Looking to open a Pvt mat space in Houston Texas

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Spruceman (62 platinum) 02/11/2018 01:42

I would like to see this happen in other major cities. Have no idea as to liability issues when money changes hands, even if it is to merely cover expenses. The USA is so litigious about everything compared to the rest of the world. Hope you'd be protected by "assumed risk" or something like that. Hope a fellow member knowledgeable about that can apprise you


TX bull (21 gold) 02/11/2018 02:05

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Very true may have to look into that. Thank you for your thoughts, of course it doesn't look like it's needed here. Sometimes I wish I lived in a real city....


TX bull (21 gold) 26/10/2018 20:06

Looking to open a Pvt mat space for use and rent in ClearLake Texas just south of Houston. Not sure if there is many guys who would use it, If you would let me know please. Rent would be for an set amount of time and the space would be opened just for that time ( pvt matches , workshops and training) . I know the UK has these kind of spaces, and it works there. I am not looking to make money from it just make enough to help pay the mat room's bills.