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Looking for SANE friendly stand up scraps.

Open to gloves, fists, or combination of both... and gear.

Can and do travel to meet but I do not just drop everything to do it. Please be realistic and realize it takes advance planning.
Alabama in september
In the UK every June/July 2020



  1. USA - Illinois, Chicago
    (Estarei aqui a partir de 03/7/2018)
    Long Eaton, uk
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Altura / Peso

Idade: 67 anos Homem

Altura / Peso: 183 cm, 82 kg

Idiomas conhecidos: English

Vestuário: Open to gear

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BoxingBear1 recomendado por winning boxer

Wow! This guy can hit!

Great guy and a good sport. I did my best but he stopped me in the first round. I tried to back away from him, but he chased right after me and kept hitting me in the head. I can't take anything away from Boxingbear1; he beat me fair and square.

But I want a rematch with him.



BoxingBear1 recomendado por Roughmatch

Fairly new to boxing so have not boxed this member.....yet. We are hoping to plan something for next year in Chicago. But I have been double-teamed in gut punching with this man and his partner (Dave, RIP) who laid into my belly while I was on the bed. One guy on one side and the other man to my other side. They took turns nailing me in the midsection and it felt so good!



BoxingBear1 recomendado por boxinboy82

Boxingbear1 is absolutely amazing. He has a very nice gear collection, knows what he is doing when being a puncher, and respects limits. He worked me over very well and is a great guy to hang out with outside the ring. He is great at giving one sided beat down as my left eye would tell you. I highly recommend that if you ever get the chance to meet him that you take the opportunity and do it. I can not wait for our next meeting. Oh and don't let his age fool you, he is spry for his age and can deliver a good pounding.



boxinboy82 recomendado por BoxingBear1

Very nice, real, man. Certainly was worth my time to meet him when i was in Pigeon Forge.
If you are in his area, make sure you meet up with him.



BoxingBear1 recomendado por lived eht

Great session. He gave me a real hard gut punching session. It was fantastic. Many thanks



lived eht recomendado por BoxingBear1

Tough Man. Can take a lot
Even better, a really nice guy
Looking forward to meeting him again



BoxingBear1 recomendado por Slugfest

Love exchanging leather with this guy! Facing off close-in and taking turns slamming each other as hard as we can - nothing better. In one of our last encounters we had each other by the back of the head pounding away with our free fists in MMA gloves. He can take and deliver solid punches. If you get the chance to fight BoxingBear1, do it.



BoxingBear1 recomendado por Gutfire

Boy do I miss the guy since he moved from maryland. Learned a lot from Dave and Dave!