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Hey guys,looking for matches within the Ottawa area, or close-by. Fun-loving, lean, bit of a dominant streak. I have mats too. Let's have some fun! Definitely get off dominating bigger muscle. Also in gutpunching.....let's test those abs, guys!



  1. Canada - Ontario, Ottawa
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Idade: 51 anos Homem

Altura / Peso: 175 cm, 75 kg

Idiomas conhecidos: English

Vestuário: Shorts, speedo, nude

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Max678 recomendado por Lean heel

Had a great match with Max!
He was punctual, very friendly and a delight to wrestle. We had some strong back-and-forth action that tested our strength, skill and endurance. Max has real skill and his bjj training will only improve his skill and strength! We had a great time and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a match!



Lean heel recomendado por Bluestar

Very fun wrestling with this guy. Fun and Iong match up. Very skilled and sexy. Look forward to the next match.



Bluestar recomendado por Lean heel

Had a FUN match with this tall, sexy guy! He's just starting out, but has a good feel for wrestling and knows what he wants. He'll be a skilled opponent in no time at all. Highly recommend him, punctual and a super nice guy off the mats as well.



sebastian rios recomendado por Lean heel

Awesome guy, fun and skilled wrestler. This guy is a too :)
Strongly recommend him!



Lean heel recomendado por DenverWrestler

Lean Heel is a true pleasure to wrestle. He has a terrific body and is even stronger than he looks. He's excellent as a heel – very verbal and relentless in applying holds and making you suffer. He also has an excellent mat space and is a very very very nice guy. I look forward to meeting him again and again.



DenverWrestler recomendado por Lean heel

Skilled, strong and friendly are just a few words I would use to describe my new wrestling buddy! We had a very fun evening of wrestling, back and forth, intense, HARD and most of all, FUN! I look forward to more wrestling in the future, with this true champion! I could go on and on....but you get the picture.



youngwill recomendado por Lean heel

Will and I had a great wrestling session during his visit to Ottawa. He is eager to learn and made an excellent opponent. He was soon countering my moves too. I highly recommend him and his pictures do not do him justice! He's one HOT young man!



Lean heel recomendado por BenMonaco

This lean heel lives up to his name ;-) don't let the babyface fool you! He's as tough as they come! Super sweet guy off the mats too! Highly recommend meeting him, you won't be disappointed :-D



BenMonaco recomendado por Lean heel

Fun, friendly, skilled, gracious and sexy are but a few words to describe Ben. We always have fun and he prides himself that we each enjoy the match. He has a magnetic personality that makes a guy smile and win or loose you will ALWAYS have fun with Big Ben ;)