Privacy Settings for Favourites Feature

As per the discussions had in the original thread on changing the names of the feature (, friends was renamed to fans to establish that there is interest in one member from another without implying any formal affiliation. However, this does not fix an issue of privacy with what 'fans' are able to track. At present, if someone adds a member to their favourites, they are able to track logins, profile changes, as well as being notified of birthdays.

I personally cannot think of another social network that immediately notifies people of my login activity as a notification. As for profile changes, LinkedIn at minimum allows me to toggle whether the network is alerted to profile changes.

Would it be possible for members to disable notifying 'fans' of these three streams of information (login, update, birthday)?

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hashbock (148 gold) 05/6/2018 13:10

I also think this would be a great improvement, especially if it could be done on an individual basis. There are certain individuals who message every time I log in which is annoying. While I could theoretically block them, I don't really want to be that extreme; I don't mind, and in fact, enjoy a meaningful message from them occasionally, so blocking isn't really a viable option for the situation.


hugefan (104 platinum) 01/12/2018 00:40

It's probably not necessary to know if a favourite logs on but you can always look to see your favourites online so unless you remove that feature it wouldn't deter a professional stalker. Not that I know anything about stalking obviously.


musclechris80 (145 gold) 27/12/2018 11:10

I agree with Hugefan. I mostly deactivate the log in and birthday button at my favorites profiles. And some times I need to log in without my fans knows about it. I guess if we had the option to choose our status (online, offline, busy etc) would be a helpful improvement.
Thanks anyway!


BC Box (0) 12/1/2019 20:45

I support this. It's ridiculous that somebody I have no relationship with on the other side of the continent can watch me log in, etc. If someone adds you as a favourite, you should be able to approve/deny that request since it means I am sending them personal information about me (when I log in, etc.) which should be my choice, not theirs.


ScottsdaleAZ (28 platinum) 13/2/2019 04:56

I wholeheartedly support this recommendation, and know many others who would as well, but who would not go to the trouble of commenting.

At a minimum, allow the suggested notification restrictions to be an option, sort of like disabling challenges. If someone still wants to share everything all the time, they still can.


Wrestleme (15) 23/3/2019 23:49

I don’t think “favourites” should be able to see logins etc. No reason why they need to.


hugefan (104 platinum) 24/3/2019 00:13

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Wrestleme (15) 24/3/2019 09:33

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Well having had a stalker on here (surprisingly not you), I prefer them not to be able watch my every log in.