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5-11, 200 lbs, handsome, "regular, normal" type guy, hot, hunky STUD for SAME.

Sorry ONLY looking for other guys in decent shape. I have spent years working out, staying fit and trying to be healthy. If you choose otherwise, that is your choice.

If you don't like my preferences, you don't need to send me a nasty message telling me off. Since there are thousands of other profiles here, why not simply be an adult and move on to the next one if you don't like my preferences. In life there are going to be many people you don't agree with, why spend your time telling them off.

Sorry to have to put that, but I am tired of people who don't like me stating my preferences and send me their nasty messages.

There are guys who don't fit, yet are polite anyway, such as JUDO BEAR, at 305 lbs, who, though not in my size preference, IS CAPABLE of sending an ADULT, POLITE, message, checking to see if there is any interest. He is a REALLY DECENT GUY, NONE THE LESS. Although out of my weight class, he is a HANDSOME, GOOD-LOOKING guy, who I would have NO PROBLEM meeting to grab something to eat or drink.




Tipos de Lutas e Atividades: Luta equilibrada, Bater e levar, Luta desigual, Luta leve não competitiva, Praticar técnicas, Parceiro de malhação, Lutas ao ar livre, Sem interesse em lutas virtuais, Quero aprender a lutar
Estilos específicos de lutas: Valendo socos no corpo, Ir a torneios de lutas, Luta na lama/óleo
Lutas em pé: Lutas estilo UFC/MMA
Outros Interesses: Amizade, Relacionamento, Posar, Curto dominar, Curto ser dominado
Fetiches: Luta por dominação erótica, Punheta, Couro (roupas, botas, etc), Equipamentos de boxe, Soco no abdômen, Apertar os mamilos, Apertar/Bater as bolas (CBT), Despir e tirar, Cultuar músculos


  1. USA - California, Los Angeles, CA
  2. Japan, Okinawa
    Military Deployed; Now
  3. USA - Massachusetts, Great Barrington
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Altura / Peso

Idade: 54 anos Bissexual Homem

Altura / Peso: 180 cm, 91 kg

Idiomas conhecidos: English, French, German

Vestuário: Boxing Gloves (incl 2 pair Casanova), Singlets, Boxing Trunks, Head Gear

Olímpica / Greco-Romana Olímpica / Greco-Romana
Submission Submission
Vale-Tudo Vale-Tudo
Luta-Livre Profissional Luta-Livre Profissional
Boxe Boxe
Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai

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