Privacy Settings for Favourites Feature


As per the discussions had in the original thread on changing the names of the feature (, friends was renamed to fans to establish that there is interest in one member from another without implying any formal affiliation. However, this does not fix an issue of privacy with what 'fans' are able to track. At present, if someone adds a member to their favourites, they are able to track logins, profile changes, as well as being notified of birthdays.

I personally cannot think of another social network that immediately notifies people of my login activity as a notification. As for profile changes, LinkedIn at minimum allows me to toggle whether the network is alerted to profile changes.

Would it be possible for members to disable notifying 'fans' of these three streams of information (login, update, birthday)?

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hashbock (145 bronze) 05/6/2018 13:10

I also think this would be a great improvement, especially if it could be done on an individual basis. There are certain individuals who message every time I log in which is annoying. While I could theoretically block them, I don't really want to be that extreme; I don't mind, and in fact, enjoy a meaningful message from them occasionally, so blocking isn't really a viable option for the situation.


hugefan (99 platinum) 12 dias atrás

It's probably not necessary to know if a favourite logs on but you can always look to see your favourites online so unless you remove that feature it wouldn't deter a professional stalker. Not that I know anything about stalking obviously.