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Looking for muscle on muscle aggressive but fun, safe/sane man2man action (e.g. boxing, muscle vs muscle power rolls, horsing around, rough housing, brawling, arm wrestling, mutual muscle worship, tests of strength, etc).



  1. Estados Unidos - California, Los Angeles
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Idade: 60 anos Homem

Altura / Peso: 180 cm, 88 kg

Idiomas conhecidos: English, French, Italian, Spanish

Vestuário: jeans, trunks, squarecuts, briefs, nude

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Vale-Tudo Vale-Tudo
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LAfightmuscle recomendado por muscbull

Great guy Strong muscled Boxed and wrestled for a few hours
Good match/ bout between two muscled bulls
and a nice guy



muscbull recomendado por LAfightmuscle

Nice, strong, muscled bull of a man. A pleasure to box and wrestle. Hot m2m match. Great guy.



LAfightmuscle recomendado por BoxerCoachinmd

Had the pleasure of meeting LAfightmuscle recently for some training and sparring and had a great time. While he tells you that he is a "novice" when it comes to boxing, he definitely knows the basics and has power in both hands.
We worked the target mitts for about 5 rounds then took a short break before
donning the head gear and sparring for a few more rounds and putting into practice what we had worked on. He has a solid foundation and with more sparring rounds his confidence will definitely expand. Look forward to working with him on his next trip down. Outside of the ring he is a true "gentleman" and fun guy. Highly recommended.



BoxerCoachinmd recomendado por LAfightmuscle

It was a pleasure to finally meet the Coach. He is a knowledgeable boxer and true to his name we worked up a sweat engaging in mitt work and sparring a few rounds afterwards. He is tough, but a real gentleman inside and outside the ring. If you want a boxing workout that is aggressive as well as fun, the Coach is your man. I look forward to our next time in the ring.



LAfightmuscle recomendado por BullCop

Highly recommend LaFightMuscle for rolling and boxing. He is fun to roll with and has a great deal of boxing knowledge. Strong, well muscled, reliable, and guided by mutual pleasure. I look forward to another meet in the future.



BullCop recomendado por LAfightmuscle

BullCop was a pleasure to meet. Not only is he in great shape, but he knows his wrestling, at the same time that he was eager to learn some boxing. A great guy with whom to talk as well. I highly recommend him and look forward to further encounters.