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Very fit and good looking alpha guy looking for competitive matches of most kinds. Open minded fighter into any gear, though less is best, rules, stakes etc. Not a boxer. Not looking for anyone out to lose - want someone who is out to win and prove he's a better man. Creative matches/fights/competition of interest. Some grappling experience as well as adult fighting. Looking for fighters generally who are at least 5'10 and around my weight and within 10 years of age (generally). Can fight in private, but my girl (5'6 38DD) is very much into watching man fights including stakes as well as being fought over (she is looking for 6" or more). Couples welcome!! Have access to an underground fight location in discreet part of the city which is fully matted 12x12 with shower. TRAVEL UPDATE: 17-18 July Washington DC, Oct Chicago, Nov Helsinki.



  1. Canadá - Ontario, Ottawa
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Idade: 56 anos Homem

Altura / Peso: 185 cm, 86 kg

Idiomas conhecidos: Inglês

Vestuário: pretty much anything - less is best

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Cdnckftr recomendado por frank103

Met Cdnckftr after a full day trash talk. Very handsome guy with aggressive attitude. He is way stronger than I expected. Wish we could have more time to fight. Highly recommend!



frank103 recomendado por Cdnckftr

Young aggressive guy seriously into cockfighting for those of you looking. Takes it serious, shows up and is as advertised. Bigger than he was in all regards, but he was game nonetheless and we fought to a decisive finish at the end of a 20 minute struggle. Worth your time



Cdnckftr recomendado por Jerzee guy

incredible hot time ...wish we at least lived in same country to match up often...great body...all man



Jerzee guy recomendado por Cdnckftr

Fought Jerzeeguy a number of years ago in a DC hotel room. Very alpha man, confident and aggressive bull type. We wasted no time getting down to sorting out who the better man was that day in a primal match up that has us both wanting to get at each other again. You want aggressive action then he's recommended.



Cdnckftr recomendado por testofstrength55

An intense badass who never disappoints. Whether fighting one-on-one or fightinhmg over his girl, he always aims to win. Reliable intense a total recommendation for this guy.



testofstrength55 recomendado por Cdnckftr

A great fight if you get the chance. Battled this man more than once and its always a dirty intense fight where any outcome is possible. Strong, fit, hung and serious about his matches. Real thing.



Cdnckftr recomendado por CJnDC

Had a great time with Cdnckftr. He's been a favorite of mine for a long time, so for him to accept my challenge was great. He's a super strong wrestler who worked me over good. In addition to that, he's a nice guy with a fit body and really creative about setting the scene. If you get a chance to wrestle this Canadian stud, you won't be disappointed. I'm looking forward to his next visit when I can hopefully take it to him in return.



CJnDC recomendado por Cdnckftr

Had a great five submission match with CJ. Great guy, friendly but there to tangle. Strong man who will be even more of a challenge as he gets more matches under his belt. This guy is 100% as advertised and showed up as promised. Worth the effort to lock up with if you're in D.C.



Cdnckftr recomendado por fighter1234

I had the chance to fight Cdnckfr and it was not disappointing......he is a strong guy that likes to be in control.....we had a rough and dirty fight with him prevailing as victorious but we have agreed for rematch. He is not only a great opponent but a good guy and I would recommend anyone passing through the Ottawa area to test their fighting skills with this fighter as you definitely will not be disappointed



fighter1234 recomendado por Cdnckftr

Strong man with aggressive attitude out to win. Fought him nude in a hotel room and was amazed at his power. Hard fought, dirty battle that could have gone either way. Defeated him and rematch is in the making. If you want a powerful fighter he is your man.



Cdnckftr recomendado por SeattleFight

This guy is a stud!! I love a challenge and he can give it. Rough punches, slaps, grappling, grabs in a hot grudge fight. Skilled, imaginative, tough, fun and a good guy. I'd take this guy on again any time, and so should you - if you think you can handle him.....



SeattleFight recomendado por Cdnckftr

somehow missed to recommend. We fought a total war in DC and it was great. Who is alpha was not decided that day but both have promised it will get settled, preferably in front of my woman, in the future. Highly recommended if you want a real fight.



Cdnckftr recomendado por SeattleWrestler3

What can't be said about this amazing fighter? He's strong, skilled and all he claims to be. I gave it my best, but he whipped me.



SeattleWrestler3 recomendado por Cdnckftr

Strong man who gives it his all in a fight, very willing to go dirty. Had a good fight with him and recommend him



Cdnckftr recomendado por Donwres

We wrestled Dec 9, 2015–ruff match with body puncheds and I was bested–he beat me down. Greay=t guy great match



Donwres recomendado por Cdnckftr

Second hotel fight in Ottawa. Strong guy, not afraid to go rough and dirty. Likely a dirtier fight than the first with some challenges thrown in. Never gave up, fought hard, followed the rules. He is as advertised and recommended for competitive matches.



Cdnckftr recomendado por DenverWrestler

Steve is everything he says in his profile and more – handsome, great bod, hung, and a VERY competitive horny wrestler/cockfighter. For any guys into taking on a stud while his wife watches, this is just about the hottest action you'll find on this site. I'm alreay trying to book a rematch with him!



DenverWrestler recomendado por Cdnckftr

We met Allen in Apr 2011 for a rough match. He was competitive, fit, as advertised and a good fight! Recommended for sure - my wife loved watching our fight, and she only likes the good ones!