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Hello; I have 12 x 8 foldable mats I would like to sell to someone in the Montreal region.

Muscular and strong. Looking for submission or pro wrestling as well as tests of strength. Cockfight is real fun. I love armwrestling and I am looking for tuff opponents who can handle the pressure. Don't be shy if you are a small guy. If you are tall and lean, please get in front of the line. I also like to be challenged by small guys who are cocky and think they got what it takes to defeat a big strong powerful man. I can host in Montreal.



  1. Canadá - Quebec, Montreal
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Idade: 58 anos Homem

Altura / Peso: 175 cm, 114 kg

Idiomas conhecidos: Francês, Inglês, Sueco

Vestuário: Briefs, Shorts, Speedo, Fighting trunks, Naked

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MontrealWrestler recomendado por NJW77

MontrealWrestler is a big guy, and very experienced wrestler! I couldn't get out from his sleeper....besides fight, he is the one of smartest guy I have met!! So nice guy!! Highly recommended, can't wait for next fight!



NJW77 recomendado por MontrealWrestler

He is a very nice and sexy wrestler. He has a lot of stamina and does not give up. He is clever and can take advantage of a weakness to put you in deep trouble. Beware of his hidden skills. Highly recommended. Do not hesitate to wrestle him.



MontrealWrestler recomendado por mehdi berx

Un super bon combattant, ses biceps sont énormes, il sait combattre et n'a pas peur de forcer un peu, je le recommande à tout ceux qui aime bien lutter.



mehdi berx recomendado por MontrealWrestler

Very nice guy. Really enjoyed meeting him. Had a great wrestling match with him. I highly recommend him. He is real sexy as well. He has a secret weapon that can have crushing effects.



MontrealWrestler recomendado por Pitt

Voilà un homme viril ! Il a des bras très puissants et un corps massif, quand il vous fait un bearhug, vous le sentez passer ! Respectueux et vraiment sympa, il s'adapte au partenaire, j'ai passé un très bon moment avec lui !



Pitt recomendado por MontrealWrestler

He is great.. Very good looking lad with a great personality. It was really fun to wrestle him. He can take a lot of pressure. I recommend him to everyone. He has a great lean body with some real lean power.