Bangkok
    (Estarei aqui a partir de 21/4/2018)
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Altura / Peso

Idade: 34 anos Homem

Altura / Peso: 175 cm, 82 kg

Idiomas conhecidos: English, Thai

Vestuário: trunks and boots

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bunnyman metuck12 polyethylene33 ruffnhard



Thaiprowrestler recomendado por ruffnhard

Met this incredible fighter some time ago, great body, great pro look, amazing ability to absorb punishment.
Even though into pro he was willing and very able to take the holds when applied for real… no acting (which is always my stipulation with pro)
He LOVES gut punching and will take all the pounding, stomping, knees and elbows to the abs that you can give.
Highly recommended to those who was to unleash full force to the abs!



ruffnhard recomendado por Thaiprowrestler

Met this guy in SG and here.
We match in opposite way we like. Great look in pro gear.
Very nice body. We enjoy for long and hard session. Miss him and want to have sadist match with him again.



Thaiprowrestler recomendado por bunnyman

I had a really fun time wrestling this guy. He's in good shape and very strong. He enjoys gut punching and you can punch him real hard!!! Very nice guy outside the mats. Look forward to more matches with this guy.



Thaiprowrestler recomendado por metuck12

Any heels out there looking for a great jobber need to come visit this guy. Wow, can he take a beating and just loves it. He also loves his gear and the whole jobber/heel scene.

Also amazing is how great he looks in the skimpy gear he loves, that show off the great body he has worked very hard for. He knows his look entices a heel to destroy him which is exactly what he wants.

Such a great guy outside the ring too. really enjoyed hanging out with him. Careful guys, have great stamina, as he may be able to take more gut and pec punishment than you can dish out.



metuck12 recomendado por Thaiprowrestler

Mike is nice guy. We talked what each other like and found that we match the same taste. I am so surprised that he will visit here during his vacation.
We did our matches in full pro gear, ring entrance, challenge each other. He is quick and very strong.
He know many pro wrestling moves. I like to take them all especially gut punishment. He was surprise how much I can take.
Our matches are so excited and fun. These are in my memories.

Thanks :)